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Are you looking for an efficient, high-performance tool to save you a lot of time writing content? The WiziShop ecommerce solution's text generator is for you! This ultra-complete feature is the fruit of several years' development. Based on artificial intelligence, the tool enables you to produce different types of text to meet all your marketing needs: product descriptions, blog posts, paragraphs, titles, meta descriptions, advertisements, and much more!

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Select the type of content to generate

The content generator offered by the WiziShop ecommerce solution lets you create different types of content quickly and easily. The first step is to select the tool from the list.

Fill in the various fields

For each generator, different fields need to be filled in. These fields will vary depending on the type of content you're producing. This information must be correctly filled in so that the tool can bring out the best-performing texts possible.

Generate the texts

Once you've filled in the various fields, all that's left to do is generate the content. Our artificial intelligence tool will start processing the information and, after a few seconds, your text will be ready!

Select your favorite version

Depending on the type of generator you choose, the tool will suggest different versions. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Create your online store and use WiziShop's AI text generator!

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Texts created for your ecommerce store

The text generator created by the WiziShop ecommerce solution is an innovation made possible by the work of engineers, renowned copywriters, and SEO experts. This collaboration has made the tool particularly effective in generating content optimized for conversion and search engine ranking.

Product descriptions

Product pages are the most important conversion pages on an ecommerce site, but their accompanying product descriptions often make them the longest and most complex content to write. Short on time and inspiration? Our product description generator lets you create these texts 6x faster.


With our generator, you'll have no more excuses for not launching a blog for your online store! Simply enter your subject, and our AI tool will generate the rest: title, introduction, article outline and content.


Depending on the type of pages you have on your site, your need may come down to a few paragraphs to be integrated into your content. We offer a dedicated generator for these short texts.

Text rewriter

Can't find the inspiration to reformulate texts on your site? WiziShop provides you with a rewriter. You enter the content and the tool generates new text for you!


The title is the most important element for web users and for SEO. Our generator makes it possible for you to obtain high-performance, SEO-optimized titles in just a few clicks.

Meta descriptions

WiziShop's meta description generator allows you to create a variety of unique and attractive meta descriptions to entice visitors to click on your site in the search engine results.


Advertising is a powerful acquisition lever for attracting traffic to your ecommerce site, but you still need to attract attention with compelling content! Facebook, Google Ads... You can use our generator for your ad texts.


With our translator, you can translate the various contents of your website into several languages in just a few clicks. An invaluable aid to internationalizing your business!


With WiziShop's AI, make TikTok your playground for showcasing your products, turning your followers into customers, and your likes into dollars.

Create your online store and use WiziShop's AI text generator!

3-day free trial - No obligation - Training & support included

The advantages of our AI text generator

Save time.

The text generator is a real time-saver when it comes to creating paragraphs for your website. In just a few clicks, you can generate dozens of different types of content to enrich your pages. At last, you can focus on your core business: ecommerce.

save time
content optimized seo

Create content optimized for SEO.

Our mission is to offer the world's best ecommerce solution for SEO. Quite naturally, we've trained WiziShop's AI to generate SEO-optimized texts that rank effectively in the SERPs.

Save money.

Saving time often means saving money. Even more so if you use external service providers to edit the various texts on your site! With this technology, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

save money
get inspired

Get inspired.

Our text generator can also help you when you're faced with writer’s block! Draft paragraphs, suggest topics... You'll never run out of ideas with our artificial intelligence.

Create your online store and use WiziShop's AI text generator!

3-day free trial - No obligation - Training & support included

How WiziShop's AI works

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The WiziShop ecommerce solution's text generator is based on artificial intelligence. This program was entirely created by a team of engineers in collaboration with professional copywriters and SEO experts. For several years, the AI was trained to produce texts relevant to conversion and SEO.

Today, the technology is based on the GTP-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) language model with fine tuning. WiziShop's technical team has integrated its own engine within GPT-3 to adapt it as closely as possible to the needs of e-tailers.

Is the content unique?

The advanced technology used to generate the texts is based on an artificial intelligence system. The writing is created by a computer, enabling us to generate a wealth of unique content that doesn’t exist on the internet.

Does the generator work for all activities?

Most themes are covered by our text generator. The tool is capable of writing on a wide range of subjects. The only exceptions are content relating to current affairs, politics, religion, or sex. You may manage to get relevant results on these topics, but it’ll be more complicated.

Are the generated texts ready for publication?

WiziShop's text generator is based on artificial intelligence technology. You may be satisfied with the results generated, but we recommend that you proofread and personalize the content a little to add a human touch and, above all, your own signature. The texts you publish on your site represent the image of your store and your company, so it's a good idea to add your own personal touch. This applies to both our generator and external service providers.

Create your online store and use WiziShop's AI text generator!

3-day free trial - No obligation - Training & support included


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