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10 August 2022 • Resources

Gifts for new business owners: Top 9 ideas for your favorite entrepreneur

Gifts for new business owners: Top 9 ideas for your favorite entrepreneur

Every new beginning is an opportunity to give the perfect gift. If, in your inner circle, you’re invited to celebrate the new status of a talented entrepreneur or a friend who has just opened their scented candle business, what special gift will you prepare for them?

The corporate gift is delicate, because it involves knowing a bit about the boss while maintaining your own identity to hit the bull’s eye. So, to find inspiration for the perfect original gifts, put yourself in the shoes of the business owner: “What practical gift would please me the most?”

Here’s our list of 9 ideas for gifts to offer business owners and entrepreneurs opening their business to help you find the perfect one!

How can you find a gift idea for a boss?

Store, restaurant, beauty salon... What gift to offer?

There’s no shortage of gift ideas, big or small and at any price point, on the internet for all occasions: Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, New Year’s gifts, gifts for a happy event... But how do you bring joy to the entrepreneur who has just launched their activity, opened their business?

The best strategy for this type of occasion is to keep it simple and celebrate the event with a personal and practical gift. Of course, flowers or chocolates are always appreciated as gift ideas, but you can do better!

How do you give a gift in an original way?

Several techniques are available to you to be able to give your gift to the entrepreneurs around you. First of all, for the opening of a store, for example, there will certainly be an inauguration planned and open to all. So, coming with your arms full on the day of the shop’s opening will only make your host happy!

If the occasion is too far away from you, or if the activity is launched without any particular event, you can use a courier service or schedule the delivery of your gift at the perfect time to surprise your friend at their shop or office with a fun box or envelope to open.

You can simply send a small symbolic gift with a card to explain the value of the gift. Or you can organize a surprise party for your favorite new entrepreneur! It’s up to you!

9 gift ideas for a new store or a boss

An object featuring their company’s branding

Custom gifts are always a great idea when the object to be personalized is chosen with taste. Goodies companies compete with ingenuity to offer practical, aesthetic, and affordable models, while adding designs, logos, and custom typography. Coffee mugs, wall art, backpacks, pens, desk décor, electronic products, or simple stickers: what will be the object that’ll best correspond to your loved one’s business?

An inspirational book

To help new business owners stay motivated and inspired by real life stories, adding books to their life can push these entrepreneurs to excel. In all fields, we can find testimonies of careers to evolve and always progress. Finding your first customers, building customer loyalty, setting your prices, finding the best price for your goods, building your marketing strategy... There’s a book for everything!

In another way, some motivational books help an emerging boss refocus on themselves and their goals, whether they’re starting out as an entrepreneur or want to improve their daily life. These are crucial books for all ambitious people who want to learn new things! Focus on 5 essential bestsellers when it comes to the best ideas for gifts for a business owner:

  • Rich Father, Poor Father by Robert T. Kiyosaki (2017)
  • The 4-hour week by Timothy Ferriss (2010)
  • Not everyone was lucky enough to fail their studies by Olivier Roland (2016)
  • Your Time is Infinite by Fabien Olicard (2019)
  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries (2012)

A connected watch

A small yet great technological trend of the moment, a connected watch can be very useful for a business owner—especially entrepreneurs who spend most of their time away from a desk! 

They’ll be able to receive notifications directly on their wrist, wherever they are. With the watch linked to their cell phone, entrepreneurs will also be able to receive their emails and their messages on social networks, which will allow them to be reactive in the management of their business. And reactivity leads to satisfied customers, which leads to loyal customers, which in turn leads to a successful store!

  • Smartwatches exist for all budgets online. A good rule of thumb is to count on spending about $100 for a powerful and affordable model.

A connected device

Every business owner must be connected and have a privileged relationship with technology. Thus, choosing to offer a technological object can help the merchant to help them accomplish more tasks and do them more easily in their daily life, regardless of where their office is. At any price, you can find high-performing, quality products designed to make life easier!

An induction charger for a smartphone, a bluetooth speaker, a tablet, a camera: what will be on your wish list for personalized gifts based on your favorite new business owner’s needs?

A décor gift card

If you’re short of inspiration, a gift card can be the best solution: the professional will be able to choose the objects they want for their office or work area, items that resemble their brand and correspond to their desires. 

Even if this gift isn’t original or especially personal, it’ll at least be sure to satisfy any new boss, who will be able to find and shop for office supplies; decorative items like fun or motivational wall art, a custom coffee cup, or small desk trinkets; or even things for the holidays, be it Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, in order to personalize their store or work space according to the time of year. An idea to liven up their business and build customer loyalty with a selection of items chosen by them!

A photo studio

The photos that present products are very important, especially on the internet and social networks. With high-definition visuals, the customer will be able to realize the quality of the product in question, and these images will also testify to the professionalism of the merchant. In short, they’re an essential factor to increase the sales and the notoriety of any business! Furthermore, the trend is towards 3D and 360° images, innovations that further improve the user’s perception of the product.

You can therefore give a helping hand to your husband, wife, child, friend, colleague, grandfather ... by offering a photo studio that will allow him to highlight their products with quality visuals, while respecting the best internet practices.

For this, you can turn to the range offered by Packshot Creator, which will provide the ideal photo studio depending on the field of activity, the project, the specificities of the products (size, weight, etc.), etc.

A subscription to essential software

In order to help boost their sales, entrepreneurs must surround themselves with different experts and specific services. Marketing, accounting, law, communication, logistics... The list of skills and fields is very long!

Thus, to simplify the life of the entrepreneur at the beginning of his journey, you can give them a subscription to one or more platforms essential to their activity. An application to create high-quality images for their social networks, office software for their accounting follow-up, an online program for their product stock... Ask your business owner to find out more about their needs!

Coaching with a professional 

To make the choice of an original gift, leave the delivery of goodies and greeting cards aside and bet on a precious business aid: coaching for professionals.

Many trainers help business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds find the resources to boost their sales while making the right choices. These professionals will be able to provide the right personalized commentary at the right time with the business leader to unlock all possible opportunities and to accompany them as they work toward their success. A 100% customized and personalized gift that can also be very motivational!

  • Look for a great business coach in your city or region, as there are more and more of them!

An ultra-efficient ecommerce site

Your friend has just opened their physical store. Why not open the doors to online success in order to maximize their chances of success with their future online store? Choose the best ecommerce solution: WiziShop!

  • The WiziShop solution to multiply sales

With more than 400 features, personalized customer service available 7 days a week, but above all, optimal SEO, giving a WiziShop subscription to a business owner close to you sounds like the perfect choice when it comes to ideas for gifts. It’s sure to be a hit with any entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses to web sales.

The big plus: the entrepreneur will be able to benefit from a 15-day free trial, but especially from complete and free ecommerce training.

  • Free ecommerce training!

With WiziShop, in addition to providing hundreds of additional sales opportunities, it’s a great mine of information and skills that you give, all included in the subscription with pricing that starts at $27 per month and a small percentage of the online shop’s revenue. 

Our platform offers free training on a variety of ecommerce topics to help online business owners learn everything from how to come up with a great marketing strategy to how to work more efficiently and much more. It’s a win-win model: if your loved one succeeds with their ecommerce business, we succeed too!

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