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Artificial intelligence in ecommerce

According to a study by Markets and Markets, by the end of 2023, the artificial intelligence market will equal $42.4 billion. This is proof of the sector's importance and its predicted acceleration over the coming years. AI's share of global commerce is expected to reach $24.1 billion by 2028: the future is in motion. Of course, this radical transformation hasn’t escaped the ecommerce sector, one of the spearheads of the most important technological movements in the history of innovation. In addition to the benefits of AI and the applications and uses already in place, such as chatbots and logistics tools to streamline the organization of online sales companies, a revolution is now taking root in the daily lives of entrepreneurs: artificial intelligence for language. With the WiziShop ecommerce solution, build your online sales site 6x faster than your competitors, thanks to AI applications!

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23 AI applications for your online store

1. Virtual assistant Maia

Have you ever wished for a 24/7 virtual assistant to accompany and assist you? This is now a reality with our AI chatbot, Maia. Integrated directly on the homepage of your administration area, accessible via the chat bubble or from the “Resources” menu, Maia is at your service. Ask your questions and receive comprehensive answers in just a few seconds. Whether it's for setting up your site, exploring the features of your administration area, or brainstorming marketing ideas to promote your online store, Maia is there to guide you daily, perfectly complementing our business coaches.

maia chatbot
wizishop ai

2. AI product page

Our product page creation system, fully automated with advanced artificial intelligence technology, saves you valuable time. By simply adding a photo, entering the product's name, a few of its features, and its price, our AI takes over and handles everything! This exclusive feature generates a high-quality product page in seconds, perfectly optimized for SEO and designed to maximize conversions.

3. Product niche

Your product niche is the heart of your ecommerce business. Choosing the right categories will enable you to develop your entire sales strategy and create a unique brand. With WiziShop, you can start from scratch, without any specific idea or concept in mind, and let artificial intelligence suggest profitable product niches for free!

product niche ai
site name ai

4. Site name

As for your niche, finding your site name will be child's play with WiziShop's AI: free of charge, all you have to do is fill in a few fields around your products, and the technology suggests coherent and original names. All you have to do is check the availability of the domain to officially create your online sales site. The AI is an inexhaustible source of creativity, an ally in creating a unique brand structure.

5. Site slogan

Your site's slogan is a phrase that sums up the essence of your brand in a powerful and impactful way. A perilous exercise! Don't panic: the AI takes care of formulating your best slogan simply by telling it the keywords related to your activity. The artificial intelligence is trained to best describe your business and inspire visitors to become loyal customers.

site slogan ai
product description writing ai

6. Product description writing

It can be hard to find the right words to create product descriptions that are both informative and inspiring! While a picture is worth a thousand words, your SEO and your most demanding customers will need to know all the characteristics of your products in a transparent way. The AI knows this and will save you precious time when writing your product descriptions: every one of your customers will be able to count on accurate data, and search engines will give you the visibility you deserve.

7. Short product description writing

Sometimes, just a few sentences are enough to create the magic between your catalog and your customer. The AI can concoct short descriptions for you, allowing your products to shine without long speeches. The relevance of the results is astonishing: you no longer need to rack your brains to sum up the power of your brand and its products in just a few words.

short product description writing ai
page category description ai

8. Page category description

For your SEO as well as for every potential customer, knowing exactly what you have in store for your readers is essential, even on your category pages. Whether you want to give examples of styles, offer references, make users want to click on your page, or simply tell them more about the quality of your catalog, this section is central to your strategy: the AI has understood this and helps you with this time-consuming task in just a few seconds.

9. Rewriting of existing text

You'll be able to concentrate on what's most important to your business and leave the time-consuming stages of content creation to the AI, which is always happy to help you on a daily basis! In this way, all of your site’s existing texts can be rewritten in just a few seconds to be easily paraphrased on other pages of your site.

rewriting existing texts ai
title meta description creation ai

10. Title and meta description creation

In addition to boosting the user experience through commercial texts that are key to your brand, search engines also benefit from the help of artificial intelligence. Each page has its own title and meta description. This short content can make all the difference in the SERPs and in Google & Co.'s appreciation of your site. Be as effective as possible with the help of WiziShop’s AI!

11. Pros and cons

Users love this type of content: ideal for your blog or for adding key information to your product pages, pros-and-cons lists parallel the advantages and disadvantages of any given duel topic. Two products, two actions, two activities: these lists are infinite and enable you to offer original, visual, and engaging content to web users looking for information involving specific themes.

pros and cons ai
rewriting product description ai

12. Rewriting of existing product descriptions

Do you know the ultimate risk of duplicate content? Copying and pasting can undo all your online store's SEO efforts, as well as your credibility in the eyes of customers. That's why, with WiziShop's AI, you no longer have to worry about this kind of practice or spend precious minutes rewriting texts from scratch.

13. Writing based on existing product descriptions

The same goes for product pages: you may want to rewrite the same description as for one of your references already online on your site, because it can be difficult to reinvent texts based on similar products. The AI takes care of finding the right words to create brand-new product descriptions from similar data, without ever duplicating your information.

writing existing product descriptions ai
product description translation

14. Product description translation

Do you have an international online store? Would you like to offer your products in foreign countries as quickly as possible? With WiziShop's artificial intelligence, all your content will be translated to perfection in just a few clicks. The professional AI is used to working with ecommerce data from the four corners of the globe: your international success is imminent!

15. Article writing

Your blog is your major SEO lever! Whether it's to inform your customers about your latest news or simply to write articles that’ll be referenced in your fields of activity, a blog is essential to any good ecommerce content strategy. There's no need to spend precious time and energy writing articles that may not have the desired effect: the AI is an SEO expert and provides you with blog articles that are already optimized for your SEO. Peak traffic in your field is yours!

article writing
finding article topics ai

16. Finding article topics

First and foremost, your article topics must be well targeted to create surprise in your sector. So let the AI guide you through the article topics to be covered in each theme. Whether it's a question often asked by users or practical advice about your products and services, you can be sure of offering the best content for your loyal customers and the search engines, thanks to the ecommerce artificial intelligence by WiziShop!

17. Paragraph writing

You don't have to spend time writing every little paragraph on your site: the AI does it for you. Just fill in a few basic details, and your automatic text generation AI will suggest the best texts, even the smallest ones! Go forth with confidence in the construction of your pages with artificial intelligence.

paragraph writing ai
frequently asket questions ai

18. Frequently asked questions

The FAQ page is an important source of data and enables you to answer your customers' recurring questions without spending money and energy on customer relations. Handle only complex customer queries, and let the AI write your FAQs efficiently to answer your demanding customers’ simple questions.

19. Facebook Ads writing

Your communication and marketing strategy deserves the best results, so you never lose money on your visibility investments. Your Facebook Ads are powerful levers for your success, and nothing should be left to chance. So put your trust in WiziShop's AI and entrust your advertising texts to this expert at your disposal 24/7!

facebook ads writing ai
google ads writing ai

20. Google Ads writing

Your Google Ads will help your products and your brand stand out in the SERPs, provided their content catches the eye of qualified users. WiziShop's AI allows you to generate the best texts to create your inserts on Google, to shine as brightly in SEO as in SEA!

21. Instagram descriptions

Add emojis or not? Be friendly or more inspiring? What information to add? What hashtags to use? Building your Instagram descriptions can be a daily headache. WiziShop's AI takes the weight off your shoulders and creates ultra-engaging, professionally written descriptions. Boost your engagement rate and CTR without pressure!

instagram description ai
text translation ai

22. Text translation

Your site’s internationalization is complete: in addition to your product pages, all the sections of your site deserve to be translated in the best conditions, with the best vocabulary. No need to spend money on external translation services: everything is in your WiziShop administration area!

23. TikTok Scripts

Want to boost your visibility on TikTok? We've got an AI tool to generate your TikTok scripts, available directly from your administration area. With this new feature, you'll be able to say goodbye to hours spent looking for inspiration and generate captivating TikTok scripts tailored to your audience in a matter of seconds, from an idea to detailed scenario.

script tiktok

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