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02 September 2022 • Resources

Top 20 jobs for the future for a successful career in 2024 and beyond!

Top 20 jobs for the future for a successful career in 2024 and beyond!

The years 2020 and 2021 were marked by a historic health crisis. This crisis forced many professionals to reorient themselves temporarily or permanently, while considerably modifying our work methods. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on workers, rapidly and brutally disrupting all our points of reference.

Companies have been reluctant to implement telecommuting and have been forced to operate under this new model. Other sectors of activity have shown the importance of their anchorage on the territory and are now considered as non relocatable.

Video has replaced classes, meetings, and coffee breaks. Students, engineers, and young professionals have seen their hopes of finding jobs or setting up their own business soar. Training and studies are also in a phase of reinvention because digital technology has created jobs where the required skills don’t need school.

The face of employment all around the globe has changed: after secondary school, the world of work and especially the world of IT is opening its arms to a new generation of self-taught people.

Studying is good, but sometimes it’s better to turn directly to future jobs, to look for professional training in sectors that are recruiting. Are you considering a career change? Here’s our top list of professions to choose from.

Entrepreneurial jobs

The entrepreneurial business is a real success in many parts of the world. Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to create your own schedule, follow your own rules, and simply have more control overall when it comes to your working life.

Young people, older people, post-graduate students, or engineers in the digital sector, etc. This new professional adventure adapts to all profiles. It’s a real launching pad to the so-called "classic" company, which offers many advantages.

Change your path or combine activities: online training

First of all, entrepreneurship allows you to combine jobs. If you're thinking of leaving your job, looking for a new one, but aren’t yet sure you've found the right business, the right position, or the right industry, it's a great way to evaluate your skills, test your future prospects, or make ends meet.

But beware: before embarking on this new professional adventure, it’s better to evaluate your skills or acquire new ones. IT, digital, sustainable development... What industry is calling you and in which industry will you feel comfortable? Digital training can help you.

For example, many entrepreneurs are getting into digital training. If you have expertise in a specific sector, why not share it with as many people as possible? It’s now possible to become a digital trainer in a number of sectors, whether it’s to teach drawing, music, video, or a foreign language!

Online sales: a world that doesn't know the crisis

Similarly, through entrepreneurship, it’s possible to open your business on the internet. The recent health crisis has proven that digital sales is a sector that’s hardly affected by economic fluctuations.

Moreover, employment is always open to new digital talents: quickly, without a big school, the companies that recruit are becoming increasingly numerous. Some of the vacancies are even open to young graduates.

As proof, ecommerce has continued its momentum from 2021 to today. According to Statista, global retail ecommerce sales were around USD 5.2 trillion in 2021 and are expected to reach approximately USD 8.1 trillion by 2026. It’s therefore a particularly buoyant sector at the moment. So don't wait any longer to jump on the bandwagon!

WiziShop is an online platform that allows you to create your ecommerce website very easily. To learn everything about this activity, the site includes video training in its subscription. Your site can be created in total autonomy, in a simple and intuitive way.

Business coaches are at your disposal and follow you in your journey to answer your questions in writing, by phone or video.

Your business is then launched in a few clicks, and WiziShop takes care of all the IT and digital aspects to provide you with a professional and optimal platform!

From then on, all you have to do is sell your first products, without incurring any costs to build up your stock! Benefit from a 3-day free trial, and then get your first month for just $1!

Try WiziShop free for 3 days


Dropshipping: a business with a future

To have a classic ecommerce business, it requires some investment, especially in terms of stocks. You’ll certainly need skills in retail, management training, accounting, etc..

However, note that it’s possible to start selling online while simplifying the task considerably. Dropshipping consists of selling products on the internet and having them shipped directly from the supplier's warehouse to the end customer.

Thus, there’s no need for specific training, a place to store your merchandise, or employees to help you. This activity allows you to create your own custom job and to pass the test of entrepreneurship with a new activity accessible to all.

New technologies and jobs of the future

Whatever the company, analysis jobs and activities related to new technologies or digital research are very popular.

More and more data is being collected and analyzed, regardless of the sector of activity. Working in this direction is considered a pivotal activity, and many courses, studies, or training are increasingly advanced to train the young engineers of tomorrow. Does the idea of starting a data-focused profession pique your curiosity? 

Full-stack web developer

Full-stack web developers are, in a way, "jacks of all trades." As such, they must be familiar with the entire development chain of a software program or website and be comfortable with all of its parameters.

They’re true Swiss army knives of development who master both the front office and the back end. Being a student in this field means learning all the tricks of the trade of the future: companies are recruiting a significant number of full stack developers and are all looking for their rare pearl.

There are many post-secondary training courses available and even courses on the internet, so you can learn about this world from home, at any age, whether you’re still studying or already in the workforce!

Data scientist, data analyst: data management jobs

A data scientist is a professional in data mining. This is a hybrid job between a statistician, a mathematician, and a programmer. Moreover, a data scientist must also have a very marketing-oriented vision.

A data analyst, on the other hand, is another data expert who analyzes information that has already been extracted and segmented and tries to understand it in order to respond to their company’s problems. This is a job that requires a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, programming, and algorithms.

Data protection officer, in cybersecurity

A data protection officer (DPO) is one of the new jobs in the IT world. A DPO plays a hybrid role between technology, project management, and law.

Of course, DPOs must be knowledgeable about IT and cyber security. They must also have solid legal knowledge in order to work in compliance with the regulations in force in their specific location.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Increasingly sought after, an artificial intelligence engineer is able to design computer programs that sound like humans. The programs implemented must be able to respond to complex tasks.

An artificial intelligence engineer analyzes the functioning of the human brain to create a computer system capable of reproducing this mode of functioning. It’s an intermediate profession between the researcher and the computer scientist.

Digital law professions

Because the use of data has led to a sharp increase in the number of complaints received by the CNIL, jobs related to digital law are increasingly popular.

Companies are looking for legal advisors able to guide creators and influencers so that they can protect their content and their intellectual property on the internet.

Marketing, communication, and event management jobs

Similarly, marketing and communication jobs are still particularly popular! Standing out from competitors and attracting the greatest number of customers possible is at the heart of today's companies' concerns.

Digital marketing manager

Attached to the company's marketing department, a digital marketing manager develops and implements a digital strategy for the brand. They must be able to adapt to all digital media and must make the company's image evolve according to trends and new technologies.

Unlike a traditional marketing manager who develops a promotional strategy on all channels, a digital marketing manager only focuses on digital tools. They should have a solid knowledge of natural and paid search, social networks, affiliation, or tracking.

Social media manager / freelance community manager

A social media manager is an employee who manages and develops the visibility of a brand on social networks and the internet in general.

Their role is to ensure the e-reputation of the company and to define a complete strategy to improve its visibility on social platforms. The job of social media manager can be carried out internally or as a freelancer.

Digital project manager

A digital project manager has more of a coordinating and organizing role within a company. They must be a web technician, a good manager, and a marketing enthusiast. This job requires great versatility and involves combining technical, managerial, and commercial knowledge.

This job entails collecting customer needs, evaluating the feasibility of different projects in the company, and establishing a strategy.

CRM manager

The customer relationship management (CRM) manager is a profession directly linked to customer relations. Their daily objective? To improve the rate of customer satisfaction in order to increase customer loyalty.

To do this, a CRM manager must implement strategic and analytical tools. They must analyze the needs of customers and guarantee them the best possible response. They must then ensure, through statistical means, their satisfaction and their conversion rate.

Chief happiness officer

A chief happiness officer is the "happiness at work" manager. They promote well-being, conviviality, and fulfillment within the company.

This new profession originated in the US and is starting to develop in other countries, particularly within start-ups and innovative companies.

Personal assistance and services

Many parts of the world have really been confronted with a shortage of doctors and care personnel. The personal assistance and services professions are therefore activities that are likely to continue to be in demand in the future.

Care assistant

Care assistants or home help allow people to stay at home despite the lack of autonomy due to age, health, or a disability.

They’re caregivers who look after the patient's well-being and accompany them in various steps so that they can maintain their social life.

Nursery assistant

A nursery assistant is an early childhood specialist who looks after young children until they enter kindergarten or in addition to their first years of school.

They can work in their own homes or in collective childcare facilities. Faced with a shortage of childcare facilities, this is a job with a real future!


Because the automobile industry has evolved considerably over the past few years, its industry is recruiting. The job of mechanic is more and more in demand.

The role of this professional is to take charge of the maintenance, upkeep, and repair of all types of vehicles, after having made a diagnosis. The mechanic is also the guarantor of road safety.

Trainer / coach

Because continuing education is a must for many employees who wish to retrain, a decent portion of the global population undergoes training each year.

The need for trainers is therefore particularly significant. In the same way, coaching is in great demand, in a multitude of diverse and varied fields.

Environment and ecology

Ecology is at the center of public debate, and many companies now have experts whose role is to measure their impact on the environment. The jobs related to this problem are therefore more and more numerous and sought after.

Jobs with animals

Because so many people own pets, and also because people are becoming more aware of the importance of preserving animal species, jobs related to animals are increasingly in demand.

These jobs are very varied, whether you’re a veterinarian, an animal caretaker, a groomer, a riding instructor, a dog trainer or a pet sitter.

Environmental engineer

An environmental engineer works in development and ensures that a space is safeguarded. They study the impact of certain development operations on a given area and help preserve nature.

They help to raise collective awareness of the impact of a construction or a product on the environment. They also help prevent ecological disasters and raise public awareness.

Environmental biologist

Finally, an environmental biologist also works to preserve natural resources. They use these resources in many sectors such as agriculture, health and industry. They conduct research in ecology and fight against damage to health and the planet.

They work in particular on the quality of water within a territory or the preservation of the life of the occupants of certain places. They’re also interested in the effects of certain food dyes or chemical fumes. They write reports and communicate their research work to raise awareness.

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive, and it’s up to you to be creative and original in order to make your profession a job of the future.

Generally speaking, promising activities are considerably linked to the rise of the internet and the advent of social networks. Take this into account before you start and make sure that you have all the essential keys to make your dream a reality!

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