Online business tools

To support your day-to-day actions, discover all the calculation tools specially designed to meet the needs of professionals. Here you'll find a selection of tools and calculators for many aspects of your business, from calculating your profits to getting an overview of what you're doing. Each tool is designed to simplify the management of accounting tasks, saving you time and optimizing your resources.

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Tools created to support your business

Whether you're just starting out as an entrepreneur, an investor, the head of an SME, or the manager of a large company, these tools have been created to make time-consuming calculations easier. Each tool has been developed so that you can calculate the various key values of your business with a single click. Easy to use, these tools are at your fingertips when you need them to help you overcome doubt and make the best decisions!

cpc calculator


The free CPC calculator allows you to estimate the expenses associated with each click on content from your online campaigns.

cpm calculator


Use our free CPM calculator to assess the profitability and effectiveness of your online advertising campaigns at cost per thousand impressions.

churn rate


With this free calculator, measure the percentage of customers who stop using a service or product during a defined period.

margin calculator


Determine the difference between a product's cost price and its selling price, free of charge, to help you better analyze your results.

return on investment


Evaluate the return on an investment by comparing the profit generated to the money invested (hopefully it’s positive!) with this free tool.

delivery time


Use this free tool to estimate how long it will take to move a package or item from one point to another, e.g., after a customer orders a product from your website.

click trough rate


A key marketing KPI, measure the percentage of clicks received on an ad or link in relation to the total number of views, free of charge.

work time


Use the free work hours calculator to get a clear view of your actions and optimize your day-to-day efficiency.

break even point


This is an essential tool for companies wishing to obtain a precise estimate of the revenue required to generate profits.

cost per action cpa


Use our online CPA calculator to optimize your advertising spend. Enter your budget and number of actions to get results.

cpl calculator


Calculate the cost per lead (CPL) of your ad campaigns with WiziShop's easy-to-use online CPL calculator and start optimizing your advertising efforts today!

conversion rate calculator


Wondering how many of your site visitors are converting into customers or signing up for your email list? Use WiziShop's tool to calculate your conversion rate!

gross net profit calculator

Profit Calculator

Effortlessly calculate gross and net profit with WiziShop's free online tool. Gain financial insights instantly to optimize your business's performance!

customer life time value clv calculator

CLV Calculator

Calculate customer lifetime value (CLV) with WiziShop's online tool to better understand the long-term success of your customer relationships.

engagement rate calculator

Engagement Rate Calculator

Engagement rate can help you understand the effectiveness of your posts or advertising campaigns. Calculate this key metric with WiziShop's free online tool!

safety stock calculator

Safety Stock Calculator

Maintaining the right stock levels can help prevent both stockouts and overspending. Calculate your safety stock with WiziShop's free online tool!

production cost calculator

Production Cost Calculator

Streamline your financial analysis with WiziShop's production cost calculator. Easily determine expenses, optimize pricing, & boost business profitability!

markup calculator

Markup Calculator

Discover WiziShop's free online markup calculator, a tool designed to help businesses easily calculate profit margins and optimize pricing strategies!

acquisition cost calculator

CAC Calculator

Streamline your budgeting with WiziShop's free customer acquisition cost calculator. Analyze your marketing expenses to improve ROI and grow your business!

burn rate calculator

Burn Rate Calculator

Discover your company's financial health with WiziShop's free online burn rate calculator. Quick, accurate, and essential for startups and investors!

statistical significance calculator

Statistical Significance Calculator

Use WiziShop's free online tool to quickly calculate statistical significance and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Easy to use and accessible to all!

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