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15 November 2023 • Resources

Mompreneur: Presentation of the trend and tips for mom entrepreneurs

Mompreneur: Presentation of the trend and tips for mom entrepreneurs

Considering embarking on the dynamic journey of entrepreneurship while navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood? Welcome to the realm of mompreneurs! In this article, we unveil a treasure trove of tips tailored for the incredible women who seamlessly juggle the roles of nurturing parents and ambitious business leaders. 

From mastering the delicate art of time management to fostering a supportive network, join us as we explore invaluable insights, practical strategies, and the empowering mindset that propels those who wish to start an mompreneurial journey towards success. Whether you're launching a startup or managing an established venture, these tips are your compass to thrive in both the boardroom and the heart of your home.

What does it mean to be a mompreneur?

A mompreneur is a mother who actively manages both the responsibilities of parenting and the challenges of entrepreneurship. This term encapsulates women who successfully balance family life while pursuing their own business ventures.

Mompreneur: What's this phenomenon all about?

Today, female employees continue to suffer from inequality in the corporate world, both in purely financial terms and in terms of career development. According to the Observatoire des inégalités ("Inequalities Observatory," a French association), for an equivalent position and amount of time worked, a woman is paid on average 20% less than a man. The reason? A break of several months during pregnancy, a request for a few adjustments to facilitate private life, the search for a more flexible schedule, the quest for a professional life close to home or childcare...

It's a fact: combining family life with a successful job requires flawless organization—it's a daily challenge! That's why many women no longer want to depend on a company to achieve this. These inequalities and this constant struggle are driving some of them to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship and become mompreneurs.

What's more, the phenomenon is now widely popularized by social networks and reality TV. For example, Kris Jenner and Chiara Ferragni have contributed to the rise of the mompreneur status, combining motherhood and entrepreneurial adventure. Another result of this craze is that more and more women entrepreneurs are forming associations. This enables them to support each other and make a greater impact!

What are the benefits of becoming a mompreneur?

Although becoming a mompreneur is certainly not without its challenges, it offers a range of unique benefits.

  • Ability to choose your own schedule

Most parents would probably agree that raising kids is more challenging than a standard 9-to-5 job, requiring late-night attention or dedicated moments for intricate homework. Entrepreneurial freedom allows schedule adjustments to meet family needs.

When you launch your own venture, you may work early or late, utilizing your kids' nap times or hiring help for demanding work. This flexibility accommodates pickups, drop-offs, sick days, and school breaks.

  • More time with your kids

Parents often embrace entrepreneurship to spend more time with their kids, a choice accentuated during COVID-19. Involving older children in business tasks like organizing receipts or filing fosters family togetherness and instills an entrepreneurial spirit. This modeling may inspire them to explore their own online business ideas, embracing the concept of "kidpreneurs." 

  • Flexible scalability

Not every mompreneur is exceptionally wealthy. While aiming high is possible with time and resources, adjusting priorities during summer breaks or downtime is equally valid. Many entrepreneurs delegate tasks to contract workers, easing the burden. If workload becomes overwhelming, hiring a virtual assistant enables business growth while preserving family moments.

  • Role modeling

Becoming a mompreneur is another way to set a positive example for your little ones. Your entrepreneurial journey showcases qualities such as determination, resilience, and creativity. This in turn can inspire your kids to pursue their dreams and instill an entrepreneurial spirit that can guide them in their own endeavors.

  • Money savings

Investing in a business upfront is essential, but long-term benefits of becoming an online entrepreneur include cost savings—eliminating expenses like commuting fuel and high-end business attire. This in turn even makes it possible to start a business with no money. As a mompreneur, by working around your kids' schedules, you can also reduce or avoid full-time daycare or after-school fees. The flexibility pays off in both financial and family terms.

How do you become a mompreneur? 7 tips and ideas

While working independently may seem attractive when you have a family, it's important to remember that becoming an entrepreneur takes time and investment. Here are some tips to help you start off on the right track and boost your chances of success!

Books, blogs, Instagram accounts, forums... follow successful mompreneurs

First and foremost, it's vital to be well-informed about this status and the constraints it entails. There are many books, blogs and Instagram accounts to follow. In fact, there's no shortage of influential mompreneurs who are a real source of inspiration for all moms wanting to get started!

Set up a business and manage family life

Starting up as a mompreneur also implies a new organization. In fact, starting a business is often done on a home-office basis, i.e., working at home. For the project to work, it's essential to agree to have your children looked after... Becoming an entrepreneur requires quality work time and real concentration. And that can be very complicated when you have all your little ones around!

What's more, to succeed, you need to know your market inside out. When you want to start a business but have no ideas, some thorough market research is in order. Is your target product profitable? Why is it an untapped niche? To anticipate your costs and profits, you need to draw up a strategy. Without a solid business plan, your project risks going bankrupt!

Network and seek support 

While the support of family and friends is essential when setting up your own business, it's also important to surround yourself with your peers. This allows you to discuss common problems, to reassure yourself and to find answers. So don't hesitate to rely on a network of mompreneurs.

Connect with other mompreneurs or entrepreneurial communities. Share experiences, seek advice, and build a support system. Networking can provide valuable insights and encouragement.

Share your daily activities on social networks

For mompreneurs, whether already active or just starting out, communication is essential. It's a major factor in their success. That's why so many are mobilizing on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. These networks are an excellent way of communicating about your business. Today, it's a must!

What's more, this kind of networking isn't just for new companies. If your business project is a success, don't hesitate to spread the word. Write a press release or press kit! This will undoubtedly help you to grow your sales even more while being a real source of inspiration for others.

Prioritize self-care

For mompreneurs, prioritizing self-care is paramount, as it sustains the delicate equilibrium between demanding entrepreneurial pursuits and the responsibilities of motherhood. A healthy, happy mom is better equipped to handle the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Schedule "me time" regularly, whether it's for exercise, reading, or simply relaxing. By acknowledging and meeting your personal needs, you'll be able able to recharge your physical and emotional reserves, enhancing productivity and creativity in both professional and familial spheres. 

Learn to say no

As a mompreneur, it's essential that you learn to say no in order to safeguard your well-being and maintain a healthy work-life balance. By setting boundaries and declining tasks or commitments that exceed manageable limits, you'll preserve precious time and energy.

Recognize your limits and don't hesitate to decline additional responsibilities if they jeopardize your well-being or the quality of your work. Saying no is not a refusal of capability but a strategic choice to prioritize tasks aligned with goals and values.

This will empower you to focus on core business objectives and crucial family moments, fostering a sustainable and fulfilling journey. The ability to gracefully decline non-essential demands is a key element in preserving personal and professional equilibrium.

Inspire other moms to become entrepreneurs

Because you probably needed examples and mentors when you launched your business, don't forget to reach out to others. If you're now fully fulfilled as a mompreneur, let others know, and don't hesitate to help ambitious moms.

Today, selling clothes, accessories, and other items related to the world of early childhood is a favorite sector for mompreneurs. In fact, many of them are turning to ecommerce!

If you're a dynamic, courageous mom who wants to combine raising your children with developing your business, WiziShop can help you take the plunge by launching your very own online store!

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