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Artificial Intelligence

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05 October 2022 • Artificial Intelligence

What are the benefits and disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

What are the benefits and disadvantages of artificial intelligence?

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us. It’s very difficult not to be aware of it and not use it in our daily life.

More and more software is created every day in the AI category of the various app stores and other internet extensions.

If this technology raises a lot of debate, it’s because it amazes as much as it scares.

Certainly, science fiction movies and other disaster series have not helped to gild the reputation of AI. Often described as an adversary to humans or the end of a certain cycle, AI isn’t a competitor to human beings, but a daily aid.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of artificial intelligence? Let's take a look at all the details that characterize this technology, towards more freedom for the person who uses it.

Benefits: how useful is artificial intelligence in our lives?

Depending on the type of artificial intelligence used, the benefits can be multiple. Let's take a look at a non-exhaustive list of the key points that define artificial intelligence and make this innovation a solid crutch for users.

Helping humans in their daily lives

The basic idea of AI has always been to create an aid for people. Thus, engineers and developers have developed over the years tools that allow a person to progress and accomplish tasks more easily.

Artificial intelligence is nowadays inseparable from the applications and websites we use every day: whether it’s in cultural research on streaming sites, in our consumption of information on social networks, or in basic applications and utility objects, artificial intelligence is everywhere.

For example, AI can take the form of a recommendation algorithm on an audio or video streaming site like Spotify or Netflix, to suggest content that we might like based on our reading history. Artificial intelligence is also what makes up search engines such as Google: by typing keywords in the search bar, internet users are offered content relevant to their question, their query, but also their personal history and their geographical location.

Artificial intelligence is also present on social networks: it’s what allows users to see the content that interests them first, but also other publications that could interest them based on their tastes and habits.

On the side of daily utility, AI can also be found in voice assistants that allow us to turn on the light or start a timer just with the control of the voice.

In addition, AI is present in commerce as well: more and more physical points of sale are equipping themselves with automatic cash registers that directly read the barcodes of items just by placing them in the dedicated space.

Artificial intelligence is also present on the roads, with license plate recognition to improve road safety.

In short, you can see that AI takes many different forms, and has been invented and optimized to help humans as much as possible.

Improving the health and medical environment

With artificial intelligence, technology has been optimized on machines in order to assist, to accompany people every day. This is why science has also benefited from the contributions of AI in many areas. And this has been increasing over the years!

Whether it’s in the field of health or in the technical prowess of medicine, AI is already improving the performance of diagnoses almost in real time.

Today, thanks to devices such as the connected watch or patches connected to apps, it’s possible to monitor health, with the help of different apps allowing us to analyze health indicators. For instance, with connected watches, the latest models can analyze the oxygen in the blood to prevent diseases such as COVID-19. To monitor diabetes, it’s possible to use a patch connected to an application that triggers alerts in case of abnormal blood tests.

Furthemore, with a latest generation connected watch, falls and accidents are directly recognized by the device, and the watch can call the emergency services automatically. Beyond the simple well-being that’ll be controlled via artificial intelligence, it’s medical and public health issues that are addressed with AI.

In the field of health, technology allows more and more interventions to treat diseases and pathologies, which were very difficult before. 

For example, in the case of laser eye surgery, the device that operates on the eye is equipped with AI, because once the configuration is entered into the machine by the doctor, it’s then the machine that takes over the intervention itself. In a few seconds, the eye is treated with all the right settings and with perhaps more precision than with human action. In addition, if the eye moves during the procedure, the machine is programmed to stop and allow for a safe operation.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of such medical examples, and all of this is thanks to artificial intelligence, which allows us to multiply the opportunities and offer treatment to more and more patients with pathologies that were still difficult to treat a few years ago.

Promoting learning and training

With artificial intelligence, data flows more fluidly, more quickly, towards the rise of new technologies at the service of training.

The more the years go by, the more data is multiplied on the internet, as far as the world of learning and knowledge is concerned. The more the years go by, the more that technology develops, towards the democratization of smart objects. Thus, learning and knowledge are already fields in which AI has its place. 

Whether it’s for advanced scientific research or for education in classrooms with students of all levels, AI is a tool that can be used for education. Already today it’s possible to find online courses and ultra-optimized training, or videos in which professionals of certain sectors explain their experience and give information keys to succeed in the professional world.

Tomorrow, it’ll be possible to train virtually or to discover pieces of history by going back in time through artificial intelligence in parallel worlds such as the metaverse. Students will be able to simulate certain manipulations in the virtual world before being able to recreate them in the real world.

With the growth of AI innovations, learning materials will become increasingly fun, and much more knowledge will be retained by students. Artificial intelligence is also going to be able to help each student perform more complex tasks more accurately, which will allow humans to gain skills faster because they are aided by AI.

Fostering inclusion and sharing of ideas

As we’ve seen, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more democratized. Today, everyone has access to objects equipped with artificial intelligence, because the software of the machines allowing us to take advantage of these innovations is becoming universal.

The computer, the tablet, and the smartphone are objects used by billions of people on Earth. Through these machines, intelligent innovation is the same for all people using these connected objects. Without limit of place, age or gender, knowledge, and data become universal.

In addition, it’s possible to have access to free online resources, especially on platforms like YouTube or on media sites to learn more and more about the environment that surrounds us. Thanks to AI, everyone can find their way, their passion, get informed about what's going on in the world, and find answers to their problems, starting with a simple search on Google.

Increasing productivity and efficiency

Many critics of artificial intelligence point to the fact that innovation will replace humans. But in reality, AI has never been as productive, and as irreplaceable as it is today, especially in business!

With the arrival of innovations in companies, everything has been thought of to make the professional more and more productive and able to do optimal work faster. It's all about performance and time optimization. With technology, it’s possible to do more things, to perform many more daily tasks, especially through the automation of many simple actions in business.

In marketing, software linked to AI has made it possible to multiply distribution channels and allow all entrepreneurs to manage their acquisition and conversion levers themselves. Software for programming on social networks, email, marketing, SMS marketing, etc.

If entrepreneurs had to send their emails one by one by hand, how long would it take them? With the aid of artificial intelligence, these ultra-efficient actions are completed in seconds.

And that's not all, innovation is going further and further by allowing professionals in every field to generate even more content automatically through AI. The most effective example of artificial intelligence today is undoubtedly automated text writing!

Based on the most successful results and the best content on the web, the machine is able to generate 100% unique text, without any spelling mistakes, already optimized for SEO. In just a few seconds, an assignment that would require hours of concentration from a copywriter is generated with the greatest number of parameters and data possible that’ll allow the created text to perform better than its competitors.

Automatic text editing is a powerful marketing weapon, especially in ecommerce. This is why the WiziShop ecommerce solution has developed its own AI for its users: directly in the back office, online sellers will no longer need to call on outside assistance or spend hours creating content, without having the certainty that it’ll function... WiziShop is responsible for generating this content directly from the administration area of its customers.

ai back office wizishop

Preview of the AI ​​interface for generating different texts in your WiziShop administration area 

Product descriptions, content writing, or ads are taken care of by the intelligent robot, made available exclusively for WiziShop customers. Thus, in the process of creating an ecommerce site, merchants won’t have to worry about all of their site’s texts. When adding a product to their catalog, they’ll be able to generate all the descriptions related to their products directly via the AI, trained for many weeks to create optimal content.

For the presentation of their products or for the writing of original articles to post on their blog, users will be able to outsource these actions in a few minutes in their administration area.

Creating ads for Facebook and Google is going to be a breeze with WiziShop's automatic text generation.

WiziShop customers benefit from the help of AI directly from their administration area to perform in ecommerce from the moment they sign up on the platform. Today, text on the web has never been so valuable when it’s effective: WiziShop understands this and has made SEO performance a top priority in its offer.

Don't wait any longer! Try the Wizishop solution for free during a 7-day trial period, get your first month for just $1, and discover the performance of AI at the service of ecommerce success.

artificial intelligence test now wizishop

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Developing automotive and transportation skills

One of the sectors also favored by artificial intelligence is the transportation and automotive domain. Thanks to AI, more and more means of transportation are becoming intelligent, whether in detecting the driver's environment, taking over semi-automatic driving or, in the future, fully autonomous driving.

Today, it’s already possible to see intelligent public transport in large cities, such as subways or streetcars. On the automotive side, AI has already started to gain ground, with manufacturers: emergency braking, detection of white lines, automatic headlight start, etc.

One of the priorities for the growth of innovation in the automotive sector is autonomous driving: tomorrow, it’ll be possible to drive cars that are capable of driving safely without the action of a driver. Artificial intelligence is therefore at the heart of tomorrow's automotive technology revolution, which is already underway today.

Big data to assist justice

Artificial intelligence is also a valuable tool for justice: thanks to deep learning and facial recognition, or all the data collected on the internet on all the connected individuals, finding a culprit or simple evidence has never been so accessible.

Each individual who has activities related to the internet leaves traces on their path in a digital way. Credit card, transport card, cell phone... All these actions linked to a network will leave fingerprints and data. Thanks to all this data, the justice system can trace reliable leads in the context of investigations. Geolocation, facial recognition, online transactions: technology all around us allows people to count on additional protection with the help of big data and artificial intelligence.

AI to improve our food

Artificial intelligence is at the service of the food industry and allows for great efficiency in the service of distribution channels, particularly in assessing the quality of products placed on the market.

Artificial intelligence is multiplying in all the layers of the food production process, from the land that hosts the raw material to the products processed in the store and even the refrigerator in which the food is stored at home.

Artificial intelligence will analyze the soil, for example, to help harvest natural products, and then other machines will be able to process them, etc.

At the distribution level, artificial intelligence inserted in some machines makes it possible to sort out the good products from the poorer quality ones, manage the supply of the physical points of sale, manage the expiration dates on the shelves, etc. In the end, artificial intelligence is increasingly used in household appliances and gives detailed data on the state of the stocks that the person has in their fridge, places an order when needed without a person having to check it beforehand, etc.

Artificial intelligence is going to gradually allow us to eat better and more responsibly with increasingly sophisticated machines.

Ecommerce: AI as an ally of the customer experience

We’re already talking about it for ecommerce: artificial intelligence is already present in this field and is constantly growing. The professionals of the field know it: it’s much more difficult to retain customers than to recruit new buyers on your online sales site. Thus, it allows small merchants to save time in their schedule and to optimize the responses that require a personalized follow-up.

Moreover, ecommerce has an increasing number of demanding customers, which makes consumer follow-up even more difficult to manage. This is why the intelligent machine has its place today in the sales process: customer follow-up, after-sales service, personalized product suggestions, recognition of regular customers, etc. All these details, as small as they may be, are essential assets to the success of an ecommerce business in order to stand out from your competition.

Today, AI is found in customer relations: thanks to special robots, salespeople have the ability to automatically answer the most recurrent questions, which allows them to focus only on shoppers who need a personalized follow-up.

Ecommerce and artificial intelligence are about to seal their marriage as the demands of this sector are increasing. As we’ve seen, ecommerce is opening up to AI to the point of becoming inseparable. With WiziShop, artificial intelligence is already at the heart of customer service to optimize your relationship with your customers over the long term.

Thanks to how AI works, artificial intelligence is at the service of your creation of ecommerce editorial content to allow you to create optimized and effective texts in a few clicks. Test the WiziShop solution and all these artificial intelligence levers without delay.

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Disadvantages: what are the limits of artificial intelligence?

Risks of endangering privacy

One of the biggest concerns related to artificial intelligence is the privacy and the data collected by the different sites using artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence needs to feed itself with a lot of personal data to allow the user to take maximum advantage of the technology's potential. However, all this data is no longer private when it’s collected by the software.

Moreover, different media have made some users suspicious about the ability of artificial intelligence companies to keep the information collected confidential.

Fortunately, more and more companies are making data confidentiality a priority in their practices. This problem tends to fade after a while.

AI and errors

Artificial intelligence and its models are still in their development phase. Research has accelerated in recent years, but for many online solutions, this service is brand new.

In order for this technology to work optimally, the machine must be fed with as much information as possible in order to learn and train itself to boost its capabilities.

Today, it’s possible to come across errors when using this type of online software. AI is an aid to human action but doesn’t replace human consciousness, which allows the action taken to be carried out more smoothly, faster, under the responsibility of humans.

In the context of automatic content writing, the errors are going to be relatively minimal: small errors in word agreement, punctuation skipping... These errors are nothing compared to the final result and the usefulness of such a tool. A formidable efficiency to be found natively in your back office with the WiziShop ecommerce solution!

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Why is artificial intelligence an opportunity?

As we’ve seen, AI offers a significant number of opportunities in all areas of daily life. At work or in private life, artificial intelligence allows all users of connected objects to perform, protect themselves, protect their health, innovate, train, or optimize their time and resources like never before.

In ecommerce, AI is still in its infancy, and WiziShop is proud to be one of the first solutions in the world to offer this native tool directly from its administration area to e-merchants.

Whether it's for writing blog articles, creating product descriptions, or translating text, the AI is trained to handle the greatest number of requests possible and make content creation much easier!

It's up to you to turn this offer into a real opportunity!

Try WiziShop free for 7 days


✅ No credit card required

✅ Access to all features

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