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01 September 2021 • Grow Your Sales

Simple things to sew and sell from home: 21 Profitable sewing projects

Simple things to sew and sell from home: 21 Profitable sewing projects

Maybe you’re looking for an easy way to make a little extra money on the side. Perhaps you want to leave your 9-to-5 job to start a new life as an ecommerce entrepreneur.

Either way, there are all kinds of DIY things that you can make and sell on the internet if you’ve got your mind set on launching an online store!

People love the individuality and rarity of handmade products along with that little extra touch of love that makes the product so personal. Plus, some things are just so unique that they can’t be found anywhere except on an ecommerce site.

If you’re searching for a way to create a profitable online business for your sewing projects, you will first need to consider what items are feasible for you to make. Think about where your talents already lie, what steps you could possibly outsource, and what goods already sell well on the web.

The following craft ideas to sell on the internet include 21 of the simplest yet most desirable items in ecommerce these days. They’re all projects that are easy to sew either by hand or with a sewing machine.

If you consider yourself to be a sewing-machine whiz, you can even whip up a few of these handmade goods so that you will have several products for your ecommerce business to offer!

What can you sew to make money online? Best sewing items to sell

1. Clothes

Clothes tend to take a bit more time and experience to create than many other machine-sewn items do. However, the time you spend on these sewing projects could well be worth it in the profit that you make. Designing and selling your own line of clothes is a great way to share your love of fashion with the world while making some extra money along the way.

By focusing on a particular category of shoppers and sewing, for example, women, young-adult, or baby clothes, you could quickly build a list of dedicated customers. Another option is to sell clothing items that are difficult to find elsewhere, such as sensory-friendly or ostomy-friendly pieces in a variety of unique fabric and pattern options.

woman making clothing with sewing machine

2. Shoes

It’s true that stitching together leather-soled shoes requires a certain amount of skill and patience. However, if you’re just beginning your shoemaking adventure, you could easily start out with canvas or fabric shoes that are far easier to stitch by hand and that are becoming increasingly popular for the summer months.

Shoes in general do require a higher level of sewing skill than some of these other ideas do. You may need to practice with quite a few patterns before you really get the hang of it.

Nevertheless, the profit margin when you sell this kind of creation may make learning how to shape and sew a shoe well worth it!

3. Bows

Fabric bows are a fun way to add a pop of color or extra pizazz to any hairstyle. If you already have a boutique specializing in baby products or children's goods, this could be a smart addition. What's more, this craft idea is super simple to create, making it perfect for beginner sewers.

To best accommodate different customer needs, it would be good to sew bows in a wide range of sizes and patterns for your store. You could also offer personalization services if you have an embroidery machine.

4. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are incredibly quick and easy to create. In fact, once you get good at making them, you should be able to craft a scrunchie in 5 to 10 minutes. Plus, they’re cheap to make because you need very little fabric and elastic for each piece.

Scrunchies went out of vogue for several years, but they’ve recently made a grand entrance into fashion again.

One of the best things about sewing and selling these popular hair accessories for your small business is how creative you can get with them. Opt for simple, classic designs or choose more luxurious fabrics, such as velvet or bejeweled materials.

multicolored hair scrunchies on table

5. Scarves

The scarf is another easy item to sew up in a jiffy if you know how to work with the lighter fabrics that are commonly used for fashion scarves. Use knit fabric for an incredibly comfortable infinity scarf or a polyester or rayon blend fabric for traditional scarves.

While silk is gorgeous, it can be quite pricey to purchase. However, if you already have loyal customers who are willing to pay enough for you to make a profit, silk is a great choice that sets you apart from your competition.

Whatever materials you choose to craft your scarves, be sure that they’re high quality. Scarves are a popular item with online shoppers, as they make an excellent gift for all kinds of occasions, so you want your products to stand out from the competition.

6. Hats

Not all hats have to be knit or crocheted. You can easily sew an adult’s or child’s sun hat with your machine in no time.

To appeal to the more modern shopper, opt for a slouchy beanie pattern. You could even dress up billed hats with sewn panels and embroidery to upgrade their look.

Do your research and see what kinds of hats would appeal to your target market most. Try out a few different patterns and maybe even test out your ideas with your loved ones or with people on social media.

This is an easy way to determine what hat sewing projects are worth investing your time in to sell on the internet.

7. Headbands

A basic plastic headband covered with fabric is a popular item for people wanting an effortless and fashionable way to style their hair for the day.

Your ecommerce business can certainly make money off simple fabric headbands, as some consumers will prefer this look. However, you can also offer upgraded versions that include sewn bows, embroidered monograms, fabric flowers, or even intricate lacework.

8. Tote bags

As increasing numbers of people are searching for more sustainable ways to live, the need for reusable shopping bags has risen dramatically. Of course, reusable tote bags can be purchased at many stores, but these items aren’t often as decorative or sturdy as the average customer likes.

Reusable, washable tote bags for grocery shopping other activities are simple DIY items to sew as long as you use only heavy-duty materials and reinforce the handles. Canvas, denim, and twill are all good fabrics.

You'll also find that outdoor upholstery fabrics are a good fit for a tote bag, as they stand up well to wet items, the rain, and frequent washings.

9. Purses

Many consumers love to shop for new purses, so why not start sewing your own unique versions to sell online? If you decide to start to craft this popular accessory for your ecommerce business, the world is your oyster when it comes to styles!

From simple, large handbags that are perfect for casual events to slim, satin clutches that are ideal for a night out, there are numerous pattern options available that would attract your typical shopper.

With a wide range of types of fabric, colors, and sizes possible, you’ll have a plethora of ideas at your disposal for any sewing project involving purse designs.

10. Napkins

Does your target market consist of eco-friendly individuals looking for a way to live more sustainably? Or maybe you want to sell products to customers who love to frequently entertain and want to add some decorative flair to their dinner tables.

Either way, reusable, cloth napkins are a great DIY product to sew and add to your online store. Once again, consider decorative stitches or embroidery to create a more luxurious or personalized look.

embroidered hemp napkins

11. Oven mitts

A machine-quilted oven mitt makes a cute gift and could also be a good craft product to sell on the web. Note that you will definitely want to be extra careful with the materials you use when sewing these items.

Be sure to use insulated batting so that users can pick up even the hottest items out of their ovens. These mitts can also be customized to match with a wide variety of kitchen styles and colors.

12. Placemats

To continue with the kitchen theme for sewing projects for your ecommerce business to sell online, why not design beautiful place mats?

Once again, these can be quilted or embroidered for a more stylish way for people to protect their wooden kitchen or dining room tables. They can also be used to amp up the look of a kitchen island eating area.

13. Table runners

Table runners can be used alone or with matching handmade placemats. Featuring a simple shape, these items are usually quite easy and quick to sew.

Feel free to craft them in a plethora of sizes to fit all types of tables. Your customers may choose to use them not only for their dining room tables but also for their coffee and accent tables.

yellow table runner under basket of blue eggs

14. Curtains

Although curtains and drapes may be more difficult crafts to sew because of their detailed designs, they can become amazing additions to your store. This is because many people are uncomfortable with making curtains themselves.

If you want to start to sell curtains online, you will have several ways to go about doing so. You can, for instance, opt to offer a variety of pre-made curtains in the most common sizes needed.

However, you can also allow for more customization with your window-covering creations! If you decide to do this, be sure to give customers a place to request specific details, such as length, width, fabric, and hanging options.

15. Aprons

The perfect gift for stylish chefs and bakers, aprons are a great way to protect clothing from flour spills, oil splashes, and other cooking misadventures. In addition, aprons are fun sewing projects because they usually feature simple stitches but can include creative patterns.

Consider embroidering words on the top of the apron, quilting the top piece, adding pockets, or even creating a patchwork design. If you’re more skilled with sewing, you can style aprons with more frills and design details, such as pleats and gathers.

16. Mini pouches for traveling

Packing for a trip is usually not people’s favorite part of the vacation experience. However, you can make this process a little bit more fun for travel-loving shoppers by sewing your own travel pouches and selling them online.

You can use different types of fabric to make these mini pouches, such as velvet, cotton, canvas, leather, and others. Customers may purchase these products to store a variety of their items for their upcoming traveling, including toiletries, phone accessories, or even snacks.

17. Laptop sleeves

With the extensive use of laptops around the world, laptop sleeves are an excellent item for you to start selling online.

More people are choosing thinner and less obtrusive laptop sleeves over the bulkier computer bags of years past. These sleeves make it easy for individuals to slide their laptops into any bag of their choosing.

Use soft material for the inner portion of the bag, and be sure to add plenty of thin yet sturdy batting to protect the laptop from scratches and dings. With a simple shape, these sleeves are usually quite simple crafts to make as long as you’re comfortable sewing in a zipper.

18. Chair cushions

Chair cushions are an easy way to spice up the look of a room, making them the perfect item to sew if your target market is interested in décor. Cushions are also a great gift for your customers to give to new homeowners!

If you’ll be selling these items online, be sure to use plenty of foam for long-lasting comfort. Planning on sewing cushions intended for outdoor use? Don’t forget to use outdoor fabric that can handle the elements well.

In addition, you may also want to choose washable material for cushions intended for kitchens or dining rooms.

19. Costumes

Let your creativity run wild when you design and sew costumes for your online store. Costumes are great products for ecommerce businesses to offer throughout the whole year, not just at Halloween!

This is because people often shop for fun costumes for theme parties and other events all year long. Before you get started with this sewing project, decide if you want to make baby, kid, or adult costumers and determine if you’ll allow for customer customization upon ordering.

20. Heating pads

Some of the best heating pads are not the plug-in versions but rather the DIY versions that more easily conform to the shape of the body. Many people also feel safer using this kind of heating pad and like being able to choose the fabric and pattern that best suit them.

These easy crafts include rice inside, which can be heated in the microwave for long-lasting heat, providing delightful comfort during those chilly winter months! You could also sell heating pad covers so that customers can change up the look of their heating pads whenever they’d like.

21. Pet leashes

For people who have a pet that requires regular exercise outdoors, a leash is likely a necessity for their daily walks. However, a pet leash doesn’t have to be basic or boring!

Pet owners often enjoy buying things for their furry family members that go beyond the strictly practical. Craft your own pet-leash designs using sturdy fabric and reinforced stitches, and you’re sure to attract many new customers to your online shop.

dogs with leashes next to brick wall

Get sewing today!

By now you’ll have noticed that if you enjoy sewing, there are plenty of ways to make money online by selling your crafty creations. Even if you’re not a professional sewer, you may be surprised by the profit that you could make by adding even one or two of the above handmade items to your online shop. Feel free to also check out our article on wood products to make and sell for more DIY-product inspiration!

As you decide which items would be best for you, be sure to consider a few important factors.

Think about your target audience and the amount of time you would need to finish sewing a single item. In addition, calculate how much of a profit you could make after taking the cost of supplies and the amount of time required to create the product into account.

Remember that the most appealing items are generally those that are a little different from the competition and that meet a real need among online shoppers.

Ready to become a star entrepreneur and sew your way to ecommerce success? Create your website with WiziShop’s amazing online store builder.

WiziShop is an all-in-one ecommerce solution that makes it easy to design a unique online storefront that's a perfect match for what you envision for your brand due the wide range of design templates available. Regardless of the project you have in mind and the crafts you wish to sell, you'll find that the platform's 400+ pre-integrated tools, free training, and guidance from the helpful Business Coaches, make launching and running an ecommerce business simpler than ever before.

Turn your favorite sewing project ideas into a profitable business and start your adventure in entrepreneurialism by signing up with WiziShop today and enjoying a 3-day free trial!

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