Audience is the term that defines the group of people or users who are potentially reached by a medium, a message, a form of communication, or an advertisement.

Sometimes, depending on the type of format and medium, we talk about the audience for a newspaper in terms of readers, for example, viewers for television, or spectators for shows or cinema. Audiences are also used in digital media, whether for the web, social networks, or newsletters.

Audience measurement is linked to outbound marketing. This measurement is valued by brands and the media alike, and enables them to assess the power of their content or medium. Thanks to this large family and this global statistic, other statistics emerge. Click-through rate, retention rate, conversion rate, engagement rate, and so on.

All these figures help quantify the impact of content production. By analyzing audiences on different types of media and formats, it's possible to create a digital or physical marketing strategy tailored to the brand. The more accurate the data gathered, the more effective it’ll be to create high-impact messages to reach target audiences first.

This data will also help establish the budget for future marketing and digital marketing campaigns. By knowing exactly what the objectives are and how important the message should be, brands can estimate the budget needed to make their marketing campaign work, with the help of audience metrics.

For all media, media audiences are generally measured by specialized institutes. Digital audiences are calculated according to different types of activity and different themes.

The definition of the audience will correspond to each company that collects its analytics. Whether it's for advertising content, traffic linked to Google and search engines (SEO) or potential customers for a physical store, every entrepreneur will be keen to find their target and quality audience over the long term.

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