WiziShop's shopping cart software: a secure solution for your store

The phenomenal growth of online shopping has inspired many people to launch their own ecommerce businesses.New online merchants often question whether they should use an ecommerce platform to build their websites. When it comes to building a successful online store, an ecommerce platform that offers excellent shopping cart software is essential. If you create your ecommerce website using the best ecommerce platform around, WiziShop, know that you’ve selected shopping cart software that you and your customers are going to love!

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Secure shopping cart

With the huge increase in online shopping, there’s also been a surge in issues related to online security, especially regarding credit and debit card fraud. This is understandably something that concerns ecommerce business owners and shoppers alike. With WiziShop, your online store will have a secure shopping cart solution on which you can depend.

Our platform allows for the configuration of 3D Secure, also known as “payer authentication.” This security protocol helps prevent fraud for credit and debit card transactions during the check-out process.

With this extra authentication step, customers will need to verify their identity through a quick and easy procedure, generally with a one-time or a static password.

Furthermore, the domain name for your ecommerce website with WiziShop will automatically be created using “HTTPS,” which is the secure version of HTTP. Although HTTPS is recommended for any new website these days, it’s especially important for ecommerce. It ensures that the website traffic and the information exchange between the online store and users are indeed between them, with no third-party intervention.

Payment methods

WiziShop’s shopping cart software features an extensive array of payment methods for you to add to your website.

Here are some of the most popular options that you might consider for your online store!



Boasting a variety of unique features, this ecommerce toolkit has quickly become one of the most preferred payment solutions for online shoppers and merchants alike. Stripe allows customers to pay with most major credit and debit cards in addition to alternative methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and others.

This payment gateway is able to accept payments both online and in person for the added convenience of ecommerce business owners. In addition, Stripe can be set up to accept recurring payments from customers, making it perfect if your online store offers a subscription service.


Well known for its high level of convenience and security, PayPal is the most used digital wallet around.

It lets customers connect their credit or debit cards and other accounts to a special digital account. Then, after they’ve logged into PayPal to pay online, all they need to do is select their desired established payment option.

PayPal can be an especially good option if you have a new ecommerce business and your brand isn’t as well established yet.

Customers will appreciate the added sense of security that PayPal brings. They’ll be more confident about purchasing from your store, which in turn will cause your conversion rate to soar!

Amazon Pay

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find an online shopper who hasn’t heard of Amazon. It’s very possible that many of your potential customers already have an account on Amazon, with their preferred payment methods saved on the platform.

If you offer Amazon Pay on your website, shoppers can simply log in to their Amazon account and pay for their order via one of their preferred payment options. This solution can also support voice payments made by customers via Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, for even more convenience!

Stripe fees and percentage

For U.S. ecommerce sales, Stripe’s fees include 2.9% of the transaction amount along with $0.30 (USD) for each transaction. Although it charges an extra percentage point for international transactions, it does provide a discount for large sales volumes.

Paypal fees and percentage

This payment solution’s transaction fees for domestic online sales are very similar to Stripe’s. However, international transactions will cost you 4.4% per transaction and an additional fixed fee that depends on what country the payment’s coming from.

Amazon Pay fees and percentage

As far as domestic transaction fees go, their web and mobile payment fees are equal to Stripe and PayPal. However, fees for payments made through Alexa are 4% plus the $0.30 (USD) per-transaction fixed fee. If you receive international payments, percentages increase to 3.9% and 5% for web/mobile and Alexa payments respectively.

Components of shopping cart software

Great shopping cart software features a variety of elements to assist in making online stores successful. As you search for the best shopping cart software for your ecommerce business, you’ll want to be sure that whichever you select will support you well in all of these areas. Read how WiziShop goes above and beyond, providing you with the best shopping cart software available!

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A well-designed website not only encourages visitors to look around and order items but also turns them into loyal customers, getting them to return for future purchases. From the moment you sign up with WiziShop, you can immediately begin building your online store.
Choose from a wide range of free design templates to create an amazing homepage that suits your business’s one-of-a-kind needs. You can then utilize our WiziBlocks to customize your ecommerce website even more. In fact, our interface is so easy to use that you’ll be able to design your online store and start selling quickly! If you’d like to avail of further customization beyond our templates and WiziBlocks, that’s no problem! We believe in giving our clients freedom when it comes to their online stores. Have a special tool that’s unique to your product that you want to add? Because you’ll have access to your site’s HTML and CSS files, doing so is a cinch.


No matter what products you plan on selling on your ecommerce website, your shopping cart software should make managing these items a hassle-free process. WiziShop’s API allows for easy batch processing to support importing or exporting important information related to orders, customer details, product catalogs, and more.

In addition, the day may come when you’ll decide that you’d like to grow your ecommerce business further. Whether you’re selling a single product or dozens, our shopping cart software ensures that you’ll be able to present and organize your goods in the best way possible. For instance, you can use our MultiShop tool to create new stores related to your original. Your specialized stores will all share the same stock, and you’ll be able to switch between the stores in just a few clicks, allowing for simple inventory management. The MultiShop feature is also helpful if you find that you want to expand internationally. Each store would then feature the language of that corresponding country for the added convenience of you and your customers.

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Shipping and delivery

Of course, after purchases have been made, you’ll also want to deliver orders to your customers in a timely manner, ensuring that their items arrive in good condition.

Providing excellent shipping service is one of the many actions you can take to encourage positive customer reviews for your ecommerce business, which are especially important for new merchants! With WiziShop’s shopping cart software, you can select from over 50 payment and delivery options for your online store. Do a bit of research before choosing which payment and delivery solutions to add. Remember that you’ll want to add options that are preferred by the customers you’re trying to attract. Don’t forget to also consider the needs of your business, as most methods aren’t free and will likely come with their own fees.


Even an online store with the most amazing product in the world isn’t going to be successful if people don’t know about it. Once you’ve built your website, you’ll want to focus your efforts on marketing and getting shoppers to check out your new ecommerce business.

Fortunately, our platform can assist you in implementing an effective marketing strategy to boost your store’s sales! With our ecommerce solution, you’ll have a range of features at your disposal for your marketing endeavors. For example, the WiziShop Auto-Mail Booster lets you send out email newsletters, craft custom content for your emails, and keep an eye on the live results of your email campaigns. In addition, you’ll easily be able to program automatic email follow-ups, which are handy for numerous situations in ecommerce. For example, customers will sometimes add a product to their shopping carts and then leave your site without completing the purchase. Simply set up an automatic abandoned-cart reminder to alert them that they’ve still got an item in their cart. This will let them know that their happiness awaits with just a few clicks back to your site!

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WiziShop’s shopping cart software is also able to assist you with the search engine optimization (SEO) for your ecommerce website. Implementing strategic SEO is important if you hope to increase your traffic sources and achieve long-term success in online sales.

Well-executed SEO indicates to Google that your website is an expert in its field, which can aid in moving it to the top of Google’s results page. However, although you can achieve excellent results with SEO for free, it does require effort and patience. When you create your online store with us, though, you don’t need to worry about managing the technical parts of SEO. We’ll take care of all of that for you! This means that we’ll handle things like optimizing your images and ensuring that your site loads quickly and follows all the best practices when it comes to SEO. Furthermore, your online store will automatically come with an SSL certificate. This not only reassures customers regarding shopping security but also improves your SEO.


The WiziShop ecommerce solution is more than a website creation tool. It’s a complete service that provides you with everything you need to be successful in selling online.

In fact, from the moment you create your account with us, we’ll be with you every step of the way to support you in your ecommerce journey. This is something you won’t get with open-source ecommerce platforms! Have a quick question about a particular feature on the platform? Want personalized tips to move your business ahead of the competition? The Business Coaches, our team of ecommerce experts, are delighted to assist you in any way that they can. Talk to them via telephone or chat, whichever is more convenient for you! Your WiziShop account also allows you to join our private Facebook group. Here, you can discuss all-things ecommerce with other WiziShoppers (clients of ours) and gain creative inspiration for your store. Our website features a comprehensive help center along with an ecommerce blog filled with a variety of topics to help you boost your knowledge of online sales. You also won’t want to miss subscribing to the WiziShop YouTube channel, which features entertaining and informative ecommerce content.

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After you’ve developed your products and created the website for your new ecommerce business, you’ll probably be ready to sit back and enjoy watching those sales come in.

Don’t forget that your site will require a bit of management, though! With our shopping cart software, you’ll see that running your online store is easy and very manageable. You’ll even have more than 400 free features at your disposal, all created and integrated by WiziShop. For instance, say you want to create a flash sale for products in a particular price range. Using our Speedy Change tool, all it takes is a few clicks to edit multiple items at the same time! You can also follow orders while you’re away from your laptop or desktop computer with a mobile application for added convenience.


Note that maintaining your online store will require some work after its initial launch.

No need to worry when you use the WiziShop platform! Designed to improve your website’s efficiency and productivity, our 400+ tools help with the management and maintenance of various areas of your business. Should there ever be a problem with one of our features or another aspect of your store, a member of our dedicated team will get to work on fixing it immediately. In addition, you can avail of smart customer segmentation. We’ll analyze RFM data for your customers over a certain period of time to help you to better understand their shopping habits and decide where your marketing resources are best spent.

What is a shopping cart solution?

A shopping cart solution is the software used on ecommerce websites to allow customers to make purchases. It lets site visitors add products to their virtual “shopping carts” to purchase later.

This software ensures that the online store can accept customer payments and then sends the payment information to the company processing the payment. It also sends this information to the online merchant so that they can begin preparing the goods for shipment.

Why do I need to use shopping cart software?

It’s important that your online store features shopping cart software for a number of reasons. Shopping cart software helps to connect customers’ shopping experience with the purchasing experience, offering a seamless transition between the two.

In addition to storing information about your products, shopping cart software helps manage orders, customer info, and your product catalog. Furthermore, it makes it possible for visitors to view information regarding your product details and website.


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