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03 September 2021 • Resources

10 Trending products for 2022 and how to find items for your online store

10 Trending products for 2022 and how to find items for your online store

You hear wherever you go that ecommerce is the future, that selling online is the new Eldorado. In fact, there’s truly no limit to how much money you can make in ecommerce!

However, in order to create your business and sell online, you need to have something to sell. 

This is where you stop in your tracks. 

You don’t have any great products in mind.

For now. 

In this article, I’m going to tell you about 10 trending products that are sure to be in high demand with customers in 2021. In addition, I’ll explain the different methods that help you to target the niche products that’ll lead your business to success. 

To motivate you to get started, I’m also going to give you a secret tool for finding trending products that everyone is raving about and how to target buyers on Facebook. 

However, remember this: finding what to sell online is not the difficult part. It's going through with your business idea, opening your store, and making your first online sale

I’m sure you already know that we created WiziShop, a solution for building online stores and supporting online retailers.

But you probably didn’t know that above all, we’re online merchants. 

For over 10 years, more than 12,000 clients have put their confidence in us and changed their lives with our popular ecommerce solution

Let me tell you about Nicolas, who didn’t know what to sell. He followed our advice, did his research, and opened an online store selling electronic cigarettes. He made over €3 million in profits in under 2.5 years, with no stock, by following our methods. 

Whether you’ve already got a great product or not, nothing should stop you from launching your business and your entrepreneurial dreams. 

Nevertheless, a helping hand so as not to waste time and money when getting started is a real plus. 

5 things to look for to find the perfect product 

I’m going to tell you about several different things you should be looking for in a product that will help you achieve success. 

A product that can make your online store take off is a product that does the following: 

  • speaks to enthusiasts
  • is indispensable to people
  • requires customers to make repeated purchases 
  • has unlimited production 
  • has already seen success in its market 

 The biggest mistake that you can make, like the 93% of stores that close every year, is to look for a completely 100% original or innovative product to sell. 

Remember, we’re retailers. Our objective is to sell our products, not to revolutionize the market. 

This is why we work with in-demand products that already sell. Items that people love, share, and are proud to show off.  

The story of Nicolas

Earlier, I began telling you about Nicolas. Recall how he decided to open an online store to sell electronic cigarettes and made over €3 million in less than 2.5 years!

Nicolas worked for a sports brand in the south of France. He was earning just a little over the minimum wage and had his routine, a wife, and two adorable little girls he loved more than anything. 

I remember the first time I met Nicolas. I asked him how he came into the world of ecommerce. 

He replied with a big smile: 

“I have a childhood friend that I got back in touch with a few years ago. He made a fortune in ecommerce. But that’s not what made me decide to go for it.

One day we were having a drink on the terrace and when the bill came he said, ‘You see, we just spent an hour in the sunshine having a drink, enjoying life. And during this hour, I made more than enough money online to pay for our drinks!’ 

It was at this moment that I realized that there were other ways to make a living. That I could enjoy my family, my life. That’s when my interest in ecommerce started. 

I’ll never regret this decision. What often keeps us from enjoying life is a fear of taking the plunge. But once you invest yourself in the project, believe in it, and your first sales start coming in while spending time with your family, what a feeling!”  

Do you want to fight to find and keep jobs your whole life? To struggle through 40-hour work weeks for less than $2,000 at the end of the month? 

Nobody else can change your life for you. 

It’s up to you to take the first step. 

10 trending products to inspire you 

In a little bit later, I’m going to show you how to find the best products for you and your online store. Just like people, every ecommerce business is different. In addition, what works for one niche market may not offer such a high level of success for another.

For this reason, it’s essential that you can determine what kinds of items are in demand with your target customers. You may need to do a fair amount of research to learn about the latest trends for products, including which of these popular items are feasible for your store to sell.

Before we get started, though, I thought I’d share some ideas with you in case you have no idea where to start. The following is a list of trending products that would all make great items to sell online. These ideas are already proving to be a hit with ecommerce customers and are sure to continue to be in demand for some time.

Ready to get inspired and see what kinds of trending items you might want your new ecommerce business to sell? Let’s get those creative juices flowing and take a look at some of the top trending products for 2021!

Bamboo toothbrushes

bamboo toothbrushes on vanity

Consumers’ interest in sustainability has seen a sharp increase around the world over the past few years. With this, we’ve also seen a greater demand for high-quality eco-friendly products that aren’t as damaging to the earth. 

Furthermore, customers are not only wanting the brands from which they buy to sell eco-friendly goods but also to follow sustainable business practices. This includes using recyclable shipping containers, avoiding an excessive amount of packing materials, and much more. 

A real trend in the year of 2020 that will surely continue into 2021 is the effort to reduce the use of single-use plastic. There are a whole host of different products made with recycled and eco-responsible materials, one being bamboo toothbrushes. 

While providing the same level of teeth cleaning as a regular plastic toothbrush, a bamboo toothbrush has a number of advantages. Its durability, antimicrobial properties, and biodegradability make it the top choice for people searching for an easy way to incorporate more sustainable practices in their lives.

If you’re looking to focus your ecommerce business on a niche market involving sustainability, this trending item may be perfect for your store! 

Posture correctors 

black posture corrector

With COVID-19, there’s been a drastic change in how people go about their daily lives. This includes a huge proportion of office workers being constrained to working from home. Their homes may not be as well equipped as their offices to accommodate work days of 8 hours or more. 

Many people have begun complaining of uncomfortable chairs and worsening posture. For this reason, sales of posture correctors have been booming!

Whether a person’s neck or back is aching, this item is designed to help improve the user’s posture in either a sitting or standing position. While it’s unknown what the future holds for many consumers’ workplaces, demand for accessories like this product isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.

Door sensor alarms

person setting door sensor alarm

Extra security measures are being taken to protect homes all across the globe. Installing door sensor alarms that are connected to your Wi-Fi means you are notified when someone is approaching your door. It may be a tiny device, but it can sure provide a lot of peace of mind!

This product has become increasingly popular with people worldwide, as home security is an absolute necessity. In addition, despite the item’s high level of technology, it’s very possible to find one at an affordable price that customers appreciate.

Electronic kitchen scales

electronic kitchen scales

Cooking and baking have been on trend for many years but their popularity has continued to rise! Every baking perfectionist needs a trusty weighing companion for their kitchen adventures… 

People everywhere have been spending more time at home these days due to COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions. This has inspired many of them to try experimenting in the kitchen and preparing all kinds of recipes

Whether it’s for a TikTok trend or just for their own culinary pleasure, consumers seem to be enjoying crafting sweet and savory delights alike! Kitchen accessories like electronic weighing scales are trending for both personal use and as gifts for customers’ friends and family.

Yoga mats 

person unrolling purple yoga mat

Yoga has risen in popularity over the years, but these mats work for all kinds of sporting activities. With many people opting to exercise at home and with gyms likely remaining closed for the foreseeable future, what better time to invest in at-home sports equipment?

Yoga mats have been trending for a while now, with sales continuing to boom over the past year. For this reason, if you’re looking to get into a niche market for health and wellness, this is an excellent product to sell.

Reusable water bottles

reusable water bottle

Remember how we talked about sustainability increasing in popularity with customers? The desire to be eco-responsible and minimize the use of plastic continues with the rising trend of purchasing reusable water bottles.

This trending item is perfect for athletes, campers, beach-goers, or frankly anybody who gets thirsty. Reusable water bottles allow people to quench their thirst while doing far less harm to the planet than when they’re constantly buying plastic bottles of water. 

Depending on the materials the reusable water bottle is made from, the product’s price can vary, but there’s something for whatever type of niche market you’re interested in. You can find all kinds of different bottles with customizations or cool patterns, and people go crazy for them! 

Board games

board game on table

Fun for the entire family! In today’s fast-paced world, many people are trying to slow things down a bit and spend more time with their loved ones. Playing board games together is a great way to do this. 

From children’s to adults’ games, there’s so much to choose from with this trending product. Whether consumers are into board games involving spelling challenges, pop culture trivia, strategy, or drawing adventures, there’s truly something for everyone. 

Perfect for a rainy night in or when people just want to have some fun without going out and spending money, this item may just be the ideal product for your online store this year. 

Handheld clothes steamers

man steaming jacket with handheld steamer

Now this is a really practical product for people all over the world. Rather than spending a fortune at the dry cleaners, consumers are opting for at-home handheld steamers to get rid of those creases that were previously impossible to get rid of themselves.

Though many more people are working from home these days, they still want to look presentable for on-camera meetings. In addition, this trending product offers more convenience than its wrinkle-removing cousin, the iron, and can often get the job done faster. 

If you’re looking to target a market that includes professional people on the go, this is one of the top accessories to offer in ecommerce!

Beeswax food wraps

beeswax food wraps

With this product, you’ll notice the recurring theme of sustainability showing up again. Yep, it doesn’t look like the interest in eco-friendly goods is one of those trends that’s going to be leaving us anytime soon!

Not only are these trending beeswax food wraps great for the planet, but they also come in so many different beautiful patterns and sizes. Your ecommerce business will likely see excellent sales of this product if your niche involves customers who like to cook/bake and are environmentally conscious. 

Reusable food wraps are the way forward for leftovers!

Lint removers

lint remover

While some may consider this a not-so-sexy product, it comes with tons of practicality! Gone are the days when you head out for the evening covered in pet fur and stray threads. Lint removers are beyond pragmatic, and sales online of these basic accessories are huge. 

Whether your target market is people with pet dogs and cats or those who simply like to keep their homes and wardrobe looking immaculate, this is a great item to sell online!

On the hunt for best-selling products

I hope the aforementioned ideas have given you a bit of inspiration for the kinds of products you could be looking out for. 

Now it’s time for you to get started!

To help you with your initial step, I’m going to give you the best method for finding the product that could change your life. 

As I said earlier, you don’t need to necessarily look for original products. Look for items that are already selling well! 

You’ll ensure the profitability of your store in the short term by offering a product that you know sells. 

Don’t forget: you’re a retailer and your objective is to sell. 

So, how do you identify products yourself that you’re sure will fly off the shelves? 

Tip: before you get started, create a table or spreadsheet where you can note down all of your product ideas as you go along. 

You’re going to see that trying to find in-demand products is a logical process.

What is the biggest ecommerce platform in the world? 


Let’s go look for the best sellers on Amazon! This is the best way to see which products are selling the most. 

Type “Bestsellers Amazon” into Google and do some browsing.

list of Amazon bestsellers

Be sure to check out the different categories. Don’t just look at your areas of interest! 

In addition, avoid getting too emotionally involved. After all, the product isn’t for you but for your future customers. 

Amazon doesn’t provide the details for the number of sales per product. For a rough idea, multiply the number of customer reviews by 50 to get the approximate number of sales. 

Fill in your table and take as much time as you need. It’s important. Don’t leave Amazon without having added at least 20 products to your spreadsheet. Note that you won’t be selling all of these products. You’ll just be selecting the best. 

You’ve finished browsing Amazon? You’ve got at least 20 products in your spreadsheet? 

Perfect. Let’s move onto the next step. 

After Amazon, who has the largest product catalog in the world? 

Hint: it’s a SUPER popular Asian company. 


It’s the little brother to Alibaba, the biggest supplier platform in the world. However, the difference is that you can purchase products directly with AliExpress.

It’s widely used by online merchants. 

So let’s look at the best-selling products on AliExpress. 

  • Browse the homepage, look at the best sellers and the different categories. 
  • In the search bar, type in keywords such as “kitchen gadget” or “vintage coat,” anything that comes to mind! 
  • Filter the results by “orders” to see the products that sell the most at the top.
  • Check the star rating to see only the vendors that are top rated by customers.
  • Look at the number of orders placed for each product. If a product has been ordered at least 150 times and has good reviews, add it to your table. 
kitchen gadgets on AliExpress

Be sure to add at least 20 AliExpress products to your table before you move on 

By now, you should have at least 40 different products in your table. However, there are still other resources we can use to get new ideas. 

What is the biggest platform for sharing videos? 


Off we go! Let’s take a look at YouTube.

Here, we can find a plethora of videos of people unboxing packages or “hauls.” 

Brands often send their products to YouTubers to increase their awareness.

  • Type “Unboxing” in the search bar
  • Filter by the number of views. Look at the date and especially the comments. Is there particular interest in these products? 
  • The criteria: a video with more than 100,000 views, published in the current year, without any negative comments about the product.
  • A product fulfills all of these criteria? Go and see if you can find it on AliExpress… 

Be curious and go even further by searching for other keywords such as “Amazon best sellers,” “top 10 kitchen accessories,” “geek gift ideas,” etc.

kitchen gadget videos on YouTube
Like before, add 20 products to your table before moving onto the next step
You’ve exhausted the content on YouTube? There is still another essential technique to find the best products. 
What is the best platform for sharing content in the world? 

Facebook (Bonus)

Most ecommerce advertising is done on Facebook.
Login to your Facebook profile and search for pages involving cooking, decoration, news, trends, etc. and follow them!
The more you follow, the more you’ll be a target for advertisers. Their ads advertise their best-selling products. Your feed will now be showing you a range of ads. 
By analyzing the ads, you can “spy” on the stores that advertise on Facebook. You can use this to help you find even more product ideas! 
For once, you can use the ads targeted at you to your advantage! 
Can you see where I’m going with this?
Thanks to the host of pages that you follow, your feed will become a gold mine for you and your research
To help you get started, here are three examples of pages to follow: 
Take your time doing your research. Don’t move forward without having added 20 more products to your table. 

Everything around you! 

Products that sell are all around you! 

Do your own research. Sign up for trend newsletters and email newsletters from other stores online. Look into the windows of stores when you go shopping and see which products are displayed.

They’re always a good clue as to what’s selling well! There’s a good chance that if you follow this method, your business will take off, and your standard of living will too. 

Thanks to your work researching products, sales are going to arrive very quickly! 

In addition, your state of mind will have changed. You’ll be proud to have launched your new project and to have invested time doing research about your products. 

According to neuroscience researchers, to maintain motivation, you need to take action within 7 days. After this time, your brain moves on. If you don’t begin now, you never will.

Get started! Do your research, take this time for yourself. 

Invest in your future. 

At this stage, you should have at least 20 products from Amazon, 20 from AliExpress, 20 from YouTube, and 20 from Facebook. If you don’t have at least 80 product ideas already, then don’t move onto the next step yet.

Remember that it’s important to take the time to do the necessary research. 

It’s the key to success. 

How to rate your products

Once you have your 80 chosen products in your table, you’ll then need to rate them according to the following criteria:

  • Size (the ideal size is if it can fit in a mailbox) 
  • Weight
  • Expiration date
  • Sturdiness 
  • Initial investment 
  • Margin 
  • Presence in the local market
  • Keyword opportunities (Google Keyword Planner)
  • Opportunities via Google Trends 
  • Presence on Amazon 
  • Presence on AliExpress

Once you've worked out the average for each product, rank them from the highest rating to lowest, and you’ve got an order of priority! 

Select 10 to 15 products to start with. This is already enough for the initial launch of your website. 


You’ve just taken the first step toward your new life as an ecommerce entrepreneur. 

Good luck!

PS: I promised you a secret tool that provides you with tips about which products work, your audience, and all the ways to target them on Facebook so you can get selling in less than 13 minutes.

This tool is very powerful. Make excellent use of it! 

The secret tool in question: https://pexda.com

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