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02 February 2022 • Resources

Why choose a SaaS solution? The benefits of software as a service

Why choose a SaaS solution? The benefits of software as a service

SaaS (software as a service) is a business model that consists of offering software that the user pays for based on its use. Everything happens online, with cloud computing systems. This type of model has many advantages for the customer and the software provider.

SaaS is developing year after year and is increasingly used in many areas of activity, including ecommerce. Would you like to know more about this method of IT deployment? In this article, discover the benefits of SaaS and how to use it to develop your ecommerce activity.

SaaS: Definition and presentation

What does SaaS mean in IT?

SaaS stands for “software as a service.”

The SaaS model is a solution that allows the customer to use software without having to download software: everything happens online via cloud computing. Thus, the user or the company doesn’t need to store applications on their own server thanks to SaaS.

What are the costs with a SaaS solution?

This software works on a subscription basis. SaaS providers often offer variable costs, depending on user demand and the number of employees who will be integrated into the SaaS software workspace.

For the professional or the company, this investment is very often much lower than on other models, such as open-source or on-premises software.

What are the benefits of SaaS?

The advantages of SaaS mode are numerous: let’s take a look at the five main points so that you can use powerful solutions for your ecommerce activity.

Benefit #1: Mobility of use

A SaaS tool is software that’s available online thanks to the cloud system. Thus, you only need to use a device connected to the internet to find your interface automatically updated.

Whether you’re at home, on vacation abroad, or in transit at the airport, you can manage your business on your SaaS solution without difficulty, provided you have access to a good internet connection!

Benefit #2: Storage and security

The SaaS solution takes care of saving your work in real time on external servers. Thus, no document will be saved on internal hard drives (company equipment, personal device, etc.).

Your data is safe with the company offering the SaaS software. It’s been proven that there are fewer security incidents in SaaS than on local servers: the loss and theft of data are much greater there.

SaaS solutions are offered by serious providers who make it a point of honor to preserve your security and the protection of your data.

Benefit #3: Maintenance and performance

With a SaaS solution, it’s the solution provider who will update their tool in real time. On your end, you don’t need any knowledge or skills in the field of coding or computer writing, for example.

You don’t have to do anything to access the latest updates from the provider: the performance of your tool will be processed automatically so that you have direct access to your data and features.

Benefit #4: “Customized” consumption and prices

Most SaaS solutions offer tailor-made prices: you pay for the use you have of the tool. If you have several employees, need to work in a team, or have specific requirements for your business, SaaS solutions will be able to meet all your expectations with fixed prices.

These solutions are often based on monthly subscriptions with rates that include standard-feature packages. However, these companies will do everything to satisfy your requests: you shouldn’t hesitate to communicate your objectives and expectations to adjust your subscription.

Benefit #5: You only have to focus on your core business

As you can see, a SaaS solution is an open door to the tools and functionalities you need right now. 

You don’t need any training or special tools to access the features you want. Thus, these online solutions will allow you to save time and energy on your main activities: they’re real aids and forms of support in your daily life as an entrepreneur!

SaaS: A viable option for your ecommerce business

What is the advantage of SaaS that appeals most to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?

SaaS represents an opportunity for SMEs to have access to advanced technologies through accessible interfaces and without the need to manage technical issues.

Updates, maintenance, new modules... The provider takes care of everything.

Since the applications aren’t stored on the company's servers, SMEs can save storage space thanks to these remote servers.

As everything is done through an internet connection, everything is recorded online and in real time: the risk of loss is therefore greatly reduced. What’s more, all the work done by the user is available on any device connected to the internet thanks to SaaS.

Why work with a SaaS tool instead of buying an on-premises license?

SaaS solutions for your company will allow you to develop your business anywhere, anytime, by adding your collaborators to your dashboard without the need to configure a fleet of devices: this is the advantage of cloud computing!

On-premises solutions are software installed on the company's servers. Buying a service of this type requires a good knowledge of technical writing and everything related to technical maintenance to operate updates on your fleet of devices.

In addition, the license that comes with the on-premises software is often for a limited period, which requires you to pay for the entire service again after a certain period of time in order to regain the software’s functionality. This makes accessibility much less obvious, and data security can be more fallible, especially in the event of an external attack or disaster in the area of the company’s servers.

Advantages and disadvantages of SaaS for the creation of an ecommerce business

To summarize the advantages of SaaS solutions for ecommerce and online businesses, here are the important points to note:

  • Applications are accessible on any computer equipment connected to the internet: no application is downloaded on the company’s servers and/or hard drives.
  • Data is not stored on internal company structures: the security level is higher.
  • Software updates are performed automatically by the service provider.
  • Since everything is online, you can access your work and data anywhere and anytime.
  • Financially, these solutions are much less expensive than on-premises or open-source services.

Few drawbacks to note:

  • You cannot modify the software to your image and customize the service (interface, buttons, etc.).
  • Some features may be limited for computer experts.

WiziShop, the ecommerce solution in SaaS mode

The WiziShop SaaS solution has been designed to make ecommerce accessible to everyone: thus, we take care to provide you with a complete service, with more than 400 online features to manage your ecommerce site, starting from $40 per month.

We manage all the updates and maintenance of your workspace.

You only have to take care of your core business: the sale and the visibility of your activity through an effective marketing strategy.

You’re accompanied by our team of Business Coaches who will be able to guide you in your journey as an e-merchant, thanks to a personalized follow-up.

Furthermore, to optimize your online presence, our SaaS solution includes complete ecommerce training offered with each subscription!

Finally, WiziShop is highly appreciated by Google. With a technical structure optimized for SEO, you’ll have everything you need to easily reach the first page of search results with your products and your blog posts.

Start your free trial today, get your first month for just $1, and take advantage of all the benefits offered by WiziShop, the #1 SaaS ecommerce solution on the market!

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