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22 June 2022 • News

The “Topic Cluster Manager” SEO feature is coming to WiziShop

The “Topic Cluster Manager” SEO feature is coming to WiziShop

As you know, WiziShop’s mission is to do everything possible to help its customers succeed and perform in online sales.

One of our most important axes is SEO, because it’s the most profitable lever for an e-merchant.

We’ve already presented many new features in recent months around SEO. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can read this article which summarizes our 50 exclusive optimizations.

Today, we go even further. 

A lot further.

We’re launching a new and extremely powerful SEO feature: topic clusters.

Please note that WiziShop is the only ecommerce solution to offer this feature! Our WiziShoppers will thus have a great advantage over all their competitors.

Find out now what topic clusters are used for, as well as a detailed presentation of this feature.

Topic cluster presentation

A topic cluster is an SEO strategy popularized by popular brands such as Hubspot or Semrush.

This SEO strategy consists of dealing with all the questions asked by internet users around a specific topic, while making a relevant link between the pages.

topic cluster seo

The implementation of a topic cluster is particularly beneficial for your SEO since it’ll allow you to do the following:

  • gain relevance on your theme,
  • differentiate yourself from your competitors,
  • enrich the lexical field of your site,
  • position yourself on new keywords,
  • work on the long tail as much as possible, 
  • strengthen your internal linking,
  • improve your existing rankings,
  • attract more traffic, and
  • boost the sales of your online store. 

This SEO strategy can only be appreciated by search engines like Google, since it consists of creating relevant pages that respond to the search intents of your users.

Our goal in developing this feature is to share the complete methodology for creating a topic cluster with you, while providing you with a unique tool to maximize performance, both from an SEO and conversion point of view! 

You can discover the complete article directly on our blog: topic cluster.

Example of a topic cluster

For this release, we’ve created a topic cluster to provide a concrete example and illustrations!

Clarification: This test is performed on a French WiziShop ecommerce site with low notoriety. The targeted queries have a low search volume. The main objective is to share a real example with you.

Subject of the topic cluster: Lensball

Topic cluster: https://www.life-peak.fr/quelle-lensball-choisir.html

The lensball is an accessory that helps you to create unique photos. Placed in front of an object or a landscape, it allows you to distort the visual perception for very original renderings.

Since the life-peak.fr website offers a lensball for sale, we created 6 different types of content around this subject to answer the questions that internet users have. The objective, through this informative content, is to put forward the commercial offer (here the lensball), with product blocks and CTA.

Main page: Which lensball to choose?

Secondary pages:

  • What is a lensball?
  • How do you photograph a lensball?
  • Where do you buy a lensball?
  • Lensball reviews
  • Which lensball stand?

The site is in first position on most of the search intents (in French) mentioned above, for instance for “How do you photograph a lensball?” (“Comment photographier une lensball ?”) and “lensball reviews” (“avis lensball”):

google position lensball

It’s also in the top 3 for the keyword “lensball”:

lensball top 3

It also covers most of the questions asked by internet users, as seen in the “People also ask” (“Autres questions posées”) section:

people also ask lensball

It generated 1,160 clicks, 36,200 impressions, and 14 lensball sales over the year.

search console lensball

We also notice a lot of repurposing of parts and double results from the same site on the different results. This can be explained by the subject targeted for the example, which is very specific and has a low search volume.

For the creation of your topic clusters, I suggest that you focus on topics with high search volumes.

Topic Cluster Manager

Presentation of the feature

topic cluster manager

In this new tab dedicated to the creation of your topic cluster, you’ll find three sections:

  • List of topic clusters: this tab lists the different topic clusters that you’ll create with related pages. All sorted by folder to make it easier for you to organize.
  • What is a topic cluster?: this tab is purely informative. It explains in detail what a topic cluster is and introduces you to our “Topic Cluster Manager” feature.
  • Recommended tools: this tab is a list, classified by theme, of the different tools that can help you in developing your topic cluster.

To access the Topic Cluster feature, go to “Content” > “Topic Cluster Manager.”

The power of WiziBlocks

The creation of pages within the Topic Cluster Manager feature is based on our Pages+ system with WiziBlocks. 

You can add the blocks you want, via drag & drop. This allows you to create the layout you want on each page of your topic cluster and even highlight your catalog!

With WiziBlocks, each page of your Topic Cluster turns into a real conversion funnel that will guide visitors towards the purchase of your products.

Obfuscation for more performance

The special feature of the Topic Cluster is the relevant internal linking between content. 

In order to maximize the power of your links within your topic cluster, the “Topic Cluster Manager” feature reduces outbound links as much as possible.

Faced with the strong presence of mega-menus in ecommerce, we decided to make the topic clusters as airtight as possible while maintaining a fluid user experience.

All the pages you create within the “Topic Cluster Manager” tool automatically benefit from these elements:

  • a completely obfuscated menu,
  • obfuscation of links to mandatory pages: customer account and shopping cart,
  • obfuscation of links in the product WiziBlocks, and
  • a non-present footer.

Obfuscation involves hiding a link from search engine robots, while leaving it accessible to internet users. If you want to know more, here’s our dedicated article: URL obfuscation

Our feature has been designed to integrate a topic cluster, while leaving you complete freedom on your internal linking.

The links present on the page will only be those you decide to add.

With this new unique feature of WiziShop, you’re sure to take advantage of all the power of topic clusters to boost your online store traffic and generate the most sales possible. 

Create your first topic cluster with WiziShop now!

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