WiziShop makes ecommerce
easier than ever before

WiziShop isn’t just a basic technical tool.
It’s an all-in-one (everything included) solution that allows you to easily create your online store with the help of its AI!
With us, you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects - we provide all the resources you need for your business.

We offer all the customization and flexibility you want and need from the get-go, as well as guaranteed safety, performance and seamless integration. Everything is cloud-based for more reliability. On top of that, WiziShop provides free education, training and access to Business Coaches to help you achieve long-term success.

Traditional ecommerce solution

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Our clients benefit from a COMPLETE all-in-one solution.


Online selling that’s for the people

Whatever your inspiration, dream or never-before-seen idea that might just be the next big thing, we want to see you succeed.

Our ideals have always been guided by our win-win model, set by performance-based pricing. Our strategies are developed with you in mind and to help you succeed.

WiziShop is suitable for all kinds of ecommerce projects: from beginners starting out to stores that already generate thousands of dollars in sales.

Whether you're starting your business from scratch online or moving your existing business online, we are the solution for you.

Let’s share our values

WiziShop is built around 3 core values: innovation, support, and performance.

We’ll keep thinking, you keep growing

Innovation is at the heart of WiziShop's SaaS technology, led by our Research & Development team.

Our team is always improving the ergonomics of our online stores and their speed.

You also have a technical team at your disposition 24/7.


Innovation is part of WiziShop's DNA!

Every week, we optimize the solution by adding new features to keep up with the latest trends in marketing, AI, SEO, and ecommerce, industries that are constantly evolving!


Let’s go the
extra mile together

We know that managing a successful ecommerce store takes more than just great products. So we provide free education and training content as well as Business Coaches to help our clients succeed every step of the way.
Our Business Coaches are ecommerce experts and can help you improve and grow your online store. They can help you understand our features and give you strategic advice.

WiziShop is the only service in the world that gives you a full training course with your subscription, as well as other helpful resources:

  • A comprehensive Help Center, updated daily
  • A wealth of information on our ecommerce blog
  • Training videos
  • Our YouTube channel, with live webinars
  • Weekly exclusive newsletter from Gregory Beyrouti, one of the co-founders of WiziShop
  • An App Store featuring all our features, to find your perfect app match!

We're more than just a service provider, we're your partner.

Your performance comes first.

This means, on top of innovation, that we stay reactive to your requests and needs to provide you with the best possible service.
We all grow together!


More than 95% of our clients say they are very satisfied with our services on Trusted Reviews, a reliable third party.

Join our community

Thousands of online retailers trust us. Now it's your turn!


WiziShop’s AI, the secret weapon for your ecommerce success!

Experience the world’s first ecommerce solution offering highly-trained and ultra-efficient AI, accessible directly from your admin dashboard.

Artificial Intelligence dedicated to your success and productivity:
Work on your brand image; write product pages, category descriptions, and blog articles; create ads and social media posts; optimize your texts; translate your content... And so much more!

Suddenly, you’re an SEO expert.

No experience necessary.

  • Topic Clusters
  • Search Indexing
  • Log Analysis
  • AMP
  • SSL Certificate
  • 301 Redirects
  • SiteMap
  • Hn Markup
  • Canonical
  • Robots.txt
  • Page Speed
  • URL Rewriting

SEO is one of the most overlooked yet best long-term strategies to bring reliable, cost-effective, and consistent success to any online business. WiziShop is the most optimized and technically ready ecommerce platform, whether you are new to the SEO game, a specialist or an expert. We offer powerful, innovative and user-friendly tools to guarantee your business’ long-term visibility on Google and search engines.

The WiziShop solution is technically very powerful; we have offer 50 optimizations integrated into the solution to help you analyze and optimize your website and improve your visibility. Find out more about the 50 SEO optimizations of the WiziShop solution here.

Find out in detail why WiziShop's SEO is the best in the world

How to make your products shine

Our designers have created a selection of templates that are accessible for free from your WiziShop account. Created with care and love, our designs are all updated regularly to meet the latest web standards and to keep you one step ahead of your competition.


Your store should reflect you and your brand

After you choose your favorite layout, the fun begins. Customize modules and elements, use WiziBlocks to play around with your layout and truly make your store feel personalized and unique.

  • Responsive

  • Mono-Product

  • HTML


  • CSS


  • FTP

Maximize your sales.

Our team is continually optimizing the speed and ergonomics of our online stores. Every month, we add more and more features that help you optimize your conversion rate.

Unlike other traditional ecommerce solutions, WiziShop has already integrated all the tools needed to optimize your conversions: customization of messages, banners, client reviews, pre-built automations, abandoned cart follow-ups...

WiziShop's CMS allows you create an ecommerce website with clear sales funnels (upselling, cross-selling, different cart options...) and offers numerous marketing tools to increase your average cart value.

Your store will convert like no other.

With WiziShop, you don't need to install 30 additional modules.
Your store will convert like no other.

Unlike other traditional ecommerce solutions, WiziShop has already integrated all the tools needed to optimize your conversions: customization of messages, banners, client reviews, pre-built automations, abandoned cart follow-ups...

Discover the exclusive features that will help you achieve record conversion rates

The website you've always dreamed about, in just a few clicks!

1. Add your first products in just seconds

2. Customize your online store to match your brand

3. Easily add and configure your domain name

4. Choose your delivery methods and payment systems

5. Launch your store and receive your first orders

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Rest assured, your website respects International standards, including Europe's GDPR!


Your time is precious.
So let's increase your productivity!

With WiziShop, you save time and energy!

WiziShop makes your life easier:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Batch processing
  • Import / Export
  • Planning of your business operations
  • Mobile app to track your orders
  • Smart segmentation of your clients
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Start today.
Be ready for tomorrow.

We’re here to support you and take you as far as possible.

We’ll always be right by your side, from your first sale to when you’re ready to go international, find new suppliers, or develop your own custom features!

Unmatched flexibility to give you the ultimate freedom.

Thanks to our API, App Store, and network of partner agencies and freelancers, you can enjoy complete freedom to develop your site according to your specific needs or organizational structure.

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