Topic Cluster Manager

This advanced SEO technique, combining relevant content and a precise linking of pages, will allow you to propel your site into Google’s top results!

Topic Cluster Manager
Topic Cluster Manager

The formidable tool to boost your SEO

This SEO strategy, which is particularly popular among experts in the field, consists of handling all the questions asked by internet users about a very specific subject.

The secret lies in the way to link the pages that deal with this topic.

WiziShop simplifies and optimizes the creation of topic clusters on an online store. This feature, which was previously reserved for the biggest companies, is now available to everyone!

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Topic Cluster Manager

A technique with many advantages

Creating one or more topic clusters will help improve the quality and perception of your store for both Google and your customers.


Become the expert in your field


Enrich the lexical field of the site


Work on long-tail keywords


More keywords ranked


More visitors


More sales!

In other words, you create ultra-relevant pages by responding to your customers’ search intentions. And that, Google can only appreciate!

Topic Cluster Manager

An infinite number of layouts

WiziShop's Topic Cluster Manager feature takes advantage of WiziBlocks technology, our drag-and-drop page layout system.

Use WiziBlocks to create stunning pages with photos, videos, forms, or testimonials. Showcase your products and allow your visitors to buy them directly from any page of your topic cluster!

Discover an example of a Topic Cluster on the website
Topic Cluster Manager

Internal linking & URL Obfuscation

For a successful topic cluster, you need a very precise linkage between the pages. And, to maximize the power of these internal links, it’s important to avoid unnecessary ones as much as possible (mega-menu, footer, customer account, etc.).

With our Topic Cluster Manager feature, the footer disappears, and the menu and all other unnecessary links are obfuscated (meaning your visitors can follow the links but Google cannot). Search engine crawlers can only focus on relevant pages.

In short, you have complete control of your links!

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Topic Cluster Manager

A complete video training module

We want to offer this SEO feature to all our e-merchants.
It’s extremely simple to use. You won’t have to do anything technically—everything is ready to use.

But furthermore, WiziShop provides you with a complete video training module that guides you, step by step, in the creation and optimization of your first topic cluster.
This training is free for all of our customers!

A unique and powerful innovation!

If there’s one WiziShop feature that sums up the SEO power of the platform, it’s the Topic Cluster Manager.

No other ecommerce solution offers, natively, the ability to create topic clusters.

This feature is in addition to more than 50 exclusive SEO optimizations that WiziShop provides to all its customers.

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