Clickbait is a term that refers to digital marketing techniques aimed at maximizing the number of clicks on articles or advertising content.

The clickbait strategy is a practice that has long been used in the press. Today, it's also widely used on the internet, with some sites making it their mainstay.

Clickbait entails creating racy, sometimes exaggerated, headlines to entice internet users to click on an advertisement or blog post. The aim here is to attract attention, generally by playing on emotions.

These titles, sometimes written in capital letters, pique curiosity by using turns of phrase such as: "You have no idea.... " or "15 tips for...." or "This is what happens when..." In addition to these enticing titles, content usually displays a thumbnail or visual that also provokes emotion (surprise, anger, joy, disgust, etc.).

The clickbait technique can be found just about everywhere, especially on social networks and buzz sites. Thanks to clickbait, sites are able to generate a large number of visits, enabling them to earn money through the integration of ads and sponsored links. It's one of the social media optimization (SMO) methods employed by many web players.

Although the technique seems to pay off, it can also be disappointing for web users. After clicking on the catchy title, they expect to find content that lives up to it. However, the quality of the content is often lacking, and it sometimes has little to do with the title.

Implementing a click bait strategy can therefore be a wise move for a website wishing to increase visits, social network shares, and brand awareness.

However, there are a few basic rules to bear in mind. The most important thing is to not disappoint the reader. To prevent disappointment, the title chosen, even if it's a teaser, must be in line with the content proposed. As for the content itself, it must be of high quality and provide real added value.

Today, certain platforms such as Facebook tend to punish clickbaits that tend to pollute news feeds. Algorithms are becoming increasingly adept at identifying clickbait editorial styles, so it's a good idea to choose your headlines with care.

To find a headline that packs a punch but still delivers on its promise, don't hesitate to monitor the competition to see what your direct competitors are up to. You'll be able to pick up a few ideas that work!

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