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30 June 2023 • Artificial Intelligence

The 11 best artificial intelligence voice generators in 2024

The 11 best artificial intelligence voice generators in 2024

Whether you want to create a podcast or animate a video with a professional voice-over without taking time out of your busy schedule, an increasing number of types of artificial intelligence technology are offering voice generation. Just like an AI text generator, voice generators make creating content for your brand easier than ever before.

From a text, give the AI what it needs to create an authentic, natural dictation with the help of the synthetic voices offered via the various solutions. But what are these ultra-optimized platforms for AI voice generation? Here's a list of today's 11 best tools.

How does AI voice generation work? The process of generative robots and voice AI

How do you make a synthetic voice speak?

Artificial intelligence voice generation relies on a number of technological levers. Simply put, AI voice generation is a complex process, developed by experts, requiring the most advanced understanding of the sounds and modulations of the human voice. This involves two main AI principles built into every generator: text-to-speech technology and natural language processing.

  • Text to speech (TTS)

This is the process of converting text into speech. The most popular TTS systems use deep learning techniques to produce voices that tend to resemble those of humans. Thanks to a learning model called Deep Neural Network (DNN), AI can learn the subtleties of the human voice from huge quantities of harvested data to generate a realistic, human-sounding result.

  • Natural language processing (NLP)

This is AI that understands and uses human language, and is also used in systems such as ChatGPT. NLP must be part of the process for TTS to work properly: it enables the AI to understand the context, grammar and correct pronunciation of words in order to adapt the final wording of the message and make the result as natural as possible.

How do you transform text into automatic voice?

Why transform text into voice? Whether you're creating recordings, podcasts, audiobooks, music, audio guides, or audio descriptions, there's a lot of content out there today that encourages the addition of a voice-over or the creation of audio tracks on different platforms.

To transform text into voice, you'll need software or a service that uses the technologies we've just discussed. There are numerous applications available, ranging from free solutions to more advanced services for larger volumes of creation, depending on the level of authenticity required.

Beforehand, you need to write the text templates you want to turn into lyrics. Make sure your texts are clear and easy to understand, as AI works best with simple language templates, especially in French, as solutions currently analyze English texts more finely.

All you have to do is insert your text into the software or service and it will be transformed into sound in just a few seconds!

To help you choose the best solution, here's a list of 11 voice generators to discover right now to generate all your texts into voice before the market is completely saturated!

11 Best AI voice generators

VALL-E developed by Microsoft

VALL-E is the technology under development that's causing a stir in the AI text-to-speech sphere. And with good reason: by listening to you speak for 3 seconds, the intelligent VALL-E robot is able to reproduce your voice identically to generate new texts. So, no need to record your voice-over on your videos: VALL-E promises to save you time by creating your own voice synthesis and transforming it into an AI voice.

This generator technology, still under development, is currently only available in English. But we know how fast all AI technologies develop. Other languages are expected to follow shortly.


PlayHT generates text-to-speech from an avatar corpus of 907 male and female AI voices in over 120 languages.

Thanks to PlayHT's editing tools, you can achieve optimal rendering by modifying audio parameters such as pronunciation, tone, flow and accentuation. Whether you want to add a touch of professionalism or humor, the Play.ht platform gives you total control over the sound aspect of your content. Play.ht lets you integrate multiple voice models into a single piece of content.

A Chrome extension and WordPress plug-in are available. The pricing for subscriptions start at $5.40 per month.


The WellSaid studio can transform any text into a personalized voice, without any complicated steps. Thanks to its simple interface, users can modify audio content according to their preferences, in real time, while benefiting from dozens of voice avatars to adapt their creations to their target audience.

WellSaid offers a one-week trial period for testing. And if you decide to use it more regularly, different subscription packages are available. The $49/month subscription gives you access to 24 voice avatars, 5 projects and 250 downloads. For $99 a month, you get 53 voice avatars, 50 projects, and 750 downloads. If you opt for the $199/month subscription, you'll have access to 53 voice avatars, unlimited projects and up to 2,500 downloads. Ideal for companies generating high volumes of content and voice-overs!


LOVO has the largest voice library in the world. The tool supplies over 400 different tones, making it possible to design content perfectly suited to any scenario. With LOVO, the limits of creativity are pushed back, offering an enormous range of possibilities.

LOVO's pricing principle, calibrated to meet every need, saves you time and money. The free version allows you to test the solution for 14 days. After that, you can choose between a $19, $36, or $99 subscription.

LOVO enables you to avail of over 100 languages. It's time for your content to reach a global audience!


BigSpeak lets you transform your texts into AI-generated sounds and videos. No need for programming skills. Thanks to its blend of machine-learning algorithms, the solution helps you easily create AI-generated audio and video from your texts. You can generate content in five languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

Did you know that 80% of users would rather watch a video than read the same information? Give your audience what they want. Simply enter your text and let BigSpeak do the rest.

You can use BigSpeak for free, with the ability to turn up to 8,000 characters of text into sounds, presented by 8 free AI avatars. With the paid version, you'll unlock up to 100,000 monthly characters and a new category of premium AI-generated avatars for $49 a month.


With Voicebooking, users can copy and paste their script to generate the voice. Simply log in, create your audio, and use it in your videos or any other project.

The Voicebooking tool offers a Freemium package with free features. You can save your project, accentuate words, and add pauses. However, this free version is limited to one project, three downloads, and a maximum script length of 1,000 characters.

For those wishing to benefit from additional features and greater flexibility, three subscription options are available.

  • The Bronze package, at $3.99 per month, allows you to save up to three projects per month, with a maximum of 30 downloads per month. The maximum script length is 1,500 characters.
  • The Silver package, at $6.99 per month, allows users to save up to 10 projects per month, with unlimited downloads. Users can also create scripts of up to 2,000 characters.
  • For those with greater needs, the Gold package, at $19.99 per month, provides full functionality. Users can save unlimited projects, make unlimited downloads and create scripts of up to 2,500 characters.


NaturalReader is one of the most convenient generators that converts text, PDFs, and over 20 other formats into high-quality audio, allowing you to listen to your documents, ebooks, and all your texts.

You can access the NaturalReader platform from any device. Whether you use the mobile app or the online app, you can simply drag and drop your files, including PDFs and images, and listen to them directly in the app or convert them to MP3.

If you need audio for commercial use, NaturalReader offers a Commercial Studio where you can easily convert text to voice and download licensed audio. NaturalReader also offers different voice styles to add emotions and effects to your voice recordings, bringing your narrations to life.

NaturalReader has over 20 years' experience in the field of text-to-speech technology and offers a free trial.


Discover Voicemaker, the online tool for turning your texts into quality speeches. With Voicemaker, you can start for free—a freemium plan with no time limit and no fees. Convert up to 250 characters per conversion, with a limited number of conversions. Take advantage of over 750 voices available in more than 120 languages, and add life to your YouTube videos with their dedicated support. If you're a beginner, the Basic plan will be ideal, at just $5 per month. Convert up to 3,000 characters per session, with a monthly limit of 200,000 characters.

The Premium plan is the most popular among professionals for $15 a month. Convert up to 3,000 characters per session, with a monthly limit of 500,000 characters. You have access to over 1,000 voices in more than 130 languages, as well as advanced features such as cloud backup, file history, and a multi-voice editor.

The Business plan at $30 per month allows you to convert up to 10,000 characters per conversion, with a monthly limit of 1 million characters. With Voicemaker, your texts come to life with a captivating, dynamic voice, suitable for all levels of user, from beginner to professional.


Speechify is Wideo's text-to-speech program that transforms any written text into speech in a natural language. It offers free and premium subscriptions, starting at $19 per month. Users can access a text editor, Google Chrome extension, iOS app, Mac desktop app, or Android app.

You can also upload PDF files or take photos of pages and have Speechify read them aloud. The Google Chrome extension lets you read aloud any web page. Speechify Premium includes unlimited listening, faster reading speeds, the ability to download documents and MP3 files. You also have access to over 30 realistic voices, languages and accents, including the voice of Snoop Dogg!

Murf AI

Transform your voice-over creation process with Murf's Text to Speech, an innovative tool with realistic rendering. Murf saves you time and money: there's no need for expensive actors or equipment. Edit your voice-over like text, choose an AI voice from a library, and create an authentic voice-over. Use the "Emphasis" and "Pitch" features to add energy to your words and phrases, and try "Pause" to give rhythm to your narration.

Murf helps you maintain brand consistency with the ability to clone your own voice or that of another collaborator, all while connecting you to a global audience thanks to the linguistic diversity of the dozens of voices available. The free version of Murf generates up to 10 minutes of text. Subscriptions start at $19.


Resemble AI is a complete AI voice solution, offering text-to-speech, text-to-text, audio editing, and dubbing services. Resemble AI redefines quality text-to-speech, enabling you to generate realistic, human-sounding voice-overs in a flash. For a free trial of this voice generator, request a demo and start generating voices or cloning your own right now! Renowned brands such as Leo Burnett and Netflix are already part of their ecosystem. With Resemble, you can add emotions to your voice: whether you need happy, sad, or angry tones, it's all ready and easy to use.

The solution's exclusive technology lets you combine human and synthetic voices, bringing a touch of realism to your voice recordings. Whether you want to replace, add, or delete elements, everything is done seamlessly. The payment system for this artificial intelligence is time-based: $0.006 per second generated. For professionals, the solution's teams can draw up a customized quote for you.

Final thoughts

As you can see, the list of the best artificial intelligence voice generation tools has grown considerably in recent months, and it promises to hold even more surprises in store for us in the future. For individuals and businesses alike, investing in this type of AI content creation can only benefit the engagement of your marketing materials: differentiate your brand with AI!

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