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14 November 2022 • Resources

Top 5 social media goals for your ecommerce business in 2024

Top 5 social media goals for your ecommerce business in 2024

Today, social networks aren’t only a communication tool: they’re also used as powerful economic and commercial levers.

What are the main goals you should set for these online windows? Why is it so important to optimize and track your company's presence on these platforms? What is the purpose of an effective social media strategy?

Discover the goals to reach on social media platforms and increase your revenue thanks to your visibility.

Social media marketing: optimizing your social media strategy

How do you use social media effectively?

Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Linkedin, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest... Social networks will allow you to give visibility to your business while promoting your website, products, and services.

They’re real digital windows: by acting on the optimization of your social networks, you’ll be able to show the details of your business to the largest number of people, to make your followers want to buy from your online store due to the quality content you post but also to build customer loyalty with the help of these channels external to your website.

To be able to achieve all the objectives you set concerning your corporate social media networks, you’ll have to build a smart social media strategy that corresponds to the types of products and services you offer but especially to the audience you target, to accompany the growth of positive feelings related to your business.

There are agencies specialized in social media to help you recruit new shoppers but also to boost your presence on the networks and thus recover market share more easily.

You can also use white papers created by experts in the field to follow the social media evolution and to accompany you in achieving your goals over time.

A single motto should punctuate your activity on the networks: "Test and Learn." This is because the world of social media doesn’t really have a predefined method of use. Keep an eye on your metrics, measure and track your progress, and find your own miracle recipe!

Why develop social media in your company?

Developing your company's social media and its communication on the various networks will meet one main goal: boost your sales.

Within this main goal are different goals that’ll meet several requirements in order to recruit qualified business leads but also to ensure your presence in the minds of consumers in the long term, meaning your e-reputation and your brand image and awareness.

Your presence on the networks through different profiles will be the support of your different messages, to showcase your know-how, highlight all the phases of evolution of your activity but also recruit partners or unlock collaborations with brands, for example.

As the owner of an online sales site, your social media networks are an excellent way to establish your reputation, to gain popularity with potential future customers, but also in a concern of exchanges between professionals, to allow you to develop your business through direct exchanges with potential future partners.

How do you define social media goals and reach them?

Adapt your presence according to your company's goals

Each online business is different, each community unique, each target audience is exclusively dedicated to the business that’s linked to it.

Thus, the messages you’ll be able to deliver through your communication on social networks are going to directly depend on your company's set goals.

Are you looking for new buyers? Do you want to retain your existing customers? Are you looking to expand your communities on your networks? Do you want to highlight your new products and brand identity?

Once your goals around your business are set and well defined, your goals on social media will follow these guidelines based on your immediate business needs.

You're not going to communicate the same way on Instagram and Facebook, for example, because your target audience may not be engaged in the same way on both platforms. So your message is tied to your brand's requirements while keeping one goal in mind: boosting your revenue.

B2B, B2C: possess great awareness of your target audience to create your messages

Your ecommerce could not exist without a well-defined target audience. These users are the source of your success.

Before determining which levers to use to help you in your business, you’ll have to go through a social media network audit to answer questions such as the following: who? what? how? why?

When it comes to choosing a social media platform or platforms for your business’s marketing strategy, keep in mind that each social network has its own way of working and attracts specific users. Thus, each platform corresponds to a type of message to ensure an optimal impact in its brand communication.

Whether you want to reach individual users or professional profiles, you’ll have to know your target by heart in order to create messages that are completely adapted to your audience and consider interactions superior to those of your competitors to optimize your presence on social networks and boost traffic to your site.

Analyze the communication of your main competitors

Once the two previous steps are well implemented, you can think about the executive side of your strategy on social media networks.

Thus, to be sure to continue on the right path, you can be inspired by the communication strategies of your competitors, without making exactly the same choices as them.

When you imagine your communication on social networks, it’s always necessary to take the time to operate a thematic surveillance to stay informed of the trends and codes in force to increase your communities but also your traffic and engagement rate.

True sources of inspiration, other accounts on social networks can bring you ideas, teach you more about the digital marketing trends of the moment, and help you evolve your online brand image.

Adapt the best of what you see on platforms directly to your brand to offer something innovative and relevant to internet users and highlight your offers, your content, through a strong identity, your unique signature.

What are the 5 goals of social media networks for your brand?

1. Promote your company, products, and services

The very first goal to reach on social networks will obviously be to make your company, its products and services known. A great social media strategy means first of all adapting to your target by opting to post content that’ll entice your current followers and help to attract an even greater number of followers.

However, as posting on social media is a type of content marketing, it’s above all about implementing a strategy that can push your value propositions with differentiating kinds of posts, levers that’ll generate a better engagement rate, qualified leads, or even more traffic to your online store.

Increasing awareness of your business can be done through posts, of course, but it can also be the objective to achieve in advertising campaigns. Whether on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), etc., advertising on any number of social networks is a way to recruit new shoppers, reach an audience that isn’t yet known, or attract users from other countries, for example.

However, this goal is subject to the requirement of the audience: you can easily make your company known, but in order to do so in a qualitative way, it’s better to target potential customers by determining the audiences most interested in your products/services.

2. Build customer loyalty and boost community engagement

Your customer database will gradually increase thanks to your well thought-out marketing strategy.

In order for your brand to continue to exist in the minds of your buyers, social networks are going to be the solid foundation for building loyalty among these people already enticed by your company.

Loyalty is one of the main objectives: in ecommerce, it’s more beneficial to retain customers in terms of marketing expenses than to recruit new buyers.

With the help of your social media strategy, you’ll be able to achieve this second goal of creating a long-term link with consumers who have already purchased from your online store. Contests, special offers, direct interactions between your customers and your brand, etc.

It's up to you to find the best ideas to inspire online shoppers and bring that human touch that’ll make your followers think of you immediately for their next purchase.

The more you build that closeness with your customers, the more you can increase engagement on your social networks. Engagement is the act of commenting, liking, sharing, messaging, etc. on social networks.

And with how content marketing works, as your networks are also your showcase, these already loyal customers can inspire new customers, giving them confidence thanks to your brand image built through the enthusiasm of your loyal and engaged communities.

3. Give value to your work and brand development

As we’ve already seen, social networks play a role of being an online showcase for your company.

Thus, each platform can be an opportunity to promote your work and the development of your brand over time: creation of new partnerships, launch of new collections, creation of a new service, etc.

Every little bit of news can be the subject of posts, visuals, and videos to animate your pages and strengthen the link between your communities and your company. Writing a post on social networks must be done with inspiration from your latest news.

When working to accomplish this goal, it’s smart to imagine your social networks as an integral part of the life of your company. Just as you share the good news and your professional developments to your loved ones on your personal accounts, do the same for your brand and bring it to life through your social media communication!

4. Improve your customer relationship and your after-sales service

With social media, the relationship between the public and the brand is more direct than on other communication channels. Thus, customers and prospects are used to question brands directly through direct messages or comments under posts.

These contacts will improve your customer service: more reactivity, more transparency, and more speed in your answers will be the key to a successful customer relationship.

Social networks are therefore powerful tools in terms of after-sales service or, before that, customer conversion. By responding quickly to your followers and prospective customers and inviting them to discover relevant offers directly by private message, it’ll be easier for you to convert these potential customers into real buyers—one of the specific benefits of content marketing.

Today, everything happens quickly: consumers are more and more demanding. So, optimize your presence on social networks by ensuring quality customer service directly through your platforms. And, on top of that, these kinds of media are free, unlike online customer service tools: take advantage of them!

5. Recruit new prospects to generate more sales

Finally, social networks will allow you to amplify the traffic on your online sales site and thus boost your conversion rate to generate more sales. Another way to achieve this goal would be to use the social commerce features that exist on some networks.

Some platforms are going to be more conducive to sharing links like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. On the other hand, other platforms can help you to highlight your products and encourage users to buy on your online store: this is the case of Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, or YouTube.

By taking the time to create and post creative and relevant content, you can highlight your products and services, qualitative visuals published in the Shopping tabs of the platforms, or even ephemeral stories proposing temporary exceptional offers. You’ll also be able to animate your catalog and share it with as many people as possible with these tools.

Use all the tabs, all the tools for managing your social networks set up by each platform to optimize your presence, the presence of your products on your social networks, to attract more and more people to your online store and therefore to future orders!

As you’ve probably come to understand, the role of social media in ecommerce is significant, especially concerning the visibility and the brand image. As an e-merchant, optimize your online presence by posting qualitative content about your products and services every day.

In addition, be sure to have a good awareness of the relevant analytics to review concerning your social media marketing. Taking the time to track and examine these metrics will help you to measure your performance. However, if you lack time or skills, don’t hesitate to contact communication agencies to help you build your online communication.

With the WiziShop solution, it’ll be possible for you to learn more about building a great social network marketing strategy and setting and accomplishing all of your specific social media goals with our complete ecommerce training offered in your subscription. Week after week, learn more about the secrets of ecommerce with our step-by-step training and boost your online presence with all our expert advice. Start your free 3-day trial now!

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