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18 January 2023 • Resources

11 Essential free and paid digital marketing tools to use in 2024

11 Essential free and paid digital marketing tools to use in 2024

As Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, said, “You can have a great product but if communication fails, it’s like watching a stand-up comedian do a gig in a completely different language”... It doesn't work, and the desired effect is not achieved!

In other words, you also need to speak the same language as your target and find the right tools to let them know about your company. This is precisely the role of the marketing tools used in 2023.

Monitoring competitors, analyzing consumer behavior, highlighting a specific product, building a marketing strategy... Many external solutions and marketing automation tools will allow you to create your own dashboard to analyze your actions while accomplishing specific tasks, to help you in your daily life.

In this article, we focus on 11 essential analysis tools and software to help boost your digital marketing strategy and take advantage of all the benefits of digital marketing for ecommerce.

What types of tools are essential for your digital marketing strategy?

To make their brands known and attract as many new customers as possible, companies have the best online tools at their disposal. These tools have multiple functions, whether it's for monitoring, improving SEO, taking care of your graphic charter, improving your conversion rate, lowering your shopping cart abandonment rate, or building customer loyalty.

Managing your main social media networks

In any business sector, social networks are an essential distribution channel, essential pillars of any good digital marketing strategy. As such, we strongly recommend that you have a "business" page on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. These are great tools to gain notoriety and increase your conversion rate. They represent an additional gateway to land on your site.

Which tools?

  • Swello: An efficient solution to manage the content of your social media networks, schedule publications, and analyze the results of each of your posts. With its interface, manage all your social media pages on a single dashboard.
  • Agorapulse: All-in-one online software, gathering all the features you need, on all your social networks. All your conversations are gathered in the same place with this digital marketing tool. Your publications can be scheduled and broadcast on all your media. Detailed reports are sent to your inbox and to your marketing team's inbox if you share the tool with several collaborators.

Boosting your SEO

When you have a website, it’s imperative to do everything possible to appear in the top results of the Google search engine. It’s therefore no surprise that SEO is one of the most important skills for ecommerce today. 

In this sense, all the content of your ecommerce site must be optimized for SEO, whether it’s its tags, its image alt attributes, the keywords present in each of its web pages, or the links ensuring its internal linking. All this helps Google's robots to better position your site according to internet users’ queries. 

Which tools?

  • Semji: In the blink of an eye, it allows you to evaluate the relevance of your digital content and optimize it for search engines. Semji also helps you update old content with SEO analysis of your website or blog links. In addition, It allows you to keep an eye on your page traffic acquisition, leads, and sales.
  • Semrush: This complete dashboard tool allows you to work on your SEO but also your content marketing, to perform competitive analysis and digital marketing on social networks. It helps to increase the traffic of websites, to give a better visibility to your blog, by contributing to the research of the keywords most searched by internet users.

Mastering all the visual resources at your disposal

Images are a key element on a website: they help to give it a more or less professional look. All your visual content must be rigorously chosen so that your visitors enter your world and become customers. They must be qualitative and reveal your seriousness in order to influence consumer behavior.

Moreover, this is even more true when it comes to data related to the products and services you sell. In ecommerce, as the visitor cannot have the item in their hands, your visual presentation must allow them to observe it from all aspects, while revealing its most beautiful assets, to create a bond of trust between you and your potential buyer.

In the same way, your graphic charter must be coherent, in order to give your company a brand image that’s memorable and easily identifiable to visitors.

Which tools?

  • Canva: This platform allows you to create all kinds of graphic content, whether it's posters, social media posts, logos, or videos, on your web browser and on the mobile application. Templates are also available on the web for inspiration. With this digital marketing tool, you can share your access with your marketing team and work in groups in real time.
  • The Adobe suite: This is a collection of different productivity software. Photoshop and Lightroom allow you to retouch your photos or make graphic creations. Premiere Pro is used to make video montages or animations. All this is available not only on desktop but also via mobile applications. These tools are rather complex, so don’t hesitate to surround yourself with experts in your marketing team.

Creating direct customer loyalty actions through automation

On a daily basis, it’s necessary to enrich your customer file, in order to keep a permanent contact with your prospects or buyers. For this, you need to set up an email or newsletter strategy.

Your mailings must be varied. They can, for example, present your history, news, new products, your different collections, as well as some promotional offers. On the other hand, don't be too insistent and don't inundate your interlocutors with too many recurrent emails. When the dosage isn’t right, the effect can be totally counterproductive...

Which tools?

  • Mailchimp: With it, gather all the data of your audience, create your mailing list, and use different digital marketing supports to reach your target with this emailing tool. It’s an ideal help to promote your business by email, sending the right message, at the right time, for efficient emailing campaigns.
  • Auto-Mail Booster on WiziShop: The WiziShop ecommerce solution has a specific tool for marketing relaunch with the objective of reducing your cart abandonment rate. With it, create free email scenarios according to the problems encountered on your internet store, whether it’s about payment expectations or to encourage your future customers to subscribe to your newsletter. This email management tool is included in all subscriptions to the WiziShop solution.

Monitoring your e-reputation and your competition

On the internet, everything changes very quickly! Trends evolve at high speed, and commercial techniques are constantly changing. Customers are volatile and don’t hesitate to go and see what’s happening on the competition's side. It’s therefore necessary for you to keep a permanent watch, in order to follow the trends of your market, meet the new expectations of internet users, and take inspiration from your competitors. Thus, you’ll be able to jump on the bandwagon, take advantage of the new opportunities, and avoid being overtaken.

Which tools?

  • Google Alert: This is a free monitoring tool that sends you alerts every time a predefined keyword appears somewhere on the web.
  • Mention: This monitoring site makes it easy to monitor over a billion different pages and sources. Automated reports can be sent to you according to certain predefined parameters so that you can share the key results of your analytics more easily with your colleagues or partners. Thanks to this digital marketing tool, you’ll be able to visualize your most important indicators, based on your company's issues.

How do you create an online store and learn the keys to ecommerce?

Now that you’ve identified all the tools to follow digital marketing trends, you may still be wondering what the ideal medium to start selling on the web is. In addition, is it useful to take a training course before launching your ecommerce business? Don't worry, as always, we have answers for you!

WiziShop: the best ecommerce solution on the market

WiziShop is an excellent ecommerce tool for all entrepreneurs who want to start selling online without having any special knowledge in coding or website creation. WiziShop is the best way to stand out, thanks to its sound basis for search engines and its unique performance as an ecommerce platform.

WiziShop is an ecommerce platform that offers a very accessible interface to design an online store with the help of an intuitive drag-and-drop system. With WiziShop, start selling your products very quickly and easily while offering an ideal shopping experience to your customers. You’re guided step by step in the creation of your business and benefit from 400+ features to make the necessary adjustments to your website. What's more, everything is included in the subscription, including the support of business coaches, experts in entrepreneurship and ecommerce.

Your complete ecommerce training offered in your plan!

Because the job of an e-merchant requires a certain versatility, it’s better to be trained in the different issues related to online sales. This allows you to start on the right footing and to give yourself every chance to succeed in this new business. That's why WiziShop offers you complete training that covers all aspects of online sales, from ecommerce marketing to website creation, from supplier research to after-sales service and logistics. This training, in the form of video tutorials, is available at no extra cost.

Try WiziShop free for 3 days


The growth of the ecommerce market has exploded in recent years. As proof, according to Statista, worldwide retail ecommerce sales represented approximately 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2014. In 2021, this figure was 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars! However, the creation of ecommerce sites are just as numerous. It’s therefore a very promising market but also very competitive. For this reason, it’s essential that you know how to use a list of ecommerce digital marketing tools. WiziShop will help you acquire and develop customer loyalty!

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