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Building an online store

It’s tough out there in the wild world of ecommerce. There are therefore many reasons why you should use an ecommerce platform to launch your online business. Although there are plenty of online store builders available these days, what you truly need is a service that offers real support.

WiziShop is a complete, all-in-one solution that’s dedicated to bringing you and your online store success! With our top-notch ecommerce platform, you’ll have all the resources you need to meet and even exceed your ecommerce goals.When signing up with WiziShop, you’ll of course be able to avail of our comprehensive, easy-to-use online store building tool. However, we'll also manage your website’s hosting, security, and updates, all while providing you with excellent support each and every day.

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A stunning online store to help your products shine

We understand that every ecommerce entrepreneur is different.

From your WiziShop account, check out our wide range of free design templates to build your website. Next, our easy-to-use WiziBlocks allow you to create an online store that truly reflects YOUR brand and vision.

You’ll also have access to the HTML and CSS files for your website so that you can customize your store’s design even further if you’d like.

All of our design templates are mobile responsive and updated frequently to keep up with the most recent standards on the web. This keeps your online store secure and ensures that you stay one step ahead of your competitors!

Over 400 features included

As soon as you create your account with WiziShop, you’ll have more than 400 amazing features at your disposal. There’s no need for you to download any third-party applications. Everything you need to optimize your online store and boost your bottom line is already included with your account at no extra cost!

Must-have features for online sales

There are certain tools that can help make achieving success in ecommerce a whole lot easier. Fortunately, all of these features come standard with your WiziShop account, no matter which monthly subscription plan you’ve chosen. The tools are already integrated for seamless use and added efficiency.

Customer reviews

These days, social proof is absolutely essential to increasing sales. Add reviews from your happy customers to encourage other shoppers to buy your products!

Abandoned cart reminders

Have visitors exiting your site while leaving items in their shopping carts? Don’t miss out on any more sales! Simply send these potential customers a friendly reminder to alert them that they’ve still got an item waiting to be purchased.

Product feed for Google and Facebook

Expand your business’s reach by utilizing multiple channels. Send your product feed to Google Shopping and your Facebook page to get your offerings in front of an even larger audience.

Cross-selling and upselling

Increase your store’s average order value by offering products that complement those that already catch the eye of visitors. Then, after visitors add a product to their cart and want to check out, suggest an additional product to augment their orders further.


Use our single-product templates designed and optimized for maximum customer conversions to showcase your winning products and boost sales.


Attract current and potential customers’ attention by offering special sales and discounts! No matter which design template you choose, you’ll be able to easily create promotions, flash sales, and even customer loyalty programs for your store.

Optimized SEO

Does the thought of tackling SEO leave your head swirling in a state of confusion? With WiziShop, you won’t need to lift a finger when it comes to the technical aspects of SEO for your website.

When you use the WiziShop ecommerce website builder, we manage all of your site’s SEO technical elements for you. Your store is automatically created to achieve optimal SEO results!

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Sales funnels designed for maximum conversions

Turning site visitors into paying customers is easy with WiziShop’s content management system (CMS). Our CMS lets you create effective sales funnels, such as with upselling, shopping cart options, and more.

Optimized sales funnels and the numerous marketing tools that WiziShop offers will help to increase your store’s average order value. For instance, this value for WiziShop merchants in France is approximately $17 (USD) more than the national average!

Support: we’re always on your side

WiziShop is committed to helping you achieve success with your online store. Other online store builders give you tons of support at the beginning but then leave you hanging when you have questions a few months in.

In contrast, we’ll be there to help from the moment you create an account to any time throughout your ecommerce journey when you’re in need of some assistance. You’ll never be alone.

This is just another reason why WiziShop is the best ecommerce website builder around!

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Business Coaches

When signing up with WiziShop, you can enjoy the thoughtful guidance of helpful ecommerce experts, our Business Coaches.

This dedicated team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the development of your online store.

They train for several weeks before starting at WiziShop to ensure that they’re knowledgeable about all the latest ecommerce tips and tricks.

Whether you’re confused about one of our features or want some strategic advice to help your store surpass the competition, our Business Coaches are delighted to assist.

Access to training

Entrepreneurs who choose the WiziShop platform to build a website and launch their new business have varying levels of experience in ecommerce. Just starting out? Not a problem!

When you create your account with WiziShop, you’ll be able to take advantage of full ecommerce training immediately.

These training modules involve topics such as marketing strategies, legal elements of running an online business, website configuration, and much more.

Plus, you’ll receive detailed to-do lists every week to keep you and your business on track. WiziShop is the only ecommerce solution in the world to offer this kind of training!

Online community

Besides our amazing Business Coaches and complete training modules, we have a variety of wonderful resources available to ensure your ecommerce success!

Your WiziShop subscription grants you access to our private Facebook group, where you can chat with other WiziShoppers. In addition, our comprehensive help center is updated daily to provide you with solutions to any issues you may encounter.

Don’t forget to also check out our YouTube channel, which features live presentations to both educate and entertain.

Last but not least, our website’s ecommerce blog is filled with articles on all kinds of topics related to online selling. It’s a virtual gold mine of information to help your business succeed!


Integrated payment and delivery solutions

To put it simply, it’s impossible to be successful in ecommerce if your store doesn’t have a way for customers to make payments. Fortunately, WiziShop has over 50 payment solutions available, allowing you to choose which ones suit your business best. These include options like PayPal, Stripe, and many others!

You’ll also be able to pick from numerous delivery solutions for the added convenience of your and your customers.

Our payment and delivery methods help you to provide visitors with a shopping experience that’s easy and secure.

Another bonus: these solutions are already pre-configured so that all it takes to add them to your store is a couple of clicks of the mouse!

Boost your productivity and efficiency

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you’ll be busy with all kinds of activities in the management of your online store. However, we know that your time is precious and that you don’t want to waste it needlessly if you can help it.

WiziShop aims to make your life as easy as possible with a myriad of features and offerings.

Perform batch processing and import/export your product catalog, orders, and customer files seamlessly. A mobile application lets you track your orders even while you’re on the go!

You’ll also be able to better plan your business operations; avail of smart segmentation of your customers with Facebook pixels, Google, and other methods; and integrate scripts and external services.

Our API and network of partner agencies provide you with the maximum flexibility to grow and adapt your business as needed.

With WiziShop, you’ll always have the freedom to develop your online store however you’d like. Whether you want to find new suppliers, go international, or design tools specific to your needs, we’ll do everything we can to assist.

What is an ecommerce website?

Ecommerce websites are stores on the internet that allow people to sell or purchase goods online. They offer store owners and customers alike a level of convenience that traditional brick-and-mortar stores lack.

Ready to launch your own ecommerce business? Use WiziShop’s easy-to-use online store builder to create your website in just minutes!

How do I create an online store?

Building your online store couldn’t be simpler with WiziShop! Plus, we offer a 3-day free trial, giving you time to see just how amazing our online store builder really is.

Just give us your business details, select a design template for your store, add your products (including descriptions and photos), and choose your payment and delivery options. You’ll be ready to start selling in no time!

What products should I sell online?

There’s a seemingly endless number of options to choose from when it comes to selecting what products to sell on the internet. It’s important that you put some thought into your product choice before you launch your business and begin selling, though.

Do your research when picking a niche and try to combine your passion and customer demand with whatever product(s) you choose. This will give you the best chance of achieving success with your online store.

How much does an online store cost?

One of the many advantages that an online store has over a brick-and-mortar alternative is that the costs to start and run the business are much, much lower. Though the costs for online stores vary, WiziShop offers fair pricing plans that are based on your store’s performance. Plus, you'll only pay $1 for your first month!

Our subscriptions start at $40 per month. On top of that you’ll only need to pay a small percentage of your sales, ranging from 0.75% to 2%, depending on the plan you select.

Do online stores need a business license?

This actually depends on a variety of factors. Before you launch your online store, you’ll want to check with your national, state, county, and city regulations to determine what, if any, business licenses you’ll need to obtain.

Be sure to already have a thorough understanding of your business plan, as information regarding your business structure and what products you’ll be selling will likely be relevant.


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