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20 July 2023 • Resources

How to make money from a podcast: 9 Best ways to monetize your content

How to make money from a podcast: 9 Best ways to monetize your content

Across the world, the podcast statistics speak for themselves. According to Statista, the number of people around the globe listening to podcasts amounted to approximately 383.7 million in 2021 and is predicted to reach 504.9 million by 2024!

When it comes to which parts of the world have the greatest number of podcast listeners, data from a Statista study in August 2022 determined that North America and Western Europe are the frontrunners, with the percentage of people listening to at least one podcast per month being 40.8% and 28.1% respectively.

Regardless of where the people in your target audience live, this market is very rich and can open up some very good opportunities in terms of marketing. So how can you make money from a podcast today? Read on to discover the tips and levers that are essential to the success of your audio content and that will help you to make money with your podcasting efforts.

Where can you publish your podcast?

When you decide to start a podcast, choosing the right publishing platforms is crucial for reaching more people and growing your audience. With numerous podcast hosting and distribution platforms available, it's essential to explore the options that best align with your goals and target audience.

Here are some of the various options you can explore that work to help you effectively publish and distribute every podcast episode you create to ensure that you don't miss out on the best visibility and engagement possible with your future listeners.

Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer: streaming platforms first and foremost

Of course, the podcast boom couldn't have happened without the expansion of music streaming services. The leading application has long been Apple Podcasts. Today, according to Forbes 2022, following Spotify's takeover of major podcasting companies, this application has become the leading online podcast listening site. The Deezer application also offers its own podcast service.

In order to diversify their listening and revenue sources, many podcast hosts opt to publish their episodes on every possible platform to make as much money as possible.

To help you distribute your podcasts, a solution like Ausha will enable you to organize the entire ecosystem around your episodes in the best way possible.

YouTube and social networks: turn sound into video

Another popular solution for content creators is video, but in podcast form! In short, podcast hosts record their content and format it as a podcast. Once this format has been created, it's simply a matter of the host adding the sound to a videotape, or simply a photo, and exporting it in video format for import onto YouTube and other social media platforms.

Podcast listeners are used to this technique, which is also widespread on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. This not only multiplies the number of listeners, but also serves as a way to make money, as sites like YouTube pay content creators.

To add visual impact to podcasts, don't hesitate to insert subtitles to accompany the video playback.

Publish your podcast on your online sales site

With the podcast craze sweeping the globe, many content creators are now publishing their episodes on their own online sales site, with the aim of monetizing their activities.

Thanks to the exceptional content offered by podcasters consumers are turning to the purchase of audio in order to find the answers to their problems provided by the experts.

With the help of WiziShop's ecommerce solution, you can sell your digital products on an ecommerce site that reflects your brand, in just a few clicks! The SaaS solution takes care of all the maintenance of your online sales site, making it super easy to launch and run your ecommerce store. All you have to do is concentrate on recording your audio content and marketing to attract as many new listeners as possible.

A team of business coaches is available to assist you on a daily basis to constantly improve your offer.

Don't hesitate to test WiziShop with a 7-day free trial today and start your adventure in monetizing your future podcasts!

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How much money can you make from your podcast? 

Just like when trying to determine how much money you can make in ecommerce, there's no way to know for certain exactly how much income you can earn via podcasting. The potential earnings from a podcast vary widely and depend on several factors. Successful podcasts with a large and engaged audience can generate significant income through various channels.  Podcasters can also explore monetization options such as premium subscriptions, exclusive content, or collaborations with brands.

However, it's important to note that the actual amount of money you can make can vary greatly and is influenced by factors like audience size, niche, podcast format, engagement, advertising rates, and the podcast's overall business strategy. Some podcasters may earn a substantial income, while others may generate more modest or even minimal earnings. Ultimately, building a successful podcast requires dedication, consistent content creation, audience growth, and exploring different revenue streams.

How long does it take to make money from a podcast?

The time it takes for podcasters to start making money from a podcast is dependent on all kinds of considerations. Building a loyal and engaged audience will take time and consistent effort, which may span from several months to even a couple of years. It's crucial to focus on creating high-quality content, promoting your podcast through various channels, and actively engaging with your listeners.

It's essential to remember that podcasting success and monetization timelines are unique to each show, and patience, persistence, and strategic marketing efforts are key to realizing financial returns from your podcast.

The average podcaster doesn't start generating thousands of dollars overnight after launching a program. That being said, with the right strategies in place, people can begin to make money podcasting in as little as 6 months or even earlier if they already have an established audience, due to their presence on social media, for example. 

How much should you charge for a podcast episode?

The challenge for all podcasts is to build a loyal community around the audio content. Like all commercial markets, the podcast product is an offer that will need to meet consumer demand.

Building an audience is therefore the first essential step before monetizing your content.

Once you're on the monetization track, how much should you charge for your content? The obvious answer is that it all depends on the content you're offering.

Depending on the size of your audience, the type of subject matter and expertise provided, the length of each episode, and the amount of time required to record it, you will be able to set a specific fee schedule.

On the other hand, if you're selling your content directly to a company or brand, then you can then choose to establish a fee structure based on each episode sold. For example, you could offer a package including five 20-minute episodes on cooking recipes for $2,000. Once again, it all depends on your reputation, your level of expertise, and the time you devote to the podcast.

How do you monetize a podcast? 9 great ways to help you get paid and boost your earnings

In the quest to monetize your podcast, understanding the key levers that can generate revenue will be essential. By exploring various strategies and income streams, you can turn your podcast into a profitable venture.

Let's delve into the different ways you can make money from your podcast, including sponsorships, advertising, merchandise sales, crowdfunding, and more. Discover the pathways to financial success in the podcasting world!

Earn remuneration from the streaming platform

First of all, by publishing your podcast on a streaming site, you can be paid directly by the application. Although the rates are very low, this is always gratifying when you embark on your podcasting adventure.

On Spotify, 1,000 listens to an audio track will earn the podcast host somewhere between $3 and $5. You will need a lot of listens to be able to make a living from this leverage, but when you're getting started, it's an easy way to begin to make money, and it will help you to finance a few activities linked to the marketing and promotion of your podcast.

Find sponsorship partners to finance your podcast

As with any media, brands can be interested in your audio content. They can help you create your podcast either through advertising or sponsorship.

Brands can choose to insert their podcast ads before, during or after your audio content. Some brands also choose to sponsor the content.

To return to our cooking recipes example, it's not uncommon to find major food brands partnering with podcast hosts to finance their podcasts.

This stage will be easier to reach after a bit of time, once your reputation starts to carry you into this activity. Brands are increasingly looking for this type of collaboration with podcasters because, as we've seen, podcast ads aren't a bad thing for consumers—quite the contrary!

Give crowdfunding a try

Crowdfunding can be a valuable tool to make money podcasting. Platforms like Kickstarter or Patreon allow you to engage with your audience and receive financial support in exchange for exclusive content, early access, merchandise, or personalized experiences.

To utilize crowdfunding effectively, you need to clearly communicate your podcast's value proposition, set compelling funding goals, and create enticing rewards for backers. Regularly engage with your supporters, provide updates, and express gratitude. Crowdfunding can not only generate income but also foster a sense of community and loyalty among your listeners.

Sell your content to a brand

If your content is of high quality and is recognized by the public, there's a good chance that brands will want to ask you to collaborate with them directly on their platforms.

At that point, you will be selling your content so that the brand can publish it directly itself.

This type of brand content is becoming more and more popular with companies, which take advantage of podcasters' reputations and the quality of their productions to offer quality content themselves.

Consider affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of selling or recommending services or products from another website, earning a commission on each sale, and can be a great way to help you make money podcasting. By partnering with relevant brands or companies, you can earn a commission for each sale or referral generated through your podcast. 

With this option, it's good to start by identifying products or services that align with your podcast's niche and audience. Join affiliate marketing programs, obtain unique referral links, and incorporate them into your podcast episodes or show notes.

Be transparent and disclose your affiliate marketing relationships to maintain trust. Promote products authentically and provide valuable insights to your listeners, encouraging people to make purchases through your affiliate links, thus generating income for your podcast.

Get paid to speak at events

Public speaking events can serve as a powerful avenue to monetize your podcast. Once you've established yourself as an authority in your niche, you can begin to seek opportunities to speak at conferences, industry events, or workshops relevant to your podcast's area of interest. During your presentations, whether in person or online, you'll be able to showcase your expertise, provide valuable insights, and share captivating stories. 

Regardless of of these events are live or pre-recorded, you can use these opportunities to promote your podcast and direct people attending the event to your episodes or website. You might also consider offering exclusive content, merchandise, or premium subscriptions to event attendees. Public speaking engagements can help you attract new listeners, work on building authority and trust, and secure advertising deals or partnerships with potential sponsors, ultimately allowing you to make more money from your podcast.

Offer paid memberships

Another great way to make more money from your podcasting efforts is to start offering paid memberships to the people in your audience. This might entail, for example, providing premium content, exclusive episodes, early access, or bonus material to incentivize listeners to become paying members. Choose a platform that supports membership features and makes it easy for you to securely manage subscriptions. 

Engage with your members through special Q&A sessions, live events, or community forums. Provide ongoing value and ensure that the paid membership experience exceeds expectations. By offering unique benefits to your dedicated audience, you can generate recurring revenue and create a sense of exclusivity around your podcast.

Sell merchandise, books, etc.

Once you've built up a solid reputation for your podcast, you might decide to work on selling merchandise that reflects your business with a variety of product offerings.

You can set up your own online store and encourage listeners to buy products featuring your logo or the themes covered in your content.

In addition to selling merchandise, why not offer your podcasts and premium digital products for sale directly on an online store?

With WiziShop, your all-in-one ecommerce solution, you can sell all the products and services you want on a high-performance site and get your start in the exciting world of ecommerce, one of the top online business ideas today!

Courses, training, coaching, advice... Sell podcasts on your own sales site

Selling digital products like podcasts offers a number of advantages over physical goods. To start, they can be easily replicated and distributed without the need for inventory or shipping costs.

Digital products also provide instant access and convenience to customers, allowing for scalability, lower overhead expenses, and potentially higher profit margins. What's more, they're eco-friendly because they don't require physical production and are free of packaging materials, therefore reducing environmental impact.

To be able to sell your podcast on your own online sales site, you will need to think about offering content that's different from the free platforms. Many trainers, coaches, and teachers offer exclusive audio content for online courses and training. 

So, if you're an expert in a particular field and your popularity is well established, you will likely have no trouble selling your content to the people in your engaged community!

Put your trust in the WiziShop ecommerce solution to sell your digital products, and test the solution for 3 days free of charge to start your podcasting adventure.

Try WiziShop free for 7 days


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Start podcasting and earning revenue today!

As you can see, launching a podcast is an exciting adventure that offers plenty of potential to be financially rewarding and can be a great way to make money, provided you take advantage of the best monetization methods!

Monetizing a podcast offers a range of opportunities for a podcast host to work on generating income. By implementing various strategies like sponsorships, podcast ads, merchandise sales, crowdfunding, and more, podcasters can turn their passion into a profitable venture. However, don't forget that building a successful and profitable podcast takes time, effort, and dedication. 

Consistently producing high-quality content, growing and engaging the audience, and exploring diverse revenue streams are key factors in maximizing earning potential. In addition, staying adaptable to emerging trends and being open to experimenting with different monetization approaches can further enhance the financial success of a podcast.

The good news is that with the right combination of creativity, persistence, and business acumen, you can unlock the potential for significant financial rewards while doing what you love!

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