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Are you waiting for mail or a package and would like to know the delivery time for your order? Are you ordering from an online store for the first time, and would you like to know the delivery times based on the information available on the ecommerce site? Are you a professional looking to work with a new supplier? Don't be left in the dark... Calculate the delivery date of your product for free!


Our delivery time calculator is designed to help you estimate when you will receive your order. To provide an accurate estimate, it takes the following data into account:

📅 Order dateDate the order was placed (dd-mm-yyyy)
🕒 Preparation time (days)Number of days needed to prepare the order
🚚 Delivery time displayed (days)Number of days displayed to deliver the order to the customer
📋 Business daysOption to include business days only in the calculation
📆 Estimated delivery dateDate calculated from the information provided


Distance is the first determining factor: the greater the distance, the longer the delivery time. Also, some delivery companies are faster than others. The size and fragility of your item also count: a large package or a fragile item may take longer to arrive. Weekends and public holidays can delay your delivery: if you order on Friday, your package may not leave until Monday. Next time you shop online, keep these factors in mind so that you can estimate delivery times.

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Your online purchases always follow the same ritual: the choice of your product, the joy when you click "Buy," and then the wait for delivery... But how can you make this wait as pleasant as possible?

  • Choose a reliable supplier/retailer: by carefully selecting the source of your purchases, you can limit delivery risks and avoid additional delays.
  • Find out about the best delivery service: some are renowned for their efficiency and speed, while others may be a little less efficient.
  • Check the ecommerce site's shipping policy: some online sales sites indicate all production, order preparation, or dispatch times, so you're well informed before you buy.


What is the delivery date?

The delivery date is defined as the precise moment when a good or service is scheduled to be delivered to a customer. It represents a milestone in the transactional and logistical process. This date is usually agreed between seller and buyer when the transaction is finalized, and it must be respected to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

What is the maximum delivery time?

To find out a seller's maximum delivery time, it’s generally advisable to consult the seller's specific conditions of sale for information on delivery times. However, in the absence of such information, the law indicates a maximum product or service delivery time of 30 days after order validation.

Professional: how do you optimize delivery time?

Optimizing the supply chain must be a priority. By rigorously analyzing weak points and implementing solutions, it’s possible to achieve greater fluidity. Automation and artificial intelligence can also play a major role in improving lead times. This can facilitate accurate tracking and minimize errors. But above all, by forming partnerships with competent, reliable logistics companies, you can reduce your lead times and increase the quality of your services, with a view to boosting customer satisfaction and sales!

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