CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

CRO stands for “conversion rate optimization.” The definition of conversion rate optimization means applying numerous actions to ensure that the target audience behaves in the way expected by a brand, a website, or a company.

The definition of CRO therefore represents all the actions and tools used by the company to help influence the visitor towards a desired action.

This marketing concept represents a commercial approach that is central to every business. With regard to web businesses, a CRO approach will be geared towards the recruitment of qualified leads, visitors who are already interested in the offer or the brand, or users who will be sought out in the right place, in the certainty that they’re likely to become customers.

This optimizing of the conversion rate must be performed in advance, before any advertising campaign is carried out by the company. No entrepreneur wants to waste their advertising budget: CRO is a way of clearly defining the objectives and the path taken by a campaign, so as to optimize its impact on the most qualified prospects.

The CRO approach in ecommerce will employ techniques such as personalization of company communications, A/B testing, the most optimal user experience, simplification of the purchase path, optimization of the order tunnel, web analytics, etc.

All these details are crucial to the long-term success of any online business: every entrepreneur has their own hopes for achieving their main business objectives. Optimizing your conversion rate means maximizing your chances of getting the prospect from point A to point B.

The conversion rate can be linked to a variety of actions, depending on the website’s objective: more sales, more newsletter subscriptions, more downloads of an online document, more subscribers on social networks, etc.

Depending on the goal defined beforehand, the actions taken to boost conversions won’t be the same.

For example, when looking to increase the conversion rate for an online sales site, the ecommerce store owner will need to check the bounce rate on the various pages or the cart abandonment rate, in order to correct any anomalies that are creating disincentives to purchase in their CRO approach.

In the case of ebook downloads, for example, the creator of the landing page hosting the document will check that the download scenario is fluid, that it meets prospects' expectations, and that it highlights the ebook’s content through strong storytelling.

The CRO approach is a new step for online entrepreneurs who are well advanced in their marketing strategy and sales career. Every detail of the process must be meticulously studied and implemented to take your business to the next level of development.

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