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17 October 2022 • Resources

AI content creation: Guide on this method for writing your texts

AI content creation: Guide on this method for writing your texts

Technological advances continue to grow, towards new models, for ever more efficiency. Techniques are moving towards the automation of a maximum number of daily tasks to help relieve human beings in their missions, whether in business or in their personal lives.

In marketing, conversion levers and strategies are becoming increasingly complex, with more and more requirements, and professionals in each sector are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information needed to carry out a communication project to best reach their audience.

Researchers and engineers around the world have developed technologies over the years to enable maximum user performance. This is the case of text writing: since the year 2020, the web has been shaken up by the arrival of new intelligent software, which allows users to write texts automatically. Whether it's translation or new writing, the machine is now equipped with intelligence to enable humans to design ever more effective marketing materials.

As a result, automated text writing has become a must for marketers. How does it work and what tools are helping entrepreneurs around the world? In this article, we’ll take a close look at artificial intelligence for text creation.

Automatic text writing: artificial intelligence for your content

What is GPT-3 and what are the types of content?

Automatic text writing is based on the ability of the machine to translate a given theme into a paragraph, an entire article or just a few relevant sentences. Studies have been conducted for many years around this artificial intelligence. However, the technologies were not yet advanced enough to develop automatic writing to its current level.

Since 2020, the model has been linked to the automatic writing system and released on the market: GPT-3 now takes the place of GPT-2, released in 2019, and represents its most successful evolution. The acronym for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3" is an intelligent language system, developed by OpenAI. This model has been open to users through the API available since July 2020.

GPT-3 is considered to be the most highly trained language support in the world: it contains no less than 175 billion parameters. In comparison, GPT-2 contained only 1.5 billion parameters.

GPT-3 has been configured by humans to be able to create texts from keywords entered by humans. The precision of its answers is possible due to the number of parameters and knowledge generated in the heart of the software. This model is a kind of algorithm that is fed over time by the data received as it goes along. The more the tool works, the more it’s used, the more it’ll learn and improve.

Today, no less than 300 applications use GPT-3. This model can be found in software that generates texts of various forms. This system is able to create several types of copy:

  • This will allow you to answer questions by going to the internet to find the answers.
  • It makes it possible to have short but complex discussions, with recommendations of ideas or cultural references to feed the conversation.
  • This system is also configured to help potential customers by automatically answering on the internet, including ecommerce.
  • It’s possible to generate text, but also to automatically transform it into a table or to amplify it with other texts.
  • GPT-3 is able to translate texts in several languages, and in several tones, to transform a formal text into an informal article, for example.
  • GPT-3 can also translate copy in natural language and into computer code.
  • GPT-3 is the model on which automatic content generation is based to create, from a few pieces of information, unique content and coherent, grammatically correct, and well-written paragraphs.

What are the characteristics of this AI program?

Now, such software is equipped with intelligent algorithms that are capable of writing different styles of text, from email to blog post, product description, landing page, web page, or even social media post! This algorithm-based model is also called AI-assisted writing.

The starting point of such a tool is always the same: you fill in some information about the objective of your future text, be it the theme, specific keywords, length, writing style, or language, and the tool will take care of translating your data into copy that will meet your basic criteria.

The WiziShop ecommerce solution offers its own automatic text writing AI. Here is a preview of its ultra-optimized content: in just a few clicks, the e-merchant gets an original text for their store.

wizishop ai long description example

Here, the text on the right has been created thanks to the information provided by the e-merchant in the sections on the left.

The person creating the copy will either accept the content or rework it using the tool.

In applications using this technology, the tool is worked on and trained before being offered to the public: internal teams take care of giving the tool texts to read and understand so that it can reproduce this magic when the merchant makes their content request.

With automatic writing tools, there’s really an idea of learning, of training the tool: like a high-level athlete, the tool needs to be trained every day to help it to achieve the best performance.

Are there any limits to AI generators?

There are fewer and fewer limits to the use of this type of model. With the technological advances of this type of program, developers have made it a point of honor to remove as many obstacles as possible to the use of this model.

Nevertheless, such a process is still in the development stage, although its evolution is fast.

Today, using software for automatic text editing cannot be separated from human action before and after using the service.

The automatically generated texts will certainly need the careful proofreading of a human to correct either some spelling mistakes or to rework sentences that aren’t correct.

In addition, in use, it’s possible to see repetitions of words or sentences within the same automatically created paragraph.

With content created by artificial intelligence, even if the result is correct, without grammatical errors, the machine is not yet able to imitate the human style of the copy, that is to say, to add style, or nuances in the writing, to bring rhythm, nice interjections, etc.

Depending on the text model chosen or desired, the artificial intelligence within the current tools hasn’t yet been configured to write scientific articles or articles containing precise text references or scientifically generated statistics.

Finally, some software offers automatic text writing in several languages. But, sometimes, the limits of certain languages are quite significant. It’s therefore better to plan to have your automatically generated text proofread by someone with a good knowledge of the language to be sure of the quality of the content.

The benefits of text production with AI

A way to save time and resources

Marketers know that web writing is a job in itself! And it’s difficult to hire someone full time to manage these tasks when you’re a small company...

So, when you start your business, whether online or physical, writing essential content is often synonymous with anxiety or frustration because this expertise is acquired through training or experience in this field.

Many entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have the skills in terms of web writing, nor even the human resources to be able to perform this type of action on a daily basis. Others, more at ease with this activity, don’t have the time or even the patience to face blank-page syndrome, the writer’s biggest block.

In addition, the requirements of the different communication channels are such that it’s very difficult to have all the knowledge of all these media in detail. With automatic writing software, all these parameters will already be integrated so that you only have to choose the type of content and the objective of it. Moreover, the writing in this type of software is often very well constructed, with very convincing texts and very few spelling mistakes: a real saving of time and resources for your website!

An aid for your marketing strategy

Undoubtedly, using automatic writing software is to go further in your marketing strategy. Even if you have all the marketing knowledge necessary to the success of your business project, being able to use artificial intelligence for the writing of your editorial content is always a great idea, to help you to go further and faster with other marketing projects.

You’ll then be able to plan to focus on the implementation of your emailing campaign, your posts for social networks, your presence in trade shows in your sector, your website, and your ecommerce product pages, etc.

The expenditure of time and energy that was previously linked to content writing is now much less, because this activity will no longer pose practical barriers.

A tool that creates customized and SEO-optimized texts

When choosing a high-performance tool, one of the features to consider before making your choice is SEO performance. Generating text automatically is fine, but the goal of conversion and visibility must drive your quest for the best tool. SEO is nowadays an essential marketing lever for any online business, in order to stand out in the top results of search engines like Google.

Thanks to the relevance of your texts and the construction of your articles, you’ll be able to boost your chances of being able to perform on the internet, and your text-generation tool must help you!

The best tools are pre-configured for this: when you enter your target keyword on the platform, the most efficient ones will analyze the SEO environment of this query in order to build a text inspired by the best competitors, with a high relevance, and considering the requirements of Google.

Beyond the classic text generation, using this type of software allows you to add an additional performance to your text that you might not have had with the help of human resources because SEO is still today a complex discipline that’s little taught in schools...

Automatic text generation is therefore the essential tool for any online marketing strategy and, thanks to the way it works, it’s becoming increasingly effective over time.

What are the sites and applications for writing texts with AI?

What are the best copywriting software options on the market? Whether it's for long paragraphs, simple file structure, Facebook ads, blog posts, product descriptions, these text generators are writing tools to use every day.

WiziShop, the first ecommerce solution with AI for writing

If you want to start an ecommerce business by choosing the most complete tool in this field, then you’ll probably have chosen WiziShop.

WiziShop is the first ecommerce solution in the world to offer, directly in its back office, automatic writing AI.

There’s no need to multiply tools with WiziShop: your all-in-one ecommerce universe is in a single interface.

Article descriptions, blog posts, site content: all your content can be generated directly from your ecommerce interface, without the need for any external platform.

This new feature is at the heart of WiziShop's DNA: making SEO the core of the ecommerce business. To do so, artificial intelligence has been directly thought and created with the aim of making merchants perform better in their everyday life, but also their commercial results. Here’s a small example: the writing of different descriptions via the tool.

ai back office wizishop

From $40 per month, you get your ecommerce site, maintenance managed internally from A to Z by the solution's teams, free ecommerce training, more than 400 features, 50+ SEO optimizations, and personalized follow-up with a team of business coaches who are experts in ecommerce. What's more, you get your first month on the platform for just $1 and unlimited access to our powerful artificial intelligence to simplify your textual content creations for your ecommerce site, regardless of the pricing plan you select.

Don't wait any longer: test WiziShop with a 7-day free trial, and start your adventure with artificial intelligence at the service of ecommerce through the first ultra-optimized solution for your success on the internet.

artificial intelligence test now wizishop

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Semji, the tool that writes ultra-optimized texts for SEO

Semji is the number one solution when it comes to content optimization for SEO. A real Swiss army knife of optimized writing, this ultra-complete tool allows to build paragraphs with the highest potential for SEO.

The solution is now equipped with artificial intelligence for performance analysis, but also for content creation: it’s possible directly in its workspace to optimize the text written by humans and to use artificial intelligence to generate titles, subtitles, and paragraphs that will be directly optimized for SEO.

This complete tool is aimed at large organizations that have reached a milestone in their company's development and now wish to position themselves on the greatest number of pages possible on search engines such as Google. Semji allows teamwork directly from its interface and favors the optimization of new content, but also of existing topics. If your blog posts need a facelift or your site needs high quality content, Semji can provide you with all the keys to your SEO success.

Writesonic, the site that writes texts from a simple title

Writesonic is an online solution that allows marketers to create text automatically according to specific topics and formats.

This copy generator is often compared to the Canva application, but for web writing: you just have to choose the type of content you want to write and the machine will start automatically. For example, you can choose the format of your LinkedIn ad so that the machine will propose personalized and unique content to appeal to your target audience.

Some tools from Writesonic are free: just go to their site to create small paragraphs quickly. For example, you can create descriptions from a single product title, with a tone that’s dramatic, happy, professional, etc. There are many, many resources available to you for successful editorial content creation. This tool is especially specialized in foreign languages, ideal when your audience is in different countries and on different continents.

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