In the broadest sense, communication is the act of exchanging information with others, with the use of both verbal and non-verbal types of communication skills. However, when we talk about communication in marketing, we're really talking about corporate communication.

In the business world, communication refers to all the messages sent out by a brand to make it shine and prosper.

Communication is a must for any company, whatever its size, in order to develop and sustain its business.

It enables them to differentiate themselves from other brands in an increasingly competitive environment. To work well, the communication model must be based on an effective strategy and a series of predefined actions.

Communication science, also known as information theory, rationalizes the exchange process between sender and receiver (see the work of a person known as Harold Dwight Lasswell).

An effective communications strategy must therefore establish a strong, relevant message, while first defining its transmission channel (advertising posters, internet, email, social networks...) and its code (language, writing...).

In the corporate world, these different messages must serve to present the business itself or communicate the products or services the business has on offer.

The aim of communication is to improve your image in the eyes of others, to raise your profile, increase your contacts with potential customers, and build loyalty among existing customers.

Because communication can't be improvised, it must be based on a pre-established strategy, defining the objectives to be achieved and setting up precise actions and a schedule for implementation.

For communication to be anchored in a solid strategy, it’s essential to take the time to design the entire strategy in advance.

Communication can be external. In this case, it refers to all messages sent out by the company to external stakeholders such as the public, suppliers, partners, investors, press relations, or brand influencers.

Communication can also be internal to the company. In this case, it aims to establish a favorable relationship between management and employees. It serves to keep employees informed and to help them better understand the goals or actions of the company, ultimately improving their commitment and motivation.

Communication is an essential corporate tool for maintaining a good brand image in the eyes of external and internal agents. Its management is essential to ensure a brand's competitiveness and longevity.

It should also be noted that, to be effective and relevant, communication sciences call on other knowledge in various fields, such as linguistics, psychology, sociology, or the various telecommunication techniques, for example.

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