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Has it always been your ambition to sell products online? It’s now time to dream big and go for it! WiziShop makes creating an ecommerce shop quick and easy.

SEO means long-term success

SEO is one of best strategies for a building a successful online business. WiziShop is the most optimized and technically ready ecommerce platform, with powerful, innovative, and user-friendly tools that increase visibility and can take your business to the next level.

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Managing a successful ecommerce store takes more than just great products, so we provide free education and training content as well as business coaches to support you along the way.

An all-in-one solution

WiziShop offers all the customization and flexibility you want and need from the get-go. Features are carefully curated by our team of experts to guarantee safety, performance, and seamless integration. Everything is cloud-based for more reliability, guaranteed future-proof, and always up-to-date.

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Artificial Intelligence at the service of your ecommerce business!

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Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to quickly create your product descriptions, write articles, translate texts, create advertisements, and much more...

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Online stores created with WiziShop

Online stores created with WiziShop


I chose WiziShop for the SEO optimization of their stores, which is essential when launching a new website. Updates are posted regularly to apply these best practices so that the stores remain Google friendly. The back office is also really intuitive and easy to use. I also love that they regularly have new features to test out!
-Cécilia Gheerbrant, Founder-

Bandidas Shop

WiziShop is the perfect solution for launching an ecommerce store. I was able to create my shop in just a few clicks, and the Business Coaches were always there when I needed them. I was able to fully customize my design, and my store is so user friendly!
-Élodie Castiglioni, Founder-

La Griffe de Julie

WiziShop has great-quality services, offered at an unbeatable price! As a jewelry designer and creator, I need to be able to add new pieces to my online store regularly. So for me, it is essential to have someone by my side to help me if I have any questions. The support of the Business Coaches is amazing. They are super quick to respond and have always been able to help with my questions, all at no extra cost!
-Julie Pezzolesi, Founder and Designer-

Doux Good

Five years after launching Doux Good, I remain truly loyal to WiziShop. I’ve been delighted with their services and support over the years. One of the strengths of WiziShop is its selection of professional partners. Everything is simple. In one click, your store can be connected to additional partners and services. It's a great time-saver and is secure and trouble-free.
-Carole Honnart, Founder-

Sweet Party Day
OGC Nice
Doux Good

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15-day free trial - No credit card needed - Access all of our features

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