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30 August 2021 • Create Your Online Store

Best ecommerce website builder: 15 reasons to choose the WiziShop platform

Best ecommerce website builder: 15 reasons to choose the WiziShop platform

Eager to get started with your ecommerce business but not sure where to begin? To be successful in online sales, it’s imperative that you have a great ecommerce website.

Finding a high-quality online store builder is key to achieving this. Your choice of an ecommerce solution can be the difference between a mediocre site that takes weeks to create or an outstanding site that’s ready in minutes.

WiziShop has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs with starting their businesses and building their online stores. Keep reading to learn why we offer the best ecommerce platform for creating a high-quality, professional website.

What is an ecommerce website builder?

An ecommerce website builder is simply the software that serves as a solution for helping users create their online stores, allowing them to sell online. This software can involve all kinds of features and functions, including website creation, inventory and payment management, storefront design, sales reporting, and more.

The aim of an ecommerce website builder is to provide support and make the process of setting up an online store easier. This gives store owners more time to focus on running their businesses and working on their marketing efforts. 

Ecommerce website builders should be accessible for tech newbies and experienced techies alike. Users often just have to learn how to use the software’s pre-programmed features and can then get started with constructing their shop online

Why is WiziShop the best ecommerce website builder?

It’s true that you as an ecommerce business owner have your fair share of options out there for creating your site. With so many ecommerce platforms available, how do you possibly know which to go with for your own online store?

Our best advice is to do your research beforehand and evaluate each option carefully to determine which best suits your individual needs. You want to make sure that whichever platform you choose will benefit your business not just in its beginning stages but also as it grows.

We’re confident that we have the best online store builder on the market. However, to alleviate any doubts you may have, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you can’t go wrong with WiziShop!

1. Our interface is easy to use

Is the technological aspect of online store creation what’s putting you off from becoming an entrepreneurial all-star and realizing your ecommerce dreams? Creating an ecommerce website shouldn’t require a degree in computer engineering.

We get that not everybody’s super tech savvy, and we believe that this shouldn’t be a barrier to starting your ecommerce business and selling online.

If you’ve got a computer and you know how to navigate Google and log in to Facebook, we’ll take care of the rest. The WiziShop interface is intuitively designed, and you’ll be guided through each step as you build your ecommerce website.

Although there are all kinds of options for customizing your online store, you don’t have to worry about filling out any long forms. For example, say you want to allow customers to be able to request gift wrapping when making purchases. 

What do you need to do? Simply change the phrase “You do not offer gift wrapping on your store” to “You offer gift wrapping on your store.” 

That’s it!

Furthermore, after making this change, other options will show up. For example, you’ll be able to choose if the gift wrapping costs extra or if it’s free of charge for customers.

2. We offer top-notch support and advice 

No ecommerce venture comes without a few challenges from time to time. If you’re just starting out or even after you’ve had your store for a while, you’re bound to have questions that arise at some point.

When choosing WiziShop as your online store builder, you’ll be able to avail of the expert knowledge and experience of our team of Business Coaches. 

This group is available to answer any questions you may have, no matter how simple or complex, regarding your store. Our Business Coaches are happy to assist you every step of the way of your ecommerce journey.

That’s not all. This support service is completely free of charge with your account, and you can ask questions or chat with the team as often as you’d like. 

We aim to give our WiziShoppers (the business owners who have a store on our platform) the highest level of support possible. For this reason, our Business Coaches train for several weeks before assisting clients. 

In addition, this training is updated every month to keep them aware of all the latest information. When chatting with a WiziShop Business Coach, you’ll be talking with a true expert in the ecommerce field!

In fact, they don’t just support you by answering questions regarding your ecommerce website. They’re able to offer personalized guidance that can help make all the difference in gaining an advantage over your competitors. 

3. Your online store will be ready in just a few clicks

When you’ve got an amazing product, you don’t want to wait weeks or even months to get your ecommerce business up and running. Delays in website creation mean missing out on potential customers and sales. 

This can be incredibly frustrating for business owners who want to start selling NOW.

Fortunately, the WiziShop ecommerce website builder allows you to create your store quickly. It’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that doesn’t have to be installed. Everything is already accessible and ready for you to use!

Just add your products, select the design template and options that best fit your brand, and choose your preferred payment and delivery methods. No need to spend weeks waiting for complicated installations before your site’s finished and you can start selling. 

Building your online store has never been easier, and it’ll be ready to launch in the blink of an eye!  

4. You can enjoy a variety of features to optimize website performance

We understand that there are all kinds of businesses out there in the wonderful world of ecommerce. Each store has its own needs, depending on the different products, audiences, and technical or operational restrictions. For this reason, WiziShop provides over 400 different features of which you may avail.

We have more than 10 years of experience working with ecommerce businesses and have helped launch thousands of online stores. Over the past decade, we’ve evolved our solution to match our clients’ ever-changing needs, offering more and more options.

Our 400+ features today work really well for most of our clients, 97% in fact! However, if you’re part of the other 3%, don’t worry. We’ll explain in greater detail later in the sixth point how you’ll still have no issues progressing with your ecommerce website.

You may also be interested in knowing that all 400+ features that you’ll have at your fingertips were designed by the WiziShop team. Though some of these tools may include third-party technology, every feature is integrated by us. This is done because we want to ensure consistency between the features and greater efficiency.

Other ecommerce website builders may have a range of modules available for their clients to buy. They offer just the bare minimum so that you’ll have to purchase more. Furthermore, they’re not really interested in innovation, as they work with outside developers who can do that for them.

Not us, though.

We put our WiziShoppers at the center of everything we do. We want you to increase your online sales and succeed with your ecommerce business. If you’re not successful, we’re not successful.

Our win-win model is why we make these features available to you as soon as you start creating your online store. These tools will help you to sell your products and grow your business easily and quickly. 

5. Our platform is priced fairly and is based on performance

The win-win model mentioned above is what has helped make WiziShop what it is today. We always aim to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and develop innovations to better assist them. 

For this reason, our pricing is clear, fair, and based on the performance of your ecommerce business. This ensures that we can continue to innovate and adapt our online store builder to your needs.

Our simple pricing includes several plan options, starting at $40 per month (with your first month for just $1). After that, we’ll just take a small percentage of your sales, ranging from 0.75% to 2%, according to your chosen plan.

Another benefit of these pricing plans is that you won’t be surprised at the end of the month with any miscellaneous charges, as we don’t place limits on our clients. As your sales start to increase, we’ll provide you with more space for site hosting, and the sales percentage we charge adjusts your bill accordingly.

Still hesitant to try our platform? Not a problem. You can always opt to sign up for a no-commitment plan! 

If you’re satisfied with our platform, you’ll stick around. If you’re unhappy for whatever reason at all, simply inform your Business Coach that you’d like to cancel your plan. We’ll take care of it ASAP!

6. You’ll have plenty of flexibility

As discussed previously, you aren’t bound to a contract when opting to try our online store builder. We at WiziShop are all about freedom, and we apply this to our ecommerce solution in areas other than contracts also.

When creating your online store, you’ll have access to all kinds of design templates from which to choose and customize to suit your needs. Use our drag-and-drop WiziBlocks to build a stunning homepage that is a perfect reflection of your brand.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

We give our WiziShoppers the freedom to customize their graphics too! By providing access to the HTML and CSS files, we ensure that clients can modify the appearance of their websites as they see fit.

In addition, even with the 400+ features we offer, we understand that it’s possible that you’ll want to create a new feature down the road. Maybe it’s something specific to your product or requires the service of a third party that’s unknown to us.

Not to worry. Thanks to our API, we’re able to allow outside third parties to create features to better serve your business.

The possibilities are endless. 

Our API makes it feasible for us to obtain data (e.g., products, orders, customers) and add new information (e.g., price changes, tracking numbers). For instance, maybe you have special in-house checkout software at your physical store and want to link that to the inventory you sell online.

7. We’re committed to continual innovation

When building your ecommerce website with WiziShop, you’ll be working with a team that’s constantly developing new ways to improve your experience on the platform. Each year, we spend lots of time and money on research and development to make our ecommerce solution even better.

We do this to give you all kinds of services and features that help you to sell your products quickly and easily on the WiziShop platform.

To better illustrate our commitment to improving user experience, here are a few examples of innovative tools that you can enjoy with your WiziShop account.

  • AI text generator

While running an online store is generally more convenient than managing a physical shop in various aspects, e-merchants still have plenty of tasks to complete on a daily basis. One of the most time-consuming activities is often content creation.

Luckily, WiziShop's AI tool simplifies the process of creating text content for your website, enabling swift generation of product descriptions, blog posts, title and meta description tags, text rewrites, translations, and more in just a few clicks!

  • Smart Check-Out

To shorten the time it takes for customers to place product orders, our WiziShoppers utilize our Smart Check-Out ordering process. In fact, this allows your customers to place orders three times as quickly as they could on stores created on a different ecommerce platform.

How did we achieve this?

We’ve added a plethora of optimizations to our platform, including non-mandatory account creation, automatic typo correction, and assistance filling in customers’ delivery addresses. You can also avail of easy data retrieval from Facebook and PayPal, customer shopping carts saved for 30 days, and more. 

  • Speedy Change

Our Speedy Change innovation allows you to edit multiple items simultaneously. This can save you loads of time whenever you need to make a change to your store.

Say you want to create a flash sale until midnight, selecting every product that’s priced between $15 and $25 and that’s been sold over five times. 

Not a problem with Speedy Change!

WiziShoppers can make these adjustments and many others with our online store builder. Whether you want to reorganize your catalog, highlight products on your homepage, add a new delivery option, or modify pricing, it’s easy. Besides being available for product changes, Speedy Change can be used to adjust info for customers and orders as well.

  • Auto-Mail Booster

Auto-Mail Booster is a complete emailing tool that allows you to send newsletters, and personalize email content, such as with a customer’s first name. It also lets you follow the results of your email marketing efforts as they occur. 

Talk about instant gratification!

In addition, Auto-Mail Booster supplies clients with the ability to program email follow-ups automatically. After you select a subject (e.g., abandoned cart, first order, etc.) and create the email, select the customer segment to whom you want to send the email. 

This might include all of your customers, men, or maybe women over 50 living in Dallas who’ve already placed five orders.

As you can see, you can go into tons of detail with your automatic email follow-ups!

You can design all sorts of email campaigns with Auto-Mail Booster. For example, show your customers you care by sending an email to say “Happy Birthday!” 

Simply create the email, personalized to suit the individual customer, and add a special promo code. People love being thought of, and a special discount on their birthday is a nice gesture that can help increase loyalty to your brand.

These are just some of the many innovative tools that you’ll have access to on the WiziShop platform. They of course come free with your account and are available to all of our e-merchants for their ecommerce websites! 

8. You’ll have access to ecommerce training

As you’ve probably understood by this point, we’re completely dedicated to helping our clients achieve success with their online stores. Another way we do this is by offering full training to our beloved WiziShoppers!

We’re super proud of the training course we make available to clients. In fact, we’re the only online store builder in the world to supply this type of training!

When joining forces with WiziShop to make your ecommerce vision a reality, you’ll learn all about what it takes to succeed in online sales with our platform.

We understand that launching your new business may be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first online store. However, this training program is designed to present you with information in an organized, stress-free way. Every week, you’ll have access to detailed to-do lists to guide you and help you to manage daily tasks.

In addition, you’ll also get to learn about different ecommerce topics each week. This includes subjects such as marketing strategies, legal elements, website configuration, SEO, email campaigns, and others!

Your confidence will grow weekly as you develop new knowledge and skills to assist you in growing your online store.

9. We’ll do the SEO legwork for you

If you’re new to ecommerce, you may know that SEO’s important, but you might not understand why. 

To put it simply, the aim of SEO is to make Google happy. If Google likes your site and believes you to be an expert in your field, your site will show up at the top of the search results page.

Why is this the goal? Well, if your online store is listed toward the top, people are much more likely to click on your site to see what you offer. There are several factors that Google considers when ranking websites.

First, it looks at the website itself and its technical features. Second, it examines the website’s content to see if it indicates expert-level information. Third, it checks out how popular the website is by noting if other users have linked back to your site.

Achieving high scores in all these areas can be complicated, but you can rest assured that your website will be in good hands with WiziShop.

Before we created WiziShop, we actually had a web agency that specialized in SEO. We helped many websites reach the top results on Google. In fact, one of our clients was listed first for the ultra-competitive search term “digital photography.”

First in a list of over three million results...not too shabby, eh?

When launching WiziShop, we brought all of our SEO knowledge and experience with us to better assist our clients and their online stores. This is just another way that your business will have a competitive advantage over other retailers!

When building your online store with us, you won’t need to worry about handling any technical aspects for SEO. We ensure that your website is fast and follows SEO best practices. Furthermore, we take care of optimizing your site’s images to boost your SEO even more.

However, this isn’t where our role in SEO management ends for your ecommerce website. We do a TON of monitoring and always aim to keep our platform ahead of the game when it comes to new features.

For instance, Google first stated in 2015 that online security was essential and recommended that every website possess an SSL certificate to protect visitor data. Just a few days after this announcement, we offered SSL certificates to our WiziShoppers.

10. Our ecommerce platform is reliable

When you’re searching for an ecommerce website builder for your online store, reliability is likely at the top of your list of requirements. After all, the last thing you need is to have to worry about site bugs getting resolved. You can depend on WiziShop.

Because we have thousands of clients who use our ecommerce solution every day, we’re constantly improving the platform based on their feedback. If there’s an issue with any of our features, we instantly get to work on correcting the problem, fixing it for all of our clients.

11. Hundreds of free resources are at your disposal

We’ve already talked about our fantastic team of Business Coaches and the excellent ecommerce training offered to our clients, but wait...there’s more. 

WiziShop’s efforts to ensure the success of our clients’ online stores also include the many resources we make available online. Enjoy access to hundreds of free documents, videos, tutorials, and articles to further bolster your ecommerce knowledge!

WiziShop knows that managing your online business is not always an easy task. We really want you to succeed. You’ll be able to find all kinds of articles on WiziShop’s ecommerce blog to guide you in building your store and boosting sales.

In addition, when you sign up with WiziShop, you’ll find loads of helpful articles in your administration area as well as in the help center.

12. You’ll be able to grow your business with WiziShop

We love working with ecommerce newbies just starting out with their online stores. However, we’re also in it for the long haul with our clients. WiziShop wants your business to succeed not just today or a few months from now, but also years down the road.

One way you can expand your business further is by creating multiple stores. We help you achieve this with our “MultiShop” feature.

For instance, say you start with a store that offers homemade beauty products. You could then create additional websites that are even more specialized, such as a soap store, a lip balm store, etc. To ensure easy management, the stock for the soap store would be the same as the soap stock on the store for general beauty products.

Another benefit with the MultiShop feature is that our WiziShoppers enjoy a discount for every new store that they create!

In addition, our “MultiShop” technology makes it possible for your business to grow internationally! You need to do more than just translate your website when you want to launch in another country. It’s also important to consider the new country’s market and culture and adapt your store accordingly. 

For this reason, WiziShop allows you to create separate stores based on different languages. For example, you can launch a French store and a Spanish store, both with their own domain names. They would also include different products along with different prices if required.

Although these are very separate stores, you’ll be able to manage them easily, switching between them with just a click. You can also import new products and enjoy the benefits of sharing stock between the different stores.

13. We’ve created strong partnerships with big names in ecommerce

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with various key players in the industry. In addition, we delight in having our clients enjoy the benefits of these partnerships, including those with Google, Amazon, PayPal, and other service providers. 

For instance, say you’d like support with displaying your products on marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Shopping, etc., we can connect you with a qualified partner!

Or maybe you want some help with creating Google Ads or Facebook Ads. When you choose the WiziShop online store builder, you’ll have access to a list of trusted partners who can assist with this.

These partnerships are extremely beneficial to the growth of your ecommerce business. Every partner has various prices available to suit a range of needs and has a thorough understanding of the WiziShop platform.

14. You can get started with creating your online store today

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of starting your own ecommerce business for years. Maybe you woke up with a fabulous idea for a product to sell online just last week. Either way, the time to launch your business is now!

Seriously, though. People tend to regret the things they don’t do more often than the things they do. 

Ready to become your own boss? Get started today.

When choosing the WiziShop ecommerce website builder, you’ll be able to create your website right away. As mentioned earlier, it’ll only take a short time to design your store. 

You’ll then start to see your first sales come in a few days later!

15. We offer a 3-day free trial

In case the previous 14 reasons haven’t yet convinced you that WiziShop is the best ecommerce website builder out there, here’s one more.

You can take advantage of a 3-day trial, free of charge, to see if our platform is the right one for you!

When creating your account with WiziShop, you won’t need to commit to anything or even give any credit card details. We want to make it as easy for you as possible to try our ecommerce solution.

With your 3-day free trial, you can access our services via your administration area. Here, you can check out our marketing tools and even chat with our friendly and knowledgeable Business Coaches whenever you’d like! 

Ready to start building your online store and become the star entrepreneur that you were born to be?

Test the WiziShop solution today!

Try WiziShop free for 3 days

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