Launching your online retail business with WiziShop

With the vast array of advantages to ecommerce, it’s no wonder that people are flocking to the web to launch new businesses and become their own bosses.

There’s no limit to how much money you can make with ecommerce, but before those sales can begin rolling in, you’re going to need to create a top-notch website for your store.

That's where WiziShop comes in!

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Design your website

Your ecommerce website is where many of your customers will get the first impression of your business. Building a professional, high-quality website that accurately reflects your brand and presents your products in the best way possible is therefore key.

In fact, a poorly created website is one of the top reasons why an online store might not be selling well. Fortunately, designing a great website for your online retail business is easy with the WiziShop platform!

Free templates

We know that just like people, all online stores are different. For this reason, WiziShop offers a stunning collection of free design templates to create a homepage that best suits your one-of-a-kind brand. No matter what products you sell, you’ll find a template that can help bring your vision for your online retail business’s website to life.


At WiziShop, we believe in giving our WiziShoppers (owners of stores on the WiziShop platform) all kinds of freedom and flexibility. When you create your online store with our ecommerce solution, you’ll have access to not only our wide range of design templates but to your site’s HTML, CSS, and FTP files. This allows you to customize the look of your website even further.


Our easy-to-use WiziBlocks are based on the drag-and-drop method and allow you to design a beautiful, efficient homepage in no time. This unique system ensures that you can structure the layout of your website precisely as you wish.

Adding photos, videos, and text is a stress-free process, even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly adept with technology!

Build your inventory

This step is definitely an important one to becoming an online retailer, as it involves adding your amazing products to your online store.

This is also where you should plan to include various details to help persuade your site visitors to make a purchase. Make them feel like they NEED to buy your products!

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High-quality images are a critical part of an online retail business’s success. Customers shopping online aren’t able to see or hold products in person like they would when visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Ensure that your ecommerce website features product photos with great lighting and that show the product at multiple angles, presenting the product in the most accurate way possible.

Product descriptions

The space you have to describe your products is limited, so you’ll want to use it carefully. Rather than simply listing the product’s features, try to show potential customers how this product can help improve their lives. If you’re in a hurry to launch your website, simple descriptions will do, but remember to go back and add more detail later!


You probably understand from your own online shopping experience that the price of a product is a very important factor for customers. Your product prices should be clear and easy for your store’s visitors to be able to find.


Do your products come in multiple sizes, shapes, or colors? If so, you’ll need to add the different variations to your store, noting that including a separate photo for each of the variations is ideal.

This will help give shoppers a better idea of what they’re buying and can make the difference between a customer deciding to leave your site or finalizing a purchase.


If you’re just starting an online retail business, you might be offering products in limited quantities until you get a feel for how quickly items will sell.

Add your product stock numbers to your ecommerce website so that customers don’t purchase a product that’s no longer available, as this creates a poor shopping experience.

Choice of URL

When building your online store, you’ll need to choose your URL, which is simply the web address people will use to find your site on the internet.

If possible, plan to have it match the actual name of your business, as this will make it more memorable for potential customers.

You’ll be able to purchase a domain name for your URL while creating your website on the WiziShop platform, or you can simply add it if you’ve already got one.


When you fill out the “title” field as you’re building your store, you can simply add the name of your business. If you haven’t already decided on a name at this point, be sure to put some careful thought into it.

Meta description

For the meta description, you’ll provide one or two sentences describing the concept of your store to further entice potential customers to visit!


Choose your payment and delivery methods

With the WiziShop ecommerce platform, you’ll be able to choose from more than 50 payment and delivery solutions for your website. The best part is that they’re pre-integrated into our system, so you can add them to your store in mere seconds! When determining which methods to use for customer payments and shipping, consider what will work best for both your customers and your business.

Start marketing your business

After you’ve launched your ecommerce website, you’ll then need to get the word out about your wonderful new venture.Many of WiziShop’s 400+ handy tools for improving your business can assist you with your marketing efforts. Remember that all of these special features are included in your subscription and come at no extra cost!

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Customer reviews

Adding social proof in the form of customer reviews to your online store is an excellent way to bolster trust in your brand. Visitors to your website will appreciate being able to hear about other people’s experiences with your products. This will often then encourage them to go ahead and make a purchase themselves.

Abandoned cart reminders

WiziShop’s complete emailing tool, Auto-Mail Booster, makes email marketing super simple! Among other things, it allows you to program automatic email follow-ups, such as for when visitors leave items in their carts and exit your site.

Product feed for Google and Facebook

To increase sales for your online retail business, you’ll want to expand your market reach as much as possible. With WiziShop, you can easily add your product feed to Google or to your business Facebook page to attract even more potential customers to your website!

Cross-selling and upselling

Boost your online store’s average order value by utilizing cross-selling and upselling techniques. When customers are viewing a product on your site, suggest complementary items that may interest them as well. Then, once they’ve added a product to their cart, suggest additional items to increase their total order amount.


Highlight your amazing product and grow your sales with one of our single-product design templates! Optimized to further increase customer conversions, these templates will have your products flying off the (virtual) shelves in no time.


Renew customer interest by having special discounts from time to time. With the WiziShop platform, you’ll be able to easily create flash sales, design exciting promotions, and customer loyalty programs to reward your most frequent shoppers.

Sales funnel

Creating effective sales funnels is essential when attempting to boost your customer conversion rate. Using WiziShop’s myriad of tools, you’ll be able to make each step of the shopping experience enjoyable for site visitors and turn them into loyal customers!

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Optimized SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of any well-planned marketing strategy. When it’s done well, it can help get your ecommerce website to the top of Google’s search engine results page and multiply your site traffic.

Wyou create your online store with WiziShop, we’ll manage all of the technical elements of your website’s SEO for you!S This means that we’ll optimize your images and ensure that your site is fast and follows all of the best practices for SEO.

Enjoy expert support from WiziShop

Know that when you collaborate with WiziShop to launch your online retail business, you’ll never be alone. We know that whether you are a beginner in ecommerce or have been at it for a few years, there are bound to be questions that arise at some point.

From the moment you sign up with our platform, we’ll be available to assist you with any ecommerce-related challenges that occur!

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Business Coaches

We’re very proud of our dedicated team of ecommerce experts, our Business Coaches, who offer our clients an unparalleled level of support by both telephone and chat.

To guarantee that they’re well prepared to answer any queries you might have regarding your online store, they train for several weeks before starting at WiziShop.

Besides assisting with your questions, they can give you personalized advice to guide you in surpassing the competition.

Online community

The entrepreneur life is great, but it can get a bit lonely sometimes, especially if you’re running a business on the web.

After you create an account with us, you’ll be able to connect with other WiziShoppers via our private Facebook group.

In addition, find quick solutions to your ecommerce questions in our online help center and check our website’s ecommerce blog and YouTube channel to expand your knowledge on online sales.

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Manage and maintain your online store

Once you have built a great-looking, efficient website and have started making sales, you’ll then need to turn your focus toward managing and maintaining your online retail business.

WiziShop is committed to making this simple for you by offering a variety of features, all included in your subscription cost!


Batch processing can make running an ecommerce website a whole lot easier.

Import or export customer information, orders, products, and more with ease on the WiziShop platform.

Mobile application

One of the best parts about starting an online retail business and becoming your own boss is the freedom and flexibility that it gives you.

With WiziShop, you can track orders on the go with a handy mobile application, meaning you won’t feel like you need to be chained to a desk all day!


The freedom and flexibility are endless thanks to our API! You’ll be able to retrieve information from outside sources and add it to your store seamlessly. Even if this doesn’t mean much to you now, it can open up lots of possibilities for you as your business grows!

Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, and Snap Pixel

With WiziShop, you can easily integrate tools to optimize your ad campaigns, track customer conversions, and analyze other data related to your advertising efforts on Google and social media platforms.

Set up Google Ads and pixels for Facebook and Snapchat in just a few clicks and boost your return on investment!

Script and external service integration

Even though we provide you with 400+ amazing tools to optimize their online stores, we understand that there are occasions when you might want to add a third-party feature that we don’t yet offer.

As the WiziShop platform allows for script and external service integration, you’ll have the freedom to build a website that suits your exact needs.

Customer segmentation

Besides our Auto-Mail Booster emailing tool, which allows you to send targeted emails, we provide you with another feature for even more intelligent customer segmentation.

By analyzing recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) data for customers over a certain period of time, we can help you to better understand your customers and the value they bring to your business.


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