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02 September 2021 • Create Your Online Store

Best ecommerce platform: 17 reasons to use WiziShop for your website in 2024

Best ecommerce platform: 17 reasons to use WiziShop for your website in 2024

In 2006, I met Jean-François Maestracci for the first time. 

This children’s furniture designer found my web agency in the yellow pages and showed up unexpectedly at the end of the day. He had a store about 650 feet from our offices, but he was in despair, as his business wasn't selling much.

He offered us a rather bold proposition. We had to hand it to him, he certainly had nerve! However, after all, those who don’t try, get nothing.

“I can’t afford to create an online store. But, if you trust me and you create my ecommerce website for me, I'll give you a percentage of my sales…”

At the time, I'd never even discussed a project under €15,000. Our target until then had been high-caliber small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). So, a project for €0?!

I slept on it. My colleagues and I got along with Jean-François, and we really wanted to help him. But how? How could we create his online store easily and with no financial commitment? 

That was the day the WiziShop ecommerce platform was born. Thanks to Jean-François’s daring proposition. 

Ever since this day, my colleagues, our partners, and I have been putting all of our energy into helping Jean-François and thousands of other ecommerce entrepreneurs, like you, by making online retail ACCESSIBLE!

Are you also looking for a tool to create your online store?

That’s the wrong idea!

This isn't what you need.

What you really want is to make your online store SUCCESSFUL. What's the point of building an online sales site if you're not selling?

Now, get comfortable, as I’m now going to explain to you why WiziShop is the best all-in-one ecommerce platform for your small business. We provide you with everything that you need to help you achieve your goals, as thousands of other WiziShoppers have before you. 

Here are 17 reasons why WiziShop is for you. 

1. Because, in order to succeed, you don’t need a tool but a service 

WiziShop is not a tool. WiziShop is a service that supports you from A to Z on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. 

WiziShop supports you and your business from the conception of your project and the creation of your online store to your first sale. We provide daily support to help guide you from step to step—from the first 10 sales a day to 100 or more. 

WiziShop offers the following:

  • Human support from our team of Business Coaches, who can help and advise you by chat or telephone 
  • Full ecommerce training online—as soon as you sign up, you benefit from 16 modules that will help you start selling and optimize your store week after week 
  • The best tools to create your online store easily—tools that we’ve been perfecting for over 10 years, with new features every month 
  • A thoughtfully designed back office and ergonomics to boost your sales and facilitate site design—with over 15 million orders analyzed to help optimize the conversion process (order management, stock management, etc.) 
  • Dozens of powerful tools already integrated to facilitate an efficient marketing strategy—no need to pay for additional modules in order to have a fully functional and complete store  
  • Unlimited, professional web hosting with a dedicated server that adapts to your activity
  • Tutorials, ebook, and videos to help you master advanced ecommerce techniques for continual progression

If you’re wondering

if you should use an ecommerce platform to create your website, wonder no more. Avoid so-called “free” solutions and open-source software that you have to manage yourself.

What you need in order to be successful is simple. You need a complete, all-in-one SERVICE. A service that has already successfully been proven by thousands of entrepreneurs.  

But the best way to find out is to test it yourself! 

2. Because you need support and advice 

Nothing is worse and more discouraging than to find yourself alone when you need a hand. Alone when faced with problems. Alone when faced with doubts. 

It’s very difficult to succeed with your online store alone.  

For this reason, WiziShop created a team of experts, our Business Coaches to assist you. They are here to help you every day, during every step of your ecommerce journey. 

You can chat to them whenever you like. Ask them the smallest question that comes to mind. Or perhaps it’s something more complex. 

In addition, this service is LIMITLESS. 

Yes, limitless. Some need more help than others, and that’s not a problem. You’ll never be charged a dime for this service. 

Wait, there’s more.

Our Business Coaches follow weeks of ecommerce training before starting their work at WiziShop. This training is also updated every month.

They’re the best experts in the field, so they won't just answer your questions. 

They’ll offer you personal advice. That little extra tip that can make all the difference. That extra mile that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

3. Because time is of the essence 

A good entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who is able to test their ideas quickly.

Building an ecommerce site on your chosen platform these days should only take a few hours, maximum. 

When I hear from online retailers that they had to wait for months before their web agency delivered their website, I’m stunned.

Consider the money that’s been lost during this delay. Imagine how many sales have passed them by...and the delay in positioning their websites in search engines… 

SPEED. This is the secret of a successful entrepreneur. 

You shouldn’t be seeking perfection from the get-go. Launch your website as soon as possible and optimize bit by bit. That’s the best bit of advice that I can offer you. 

The WiziShop online store builder doesn’t need to be installed. It’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. 

Everything is accessible and ready to go in a couple of clicks. You just need to add your products, choose the responsive design template that works with your brand, select your payment and delivery methods (there are over 50 already integrated!), and launch your online store! 

That’s it. 

You can create your online store on the platform in less than 90 minutes. Enjoy!

4. Because you need simplicity: you’re not a technical engineer but an online seller! 

Don’t have a degree in computing or any particularly strong technical skills? 

Well, rest assured, the WiziShop platform was designed for YOU. 

If you have a computer and you know how to navigate Google and log in to Facebook, you have everything you need to succeed.

The WiziShop interface is intuitively designed, and you are guided through each step.

This is just additional proof that our solution tops the list of ecommerce platforms out there!

To configure your online store for various options, there are no complex forms to fill out. Just swap the phrases to adapt to the needs of your site. 

Here’s an example.

Want to offer gift wrapping on your online store?

All you need to do is swap the phrase “You do not offer gift wrapping on your store” to “You offer gift wrapping on your store.”

What’s even better? 

By changing the phrase, new options will appear for added customization. You can then select whether this comes at an additional cost or if it’s free of charge, for instance. 

Magic, right?

5. Because you need lots of different features to improve the performance of your website 

Everybody is unique. Every online store is as well. 

Depending on the products you sell, the audience you’re targeting, and the technical or logistical constraints that you have, your needs will not be the same, and you’ll require different options and features. 

For over 10 years, WiziShop has helped thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs launch and develop their online stores. Over the years, we’ve developed alongside people’s needs and evolved to create more and more possibilities everyday on our platform. 

Today, the WiziShop all-in-one ecommerce platform offers over 400 features.

This satisfies 97% of customer needs and questions. 

For the remaining 3%? It’s a question of very specific needs for certain products and brands. However, rest assured, if you fall into this category, you’ll see in reason #8 that this won’t stop you from progressing! 

It’s important to note that the 400 features offered were created by the WiziShop team. Certain features use third-party technology (for example, email software that ensures the customer receives them in their inbox and not in their spam), but they're all integrated by WiziShop to guarantee the following: 

  • consistency
  • avoidance of incompatibilities between two features 
  • increased efficiency 

Our only objective is to see you and your business succeed. 

We therefore have no reason not to GIVE you all of these extremely powerful options. 

Now, let’s think about other ecommerce platforms that offer lots of additional modules. 

Is it in their interest to offer you a complete service? No, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to sell you these additional modules. On the contrary, in fact, they need to offer the bare minimum; otherwise, you won’t make any additional purchases. 

Is it in the interest of these other platforms to innovate? Certainly not. Third-party developers will do it for them. And if module A doesn’t work with module B? Or module C is not updated? No problem—they’ll offer you module D!

Our philosophy is poles apart from all of this because we put YOU at the center of our thinking. Limiting features in order to sell modules will not help you be successful in online sales. So we did the opposite. 

With the WiziShop platform, you have all the site features that you need (and even more) so that you can grow easily and quickly. Now that’s a real win-win model. 

6. Because you want to pay a fair price for your performance  

I’ve already touched on our win-win model above. It’s the economic model that has shaped WiziShop from the beginning. It’s at the heart of our DNA. 

Our prices, based on performance, are what enable us to innovate our platform continually. 

It’s what makes us put ourselves in your shoes and understand your needs. 

Above all, though, it’s the clearest and fairest model you can find. 

Our price plans are simple. Plus, you'll get to enjoy the first month for just $1!

Afterwards, we take a minimum monthly fee of $40: this allows us to cover our basic costs (website hosting, Business Coaches, etc). In addition, we charge a small percentage of your sales, between 0.75% and 2%, based on your plan. 

It’s clear and simple. Most importantly, there are no nasty surprises, because this small percentage is able to adapt, fairly, to every stage of your growth. At the beginning, when you’re not selling a lot, it won’t cost you more than a coffee a day. 

You’ll later start generating more traffic and product sales on our platform. We’ll then give you greater space for your website hosting, and the billing will adapt accordingly, thanks to this percentage. 

It’s a win-win. 

What’s more, if you wish, you can sign up for a plan with NO COMMITMENT!

Our team puts their heart and soul into your success. No need to ask you to commit for a year (or more). 

If you’re satisfied, you’ll stay with us. If you want to stop your activity despite our advice, no problem. You just need to tell your Business Coach, and we’ll cancel your plan whenever you want. 

Furthermore, you have no limits. For that matter, as an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t give yourself any! 

No limits = no overcharging. 

No bad surprises at the end of the month because you’ve reached a certain number of page views or exceeded your hosting limit. 

You pay according to your results and nothing more. 

7. Because we only want your success 

With the economic model that I have just explained to you in detail, you’ll have understood that our only goal is your success. 

This is quite simply because we need you in order to generate our own revenue. 

This allows us to reinvest even more in research and development, permitting us to offer you new innovations that will allow you to sell effectively. 

However, note there is no pressure. If you only want to generate a small extra bit of income and don’t want to become a full-time online retailer, no problem. 

Everyone can benefit from our services. We don’t select our clients or only keep the best performing. Quite the opposite. We adapt to YOUR objectives, whatever they may be, and we’ll succeed in reaching them together. 

8. Because you need freedom in order to grow 

I previously explained that you’re not contractually bound when using our platform. 

This freedom is very important in our eyes. Nevertheless, as a digital entrepreneur, you’ll need other types of freedom as well. 

By creating your online store with WiziShop, you can choose the best design for your business and customize it. 

Our system of WiziBlocks, based on the idea of “drag and drop,” allows you to create a beautiful homepage that perfectly matches you and your brand! 

However, you might want to take it a step further when your site has passed certain milestones or you want a website that’s even closer to you or your brand spirit. 

We don’t want you to be limited or constrained on that front. 

The WiziShop platform offers you complete graphic freedom. 

You (or your agency) can access the HTML and CSS files. These files enable you to completely customize the appearance of your website to make it totally unique. 

What’s more…

You might need to create a particular feature, perhaps unique to your product or specific industry or dependent on a third-party service that we are not familiar with yet. 

No problem.

WiziShop is an open platform that allows external third-parties to create complementary features. All of this is possible thanks to our API. 

The API enables us to retrieve information (products, categories, orders, customers, etc.) and inject new information (tracking numbers, stock imports, price changes, etc.).

Our API, put in the hands of a web developer, can let you imagine just about anything. This can include, for instance, linking your inventory between your online store and the in-house checkout software that you use in your physical store. 

This opens up a lot of possibilities if one day you have a very specific need. 

Can you feel this mix of power and freedom? I can sense that you can’t wait to get going and start creating your own WiziShop store. Hold on a sec, though. There’s more to learn about our platform...

9. Because we innovate for you, everyday 

We spend hundreds of thousands of euros every year on research and development. 

Our goal is to offer unique features and services so that you can sell online easily and quickly using our platform. 

Any software editor could say this, so I want to be very clear. 

I'm going to show you, by way of example, three unique innovations that we’ve created and that you can benefit from within minutes of creating your account with WiziShop.  

Smart Check-Out

“Smart Check-Out” is our ordering process. Constantly being optimized, it allows us to shorten the time it takes to place an order for a product.

This ensures order times that are three times as fast. 

Yes, your customers can order three times more quickly than on a different online store (your competitor’s, for instance).  

We achieved this feat on our platform by putting in place dozens and dozens of optimizations: non-mandatory account creation, help filling in the customer’s delivery address, data retrieval from Facebook or PayPal, automatic correction of spelling errors or typos, all the steps together on one page, saved cart for 30 days…  

Speedy Change

Speedy Change is an innovation that has revolutionized our clients’ lives!

It enables you to edit multiple items at the same time.  

For example, Speedy Change allows you to select all your products between $5 and $10 that have been sold more than three times to create a flash sale until 10 p.m. 

All of that, in just two clicks! 

You can make lots of different changes just like this on our platform. Reorganize your catalog, highlight products on your homepage, add a new delivery option to a selection of products, or amend their pricing. 

Speedy Change is available for products, but you can use it for customers and orders too. 

You won’t be able to do without it!  

Auto-Mail Booster

With WiziShop, you’ll have access to a complete emailing tool. You’ll be able to send newsletters, personalize content (e.g., with your customer’s first name), and track the results in real time (see how much your campaign has generated, or even better, know which customer has bought which product thanks to your email!). 

However, Auto-Mail Booster goes a step further. 

It allows you to automatically program email follow-ups. You just have to choose the subject (abandoned cart, first order, haven’t ordered in X amount of time, etc.), create your email, choose which customer segment you want to send it to (everyone, women, men over 45 living in New York who have already placed two orders—note the detail you can go into!) 

A small example of a campaign you can design in less than two minutes may be an email to wish a happy birthday to your customer. 

You create an email with a video of you wishing them a happy birthday and you add a promo code in the email. You launch the campaign. Every day, we take care of sending your email to the right people. Success and sales guaranteed! 

I wanted just to quickly highlight these three innovations that you won’t find anywhere else, but of course there are plenty of others! 

I don’t know if you can imagine the power of your online store with tools of this kind...you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors. 

Plus, you won’t have to pay to use these tools for your ecommerce site. 

I repeat, all of these innovations are accessible to all of our customers and their stores. 

By using them, you sell more. That's what we’re aiming for above all. It’s simple. 

10. Because we offer training—and we’re the only solution in the world to do so! 

This is an important point that I want to highlight. Offering full training to our retailers is a real source of pride for us! 

We are the only ecommerce solution in the world to offer training of this kind!

Our customers can finally train themselves in online sales so that they’re ready to take on the world of ecommerce. 

Throughout the training course, you’ll find everything you need to succeed online while using our platform. 

Above all, to avoid becoming overwhelmed when you first launch your online store, the training guides you week by week with detailed to-do lists so that you can stay on top of everything. Every week, you’ll discover a different aspect of ecommerce as well as other various tasks to complete to help develop your online store. 

The training modules run through different topics, including marketing strategies but also legal aspects of running a store. You’ll learn how to declare your company’s status, configure your website, discover the different lines of communication with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, email campaigns, etc.

Every week, you’ll continue to improve your online store until it’s generating hundreds of sales and you’ve become a benchmark in your field! 

11. Because Google will love your website—and that’s extremely important 

When you launch your ecommerce website, I suggest that you quickly get some Facebook ads running. 

Why? Because Facebook ads are super targeted. The social media superstar knows everything about your customers, their hobbies, where they work, and where they grew up. It knows who they’re dating, whether they’re married or single, if they have children, and even how old they are. 

It’s a bit scary when you think about it. Nevertheless, use it to your advantage; it’s a great tool for your online store! In just a few minutes, you can target, with incredible precision, those who are most susceptible to purchase your products. 

Once you’ve launched your first Facebook ads and you’ve made your first sales, you’ll need to think about a long-term strategy and multiply your traffic sources. 

This is where SEO is indispensable. 

The point of it all? To please Google and show that you are an expert in your field. As a result, the search engine won’t hesitate to put you at the top of the results page. 

However, pleasing Google is far from simple. 

There are three factors that Google will take into account:

  • The website itself and all its technical aspects
  • Your website’s content, which will prove that you’re an expert
  • The popularity of your website—if other internet users like your website, there will naturally be links through to your website, which are clear indicators for Google  

As you’ll have noted in the introduction to this article, we had a web agency before creating WiziShop. Our speciality, in fact, was SEO.  

We pushed websites right up into the first results on Google. For example, one of our websites was first for the super competitive term “digital photography.” First out of more than three million results. 

As soon as we started creating WiziShop, we immediately thought about the different SEO optimizations we needed to include. It was obvious to us. 

Our clients’ stores start off with better odds than their competitors. This, again, is a part of our win-win model! 

The idea is that when you create an online store with WiziShop, you don’t need to worry about any of the technical aspects. It’s up to us to optimize the images and to make sure that our websites respect the necessary standards, are fast, and of course, fit all the SEO best practices. 

SEO experts love WiziShop because Google loves our stores. 

What's even better… 

We do a lot of monitoring, and we try our best to anticipate any new features so that our platform can stay ahead of the game. Here are two good examples of this.

In 2015, Google stated for the first time in a meeting that security is very important to them. It became important for every website to have an SSL certificate to protect the data of its visitors. A few days later, WiziShop offered an SSL certificate to its clients. Our retailers were able to get this in place well before their competitors.

The following year, Google wanted to make websites faster, notably on mobile devices, and offered a new format called “AMP.” Previously dedicated to news sites, this format was now adapted to ecommerce websites. Take a guess as to which ecommerce solution offered the new AMP format to their clients? Yes, you got it. WiziShop. 

To top it all off, we were the first in the world to offer this format natively. This was an announcement relayed by Google themselves. 

In addition, once again, our clients didn’t need to do anything. Your website is automatically created in the AMP format, allowing Google to retrieve your pages and display them in record time to your future customers. This is a huge benefit, especially as there are few ecommerce sites that are equipped in such a way.  

12. Because you need a reliable solution 

There are a lot of advantages of going through a central solution such as WiziShop.

Among them, reliability. 

A freelancer, small web agency, or worse, a “friend” who created an ecommerce website for you, cannot provide 24-hour maintenance. The advantage of choosing a solution like WiziShop is that we have thousands of retailers that use the platform daily. 

This means that with the feedback from our users, we’ve been improving the tool every day for the last 10+ years. If someone notices a problem with one of our 400+ features, we immediately jump in, and the problem is instantly fixed for everyone! 

Sharing the same code as thousands of other stores allows you to have less hassle and more reliability. 

13. Because you can grow with us and even internationalize effectively! 

WiziShop is perfect for those of you launching your entrepreneurship and ecommerce business, but we also hope to support you in the long term. 

Our goal is to take you through the steps, one after the other, until you reach a turnover of several million. You’ll also find everything you need in order to do so. 

Moreover, there is another innovation that I haven’t discussed yet. 

I'm talking about our “MultiShop” feature. 

The MultiShop feature allows you to create multiple stores with shared stock. What’s the point in that? Let me explain. 

One of the strategies as you grow will be to create multiple stores. The idea being to create competition with yourself to conquer a market and specialize even more. 

For example, you start off with a store that sells motorbike accessories. The idea would be to then create further specialized websites: a helmet store, glove store, etc. 

The stock for the helmet store and the store with all of the accessories will be, of course, the same to allow for easy management.

Our MultiShop technology allows you also to expand internationally. To launch in another country, it’s not enough to simply translate your website. Nope.

You need to adapt to the market and the culture. So we decided to manage the different languages of the stores. We have, for example, the French store and the Spanish store with their own domain names (in French and Spanish respectively), different products (if needed), and prices that can vary from one store to another. 

These are truly separate stores. However, there’s the advantage of being able to manage them easily, going from one store to the next with one click, importing new products, and benefitting from shared stock. 

I almost forgot an important detail! The multi-language option is included in the price of your store, depending on your chosen plan. Nothing else is needed in order to develop internationally! 

And for the MultiShop feature that allows you to create stores that compete with each other? You benefit from a discount for each new store created!

14. Because you can enjoy hundreds of free resources to help you succeed 

Besides our Business Coaches, who provide excellent technical and marketing support, we also have hundreds of documents, videos, tutorials, and articles for you to browse.  

Running a business online is a big job and we want to help you as much as we can. You can find lots of different articles on our ecommerce blog to learn how to create your store and develop your revenue. 

You can also benefit from our WiziShop YouTube channel. You’ll find lots of different training videos, advice and replays of workshops and webinars.  

Let’s not forget that there are also plenty of help articles that you can find directly in your administration area and in the help center—gifts a few days after your inscription. 

15. Because you benefit from preferential deals with our various partners 

We have forged partnerships with major players in the field. These include the biggest (Google, Amazon, PayPal…) but also other serious service providers that can help you develop.

For example, if you need help and support for the creation of your Facebook Ads or Google Ads account, we have trusted partners that we can recommend. 

If you want to display your products on marketplaces (Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.), we can also put you in touch with a qualified partner. 

Each of our partners knows the WiziShop solution by heart and offers different prices based on your needs. This is a real benefit for your growth. 

16. Because you absolutely must get started as soon as possible.

Jeff Bezos once said the following:

“I knew that if I failed, I wouldn’t regret that. But I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” 

It’s the right moment to get started. The right moment to become an entrepreneur, to become your own boss. 

You have no excuse for not trying to create your own online store. By following our advice and setting yourself precise and attainable targets, you’re sure to succeed. 

The time is now. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. 

You only need 90 minutes to create a retail store online and two to three days to make your first product sale. 

Take a look at what’s next. You can try WiziShop for FREE. 

17. Because you can test it for free 

We really want you to succeed. 

However, in order to succeed, you need to try. 

So to help you take the plunge, we’ve decided to offer a 3-day free trial (and then your first month for just $1) for the WiziShop platform!

You’ll be able to create your account for free, without entering any card details and without any commitment. 

You’ll have access to all of our services in your administration area. You can discover all of our marketing tools and chat to our Business Coaches whenever you need.

All of that will be included in your 3-day free trial. 

The opportunity to kick-start your life as an entrepreneur and create your own ecommerce website with WiziShop is here! 

Try WiziShop free for 3 days

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