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09 June 2022 • News

Add the TikTok Pixel to your online store

Add the TikTok Pixel to your online store

TikTok is the social network that clearly stands out in recent months. For an e-merchant, it’s all the more important to be able to promote their products on this new platform. 

It’s now possible for WiziShop e-merchants to track the behavior of visitors coming from campaigns thanks to the integration of the TikTok Pixel on their ecommerce site.

How do you install this new tool? We explain everything below!

Why install the TikTok Pixel?

The TikTok Pixel is for all merchants advertising on this social network. 

It simply measures the impact of your ads on your online store. This smart code makes it possible for you to monitor sales and user activity, as well as find the right audience for your ads. This pixel is activated as soon as the user browses on your site. Once triggered, it allows you to measure the actions performed on your store and to track purchases, for example.

The pixel makes it possible for you to do the following

  • Measure the performance of your campaigns.
  • Create audiences based on user behavior. 
  • Optimize your campaigns and ad delivery.

How do you install the Pixel?

The installation of the pixel on your store is very quick. 

Just go to your administration area, in the Tags & External Services section.

A dedicated module is already available.

To check that the installation is complete, we recommend the following Chrome extension: TikTok Pixel Helper. It’ll allow you to see if the code is detected and what behaviors it can follow.

To better assist you, a complete tutorial is available here.

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