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WiziShop's mission is to offer you the best SEO in the world for your online store!

Seo au coeur de la solution

SEO at the heart of the solution

Among all the acquisition channels, SEO is by far the most profitable.

Since the creation of WiziShop, SEO has always been at the heart of the company's strategy. All our new designs and features are designed with the goal of improving your SEO and ensuring your long-term success!

Nothing is left to chance. A dedicated team within WiziShop scrutinizes the slightest change in Google's algorithms and provides its expertise, on a daily basis, to develop our tools.

Seo Google

Over 50 optimizations that Google will love!

Embedded sitemap, robots.txt, URL rewriting, structured data, AMP, minification, megacache, WebP, lazy loading, 404 and 301 management, canonical…

Do these terms mean anything to you? Don't worry, you don't have to do anything. WiziShop optimizes all the technical aspects of SEO for you. And this is without a doubt what’s best today!

If you master the meaning of all these words, the surprises continue. As an SEO expert, you have the freedom and the best performance on the market for your online store.

Discover the 50+ exclusive WiziShop optimizations
Seo Innovation

Unique innovations

With more than €3 million invested in R&D and thanks to the advice of the greatest experts in the field, WiziShop has developed exclusive and highly efficient SEO features.

  • icon Topic Cluster

    Topic clusters : easily create your topic clusters and reach the top positions on Google. A world exclusive.

  • icon Link

    URL obfuscation: : optimizing the internal linking of your pages is child's play thanks to WiziShop!

  • icon Logs

    Log analysis : WiziShop is the only SaaS-type ecommerce solution to offer log analysis with Seolyzer.

WiziShop remains attentive to the SEO community and its customers to continue to constantly innovate. It’s together that we build the ecommerce solution of your dreams! Discover our Topic Cluster Manager feature in detail
Seo Help

Support at every step!

True to its philosophy, WiziShop accompanies you, step by step, towards success.

  • icon Formation

    An SEO video training module

  • icon Masterclass

    Masterclasses and webinars

  • icon Blog

    Dozens of blog articles

  • icon BC

    Access to Business Coaches

  • icon Centre d'aide

    A help center

  • icon Partenaire

    Trusted partners

Even if you’re new to ecommerce and web marketing, SEO will soon no longer be full of secrets for you!

Optimization help with the SEO editor

When you create a product page, write a page, or create a topic cluster, WiziShop is there to help you optimize your text.

Visually check if your SEO is successful: keyword targeting, text density, preview of the page title and meta description in Google results, Open Graph for social networks...

Optimizing your content has never been so enjoyable!

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