In general, acquisition refers to the purchase of a product or service.

In marketing and sales, acquisition means winning over new visitors and buyers.

For a sales company, acquisition is particularly important. It's the key to finding new customers and ensuring the company's long-term future.To achieve this, a whole range of marketing actions can be implemented.

Acquisitions can also refer to when companies purchase the majority of another company’s shares, therefore gaining control, or acquiring, the second company.

In ecommerce, customer acquisition and its management involve leveraging the various digital marketing levers available to merchants.

These are the various channels used to attract customers to the merchant site, in order to capture the largest audience possible and attract a greater number of potential buyers.

To achieve this, several types of tools can be used:

  • advertising,
  • social networking,
  • SEO,
  • emails and newsletters,
  • promotional offers,
  • affiliate marketing,
  • referrals and sponsorship,
  • marketplace presence,
  • etc.

You can carry out a benchmark study to analyze the different acquisition levers used by sites in your field and draw inspiration from them.

Of course, as with any strategy, customer acquisition will need to be analyzed to determine whether it’s effective or needs to be reorganized.

Here again, there are several methods for observing the effectiveness of customer acquisition.

Acquisition cost is one of the most widely observed indicators. It involves calculating the investment required to acquire each new customer. It measures acquisition performance and is at the heart of sales strategy.

If you couple this indicator with the lifetime value of your customers, you can come up with some very helpful data!

To provide you with some statistics, to date, 61% of marketers use paid acquisition advertising techniques to attract new customers and encourage purchases.

More than half of them allocate 30% of their digital budget to paid acquisition techniques.

Acquisition is therefore at the center of every company's issues. Ensuring its profitability is absolutely essential.

To develop an effective customer acquisition strategy for your own business, we recommend doing the following:

  • Clearly define your target audience.
  • Use far-reaching marketing solutions.
  • Use dynamic ad optimization technology to vary your marketing messages and make them more qualitative.
  • Spare no expense in converting your visitors into buyers. The idea is not only to be seen, but then to convince. It's only when a prospect becomes a customer that we talk about acquisition.
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