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27 February 2023 • Resources

Top 23 TikTok trends for your ecommerce business to try in 2024

Top 23 TikTok trends for your ecommerce business to try in 2024

With over 1.5 billion users and counting, TikTok is currently one of the most popular marketing tools for brands. The platform gives businesses the ability to connect with a large number of people and the opportunity to show a different side of themselves to their current and potential customers alike.

If you’ve perused the social network recently, you’ll know that there’s a wide variety of different types of content that can be found. However, to achieve the greatest amount of success on the app, you will want to be sure that your videos are seen by as many people as possible. For this, it’s advantageous to stay up to date on the latest trends.

As with other kinds of social media, the kinds of viral posts that you'll see on TikTok can quickly change throughout the year. For example, an audio clip that's trending in January may very well not be so hot by the time that October rolls around later in the year.

Identifying what song, text, dance, etc. is trending on TikTok often means spending quite a bit of time on the app. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, though, you’re likely already quite busy with all the various tasks involved in running your business.

To prevent you from having to devote hours and hours to scouring Tiktok, this article provides you with our best tips for finding out what’s trending and a list of today’s top TikTok trends to inspire your future videos!

What is the importance of TikTok trends for brands?

Social media can be a very powerful tool in ecommerce. It allows you to expand your reach on the internet and spread the word about your business. With a well-planned social media marketing strategy in place, you should start to see more awareness of your brand and a higher conversion rate, ultimately leading to an increase in sales!

That being said, achieving success with your efforts on social networks like TikTok can be a lengthy process. In addition, remember that you won’t be the only business vying for users’ attention. With the many brands posting content on a daily basis, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition.

As you work on your strategy for how to sell on TikTok and use the application to grow your business, you will want to be sure to maximize the efficiency of your efforts, especially if you’ll be handling your store’s social media marketing on your own.

Consider that the average amount of time that worldwide users spend on TikTok per day is 95 minutes, based on a study by Statista. Even if a user were to be on the app for only half that amount of time, there’s a good chance that a popular trend would appear on their feed several times. Repeated views will make it much easier for the user to recognize the trend in the future.

By participating in these memorable trends, you will be able to harness their power as you work to accomplish the marketing goals you have for your business. Although the TikTok posts you're making don't need to all involve trends, the inclusion of a trending sound, song, or original audio clip in some of your videos can do wonders for boosting your brand’s visibility on the platform and keeping your brand current in the eyes of consumers, especially if you go viral!

How do you find out what is trending right now on TikTok?

If you’re new to TikTok, discovering what’s trending, be it a song, camera angles, an audio clip, a dance, etc., and knowing what to post can be slightly overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, though—there are certain things you can do to search for what’s popular and discover the best trends to incorporate into your own strategy.

Head to your For You page

Your For You page (FYP) is a feed filled with personalized, scrollable content that uses the app’s algorithm to recommend videos to you based on your previous interactions, such as what you like, comment on, share, view multiple times, etc. The longer your viewing time for a video and the greater your engagement with it, the more the algorithm will start to learn what kinds of content you enjoy and predict what you’d like to watch in the future.

As the videos showing up on your FYP are meant to be personalized for you and your interests, the trends you find here will likely relate to your business’s niche. Keep in mind that while some TikTok trends last for a while, most tend to have a pretty short shelf life of only a few weeks or even a few days.

If you happen to find a trend that’s still relatively new, whether it’s an original sound, song, other kind of audio clip; lip sync craze; or a dance challenge, think about posting a video involving the trend as soon as possible to boost your chances of going viral!

Take a look at the Discover page

Another place to turn to when you want to find trending Tiktok video ideas is the app’s Discover page. This feed is updated every day and shows the platform’s trending hashtags, effects, sounds in addition to the number of videos created for each trend. You’ll also see branded trends that businesses have paid to appear here.

However, in 2022, TikTok rolled out an update for some users that involved having the Friends tab showing where the Discover tab had previously been. The Friends page features personalized content from followers that you follow back and other recommended TikTok accounts.

Nevertheless, it’s still possible for you to search for topics you’d like to explore if you no longer have the Discover page at your disposal. On your home screen, you can simply tap on the Search icon in the upper righthand corner. You’ll then arrive on a page with a search field to type your searches as well as a list of your previous searches along with searches suggested by the app.

Consider current events happening around the world

Finally, you can also find TikTok trends by simply paying attention to what’s going on around you. Current events and hot topics often lead to loads of new content on social networks, and TikTok is no exception.

This won’t always work for your specific situation in terms of your business and niche, but it can be a great way to insert yourself into the conversation concerning trending topics and expand your reach on TikTok and beyond.

23 TikTok trends to boost your brand’s visibility

1. Branded hashtag challenges

A branded hashtag challenge involves a brand creating its own hashtag, often involving the business name or the products or services it offers, and then designing a challenge based on said hashtag.

When it comes to TikTok marketing, creating a branded hashtag challenge is one of the top strategies that businesses can implement on the social media platform. TikTokers love a good hashtag challenge, and when done well, it can be a powerful tool for skyrocketing your visibility.

A successful example of this TikTok trend is when Guess launched the #InMyDenim hashtag challenge, encouraging people to show off their best denim style in videos featuring the “I’m a Mess” track by Bebe Rexha.

2. Point of view

Point-of-view (POV) videos are those that viewers are meant to watch from a different perspective. Content creators will generally add “POV” in the video’s caption or as a text overlay on the video itself to set the scene for people viewing it.

Used by individuals and brands alike, this trend can be adapted to nearly any kind of product or service for ecommerce businesses. For example, say that you have an online store that sells pet supplies. You might post a video with the POV of a dog placing an order or happily awaiting a package from your website.

Although the POV trend has been around for a while, it continues to be very popular with TikTokers. In fact, the POV hashtag currently has 1.1 trillion views on the social network!

@chewy for your bestie who wants to look fly and stay dry \ud83d\udc85 #dog #pet #petfashion \u266c Confidence (sped up version) - Ocean Alley

3. Dance routines

For many people, it’s hard to think of TikTok and not immediately associate the app with dance trends and choreography!

This type of content has been at the center of the social network since the beginning. Many people still love it due to the fact that most dances performed are fairly easy to follow, making it possible for everybody, regardless of their dance skills, to join in.

Dance trends change quickly, but there will always be something new for you to try. Posting a video of you or your team putting on your dancing shoes and performing a trending dance accompanied by a hit song on TikTok is a great way to show customers another side of your brand and inject some extra fun into your social media presence.

@brooksrunning Documenting our obsession with Wednesday Adams \ud83d\ude0c#wednesdayaddams #goth #wednesdayedit \u266c original sound - heyy

4. Pop culture

According to Statista, approximately 69.1% of worldwide TikTok users are under 35 years old as of October 2023, and 36.2% of them are under 25. With the prevalence of younger generations on the app, keeping up with pop culture, especially anything of interest to Gen Z, is a good strategy to employ when creating content on TikTok.

In fact, the social network is often the go-to source for all the latest pop culture news, with many people using the platform to add their own commentary on current events. Don't hesitate to avail of pop culture trends relevant to your target market to allow you to better connect with current and potential customers alike.

For example, take the viral video clip of the Kim Kardashian "iconic" line. This sound can easily be inserted into any number of scenarios for your brand, including serving as the perfect opportunity to show off your "iconic" products!

@sezane How to wear the silk sleep dress \ud83e\udd0d Hold on to those summer slip dresses! Let's give them a chance to shine in the fall/winter too with these style hacks #sezane #sleepdress #winterfashion #iconicfashion \u266c original sound - kardashianicon

5. Green screen effect

If you’re not already making use of TikTok’s popular green screen effect, you may want to think about doing so, as it can help to make your videos more interesting and add visual appeal in a creative way. This trend allows you to display an image in the background of your video while you remain on screen.

The green screen effect can be used for a wide range of types of TikTok content, whether you want to share screenshots, videos, or several images. With a text overlay, you can then give your commentary about what’s happening in the video.

@elfyeah Double certified baby! Check out @crueltyfree makeup \ud83d\udc30's channel for more info\ud83d\udc85#elfcosmetics #fairtradecertified \u266c original sound - elfyeah

6. Stitch/Duet

TikTok Stitch and Duet are two of the most popular features on the social network. With Stitch, people can trim and edit other users’ videos and use them in their own content. In contrast, Duet makes it possible for somebody to create a video and then get other people to make their own video, with the original playing alongside it in a split screen.

These are excellent tactics for brands to employ, as they allow for easy interaction and encourage engagement. If you decide to use Stitch or Duet in your TikTok marketing strategy, note that your videos don’t need to be elaborate or complicated.

@puma \ud83d\udea8BAKERS, ARTISTS, & BARISTAS\ud83d\udea8 Can you recreate the PUMA logo like @1leogonzalez \u266c TWINS - Kaygon

7. Pet appearances

Strike a chord with your animal-loving followers by sharing TikTok videos featuring your beloved dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird, or any other pet near and dear to your heart.

Some business owners may think that content with pet appearances is restricted to brands selling pet supplies, but regardless of what you sell, animals showing up in your TikTok videos will likely always be a hit with your audience!

@vessi Reply to @sophapple meet Rockie, one of our top pawrformers #officedog #vessi \u266c The fixed version - Erik the idiot

8. Storytime

Sharing storytime videos is another TikTok trend that’s been around for a while yet continues to be popular with TikTokers. With this type of content, the creator will tell their audience about a personal experience to entertain, educate, or sometimes do both!

The person sharing the story might face the camera while speaking or add a voiceover and/or text overlay while performing an action, such as packing an order, using a product, etc. Use this trend to, for example, talk about the origins of your business, share a funny experience while demonstrating the use of one of your products, or explain how your product is made.

You might also take inspiration from your followers’ comments on your other videos. If you get a lot of similar questions about your brand or product, for example, you can create a storytime video to answer them.

9. Pack an order with me

Give your audience a sneak peek of what they can expect when buying from your online store by sharing a TikTok video that takes them through the order-packing process. This type of content is enjoyed on all platforms for several reasons.

It creates excitement, as customers who recently purchased from you will hope to see their orders being shown. Many viewers also appreciate “Pack an order with me” videos because watching somebody carefully put something together often has a calming effect. In addition, these clips can help your audience feel more connected to your brand due to the inside-look into your process and close-ups of your products that you provide.

@emeraldlotusmystic I think Sailor Mercury is blue so maybe that’s where I got that from?! Let’s pack an order for friend of the shop (aka repeat customer) Corina \ud83d\udc99\ud83e\udd8b\ud83d\udc2c\ud83c\udf00 #charmcasting #tarotspreads #charmreader #psychicabilities #modernwitches #modernwitch #divinationtok #witchthings #witchythings #witchtips #intuitivereader #spiritualteaching \u266c snowfall - Øneheart & reidenshi

10. Comment replies

As we all know, sometimes the comment section of a video is where the most entertaining content can be found. The comments you receive on your TikTok posts can provide you with a treasure trove of possibilities for future video ideas!

Create a video to answer a user’s question, give your audience a glimpse of the positive reviews you’ve received in the comment section regarding a specific product, or share funny comments to demonstrate your sense of humor.

By encouraging your audience to comment on your videos and responding to said comments, be it in the comments section or via a new video, you’ll boost users’ engagement with your brand in no time!

11. ASMR

Videos involving the use of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) became increasingly popular during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With stress levels being at an all-time high for many people, TikTokers and users on other social networks appreciated (and continue to appreciate) the soothing/satisfying sounds that ASMR videos provide.

While some of your followers may resonate with ASMR content more than others, this kind of video can be an effective stress reliever for your audience and help them disconnect from the world for a bit.

@bluebuffalo \ud83d\ude3b\ud83d\udd0a @catladytails #asmr #cats \u266c original sound - Blue Buffalo

12. TikTok Live

Use the TikTok Live feature to create your own live streams on the platform and give the people following you a different type of content to watch and enjoy. This feature is available to content creators with at least 1,000 followers and is being increasingly popular with brands to assist them with better connecting with their followers.

Whether you want to spotlight a new product available for sale on your website, introduce you and/or your team, or start a discussion concerning a topic that’s relevant to your customers, live streams are a great way to expand your reach and boost engagement.

@cultbeauty We're LIVE with @LISA Potter dixon on Monday to talk all things Cult Beauty SPREE SEASON \u2728 Set an alert to tune in! #TikTokShop #SpreeSeason #MakeUpObsessed \u266c original sound - Cult Beauty

13. Nostalgia

Nostalgic content is appreciated by users on social networks due to its ability to evoke emotion and bring on positive memories of days gone by. The nostalgia trend is becoming increasingly prevalent on TikTok, with brands and individuals both posting nostalgic videos reminiscent of the sometimes not-so-distant past, sometimes also accompanied by a music track from the same time period.

As with any type of content on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, the key is creating content with a relatable situation for your target audience. Whether it involves fashion, music, school, or other topics and is serious or funny, nostalgic content can be a real hit with your followers!

@levis denim time capsule\ud83d\udc56\ud83d\udd52\u2728#150YearsOf501 \u266c original sound - Levi’s

14. A day in the life

One of the top reasons people follow others on social media is to get a glimpse into their inner world. As a business owner, sharing how you spend your time can be an excellent way to connect with your audience and help them feel closer to you and your brand.

When doing this type of content on TikTok, you could give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your office space, bring them with you as you head to a special event, demonstrate how you get ready, or show how you create your products. If you’re not into getting personal on social media, you could alternatively partner with an influencer who could highlight your products while sharing a day in their life.

@nike An inside look on what a #DayInTheLife on set of a #nike #dance \u266c original sound - Nike

15. Influencer marketing

Speaking of influencers, influencer marketing has become an increasingly popular trend on various social networks over the years, including on TikTok. With this strategy, brands collaborate with people who already have a large following on the platform to promote their products or services. These content creators should of course ideally be well known in your particular niche.

Influencer marketing is an especially powerful strategy, as influencers have built up a significant amount of trust with their followers. Because their audiences trust what they have to say, they’re more likely to want to buy from your store if their favorite content creators are saying great things about your products.

16. #tiktokmademebuyit

Availing of the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag is the perfect TikTok trend for ecommerce brands to use to highlight their products on the app.

You can begin by promoting your online store’s offerings in a product video and add the #tiktokmadmebuyit hashtag to boost brand visibility. As word of your product spreads and you start to get a lot of positive feedback on the item, it’s possible that your product may even become a viral hit!

@vessi They said a waterproof knit shoe was impossible \ud83d\ude24 impossible is nothing #vessi #waterproofshoes #trend #waterproof #tiktokmademebuyit \u266c original sound - kardashianshulu

17. Astrology-themed content

Astrology has seen a surge of popularity on TikTok as of late, and brands are capitalizing on this by finding ways to tie their products into the theme. While this trend certainly won’t be for every ecommerce business, if it’s relevant to your niche, it can be a fun, modern way to connect with your viewers and attract new customers. What’s more, there are all kinds of strategies you can use to incorporate astrology into a TikTok video for your online store.

Say that your online store sells candles, for example. You could create a sort of “buying guide” for the zodiac signs, giving your top picks for each of the signs. Another option is to design and show product bundles to help assist shoppers during various planetary transits or happenings, e.g., Mercury retrograde.

@barbie Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by #MercuryRetrograde \u270b #Barbie #Astrology \u266c original sound - barbie

18. Self-growth/transformations

Consider hopping on the TikTok trend involving self-growth or transformations to show your followers how far your business has come or what improvements you’ve made to your products. This could also involve sharing a change in perspective that’s led you to modify your business policies or offerings to customers.

Another version of this trend is to create a video highlighting a “glow-up,” which generally involves a physical change of some sort. This option works particularly well for brands that sell products like makeup, haircare, or fitness-related items, but with some creativity, it can be employed by any business, regardless of what the site offers. Just be sure to clearly indicate how your products have helped achieve the transformation.

19. Transitions

Transitions are when content creators cut rapidly from one situation to another in a video. This type of TikTok content is great for spicing up your brand’s page and can be used for a variety of scenarios.

For example, you might create transition videos that involve moving between locations, highlighting before-and-after looks, etc. Simple or elaborate, well-done transitions can be very effective for attracting views and new customers!

@asics From concept to reality. Introducing the ASICS x Andersson Bell GEL-SONOMA\u2122 15-50 sneaker collaboration. Available today globally. #asicssportstyle #asics #shoetok #anderssonbell #parisfashionweek \u266c I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

20. Ins & Outs

The "Ins & Outs" trend on TikTok involves users sharing quick, catchy comparisons of certain things that are currently in style ("in") versus what's outdated ("out") for the new year. It's a rapid, visually engaging format that often includes text overlays and a trending music track. 

These kinds of videos can be used to shine the spotlight on specific items in your product catalog, showcasing your products as the "in" items, juxtaposing them against competitors or older versions. This not only highlights their relevance but also engages the audience in a format they find entertaining and informative.

This viral trend also serves as the perfect opportunity to promote more general ideas and actions (e.g., the "better way" to do something) that relate to your offerings rather than pushing them directly, as done by Space NK in this video.  

@spacenk Ins and Outs: @MZ Skin Official edition\ud83e\udd29 Comment your 2024 skincare Ins and outs\ud83d\udc40 #InsandOuts #Skincare #MZSKIN #SpaceNK \u266c original sound - HUGEL

21. #FoodTok

With the prevalence of foodies on TikTok, the #foodtok trend is likely here for the long haul. People love sharing, discovering, and reacting to new recipes, and TikTok makes these actions super simple to do.

As with other types of content on social networks, there’s lots of room for creativity with TikTok posts involving food. Add ASMR elements, use unique ingredients, prepare dishes in out-of-the-ordinary locations…the sky’s the limit!

Have a food or food-related online store? If so, then jumping on the #foodtok trend is something you won’t want to miss.

@deliveroo Calling all new fresher faces and Glaswegians \ud83d\ude0d We took a trip to Glasgow and visited 5 restaurants on our app to help you with your foodie finds in the city! \ud83d\udccdPizza Punks \ud83d\udccdBucks Bar \ud83d\udccdTopolabamba \ud83d\udccdAkiko \ud83d\udccdSprigg #WeGetFood #GlasgowFood #GlasgowFoodie #Glasgow #TikTokFood #FoodTok #GlasgowStudents #GlasgowTakeaway #GlasgowSpots \u266c UNHOLY ALTÉGO REMIX - ALTÉGO

22. Fit check

If you’ve got a clothing and/or accessories brand, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the fit check trend, which will allow you to inspire your audience with your fabulous sense of style.

Reveal your latest designs in an post featuring your #OOTD (outfit of the day) or give your followers a sneak peek of items from an upcoming collection to pique their curiosity. You can also use this trend to increase engagement by encouraging people to share their own videos featuring your fashion creations.

23. This is your sign to…

Sometimes being direct really is the best plan of attack when it comes to social media marketing. Enter the “This is your sign to…” TikTok trend. In this type of video, the creator tells viewers that this is their sign to do something and then performs that action themselves.

If you want to implement this trend into your own TikTok strategy, it's the perfect opportunity to tell your audience that this is their sign to try your latest product and show your product in use to build interest and incite purchases.

@cultbeauty This is your sign to add the @youthtothepeople's retinol serum to your basket!
#CultBeautyAdventCalendar #YouthToThePeople #SkinCareRoutine \u266c original sound - Cult Beauty
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