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01 September 2021 • Resources

11 Best places to begin selling handmade crafts and items online today

11 Best places to begin selling handmade crafts and items online today

Creating handmade crafts often starts as an enjoyable hobby, but skilled crafters can take their efforts to the next level by selling their products. Craft shows, local festivals, and other similar events were traditionally the primary avenues for crafters to reach potential customers directly. 

Today, online selling opportunities provide people with an incredible way to connect with more customers around the globe. The ability to sell online also allows these crafters to generate more revenue on a more consistent basis as a result.

Whether you’re just starting to brainstorm craft ideas to sell on the internet or are eager to expand your existing business, there are numerous online platforms from which to choose.

Some people will select a specific website to conduct most or all of their business through. However, others may find that branching out to maximize all of the opportunities available to them works best for their business.

These are among the leading platforms that you can take advantage of if you’re curious about how to sell handmade items online.

1. WiziShop

No matter if you’re a beginning entrepreneur or several years into your business, a great option for where to sell your crafts is your own website. 

When you create your own ecommerce site, you’ll generally have more control over how your store looks and how you conduct your business. If you decide you’d like to start your own website to sell your craft products, you’ll need to choose an ecommerce platform. 

Did you know that with the WiziShop ecommerce website builder, you’ll have access to a wide range of design templates, 400+ tools for site optimization, and fair pricing?

That’s not all! When you create your account with WiziShop, you may avail of free training along with the ability to chat with a team of experts, our Business Coaches. 

Whether you want your online store to sell crafts like hand-knit scarves, charcoal portraits of dogs, or another product, WiziShop is committed to your success! 

The platform is super simple to use and features an intuitive interface, so your business’s site will be ready in no time. You’ll be able to build your online store in a short amount of time, ensuring that you can begin to sell your crafts immediately. 

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy a 15-day free trial, allowing for plenty of time to see just how we can help your online business boom. With WiziShop, there’s tons of potential with how much you can make in ecommerce.

It’ll be possible to sign up on the English version of our platform in the near future, so be sure to visit our homepage and provide your email address to sign up for early access and email updates!

2. Etsy

Etsy is among the largest and most well-known online marketplaces for craftspeople, artisans, and others to showcase their items. The platform is easy enough to use that most people can set up their online shop in a few minutes. 

Listing craft items individually for sale is equally easy. Note that Etsy charges a nominal per-item listing fee as well as a 5% transaction fee when you make a sale.

In addition to being relatively affordable and easy to use, Etsy’s robust popularity may also be tied to its wide range of product categories. Whether you’re selling handmade coasters, jewelry, home décor, or something else, you can carve out your niche on Etsy. 

3. Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade debuted a few years ago as a direct competitor to Etsy. While it’s not as large or as popular as Etsy currently, it still gives crafters access to potentially millions of interested buyers. 

Unlike Etsy, Amazon Handmade doesn’t charge a per-item listing fee, so there’s no cost to establish your shop. It does, however, charge a 15% commission fee per sale.

Compared to Etsy, Amazon has a more significant application process to go through before you can start selling online. 

However, Amazon’s algorithms don’t change as significantly or as frequently, and this can help you to maintain or increase traffic to your shop more easily.

4. Spoonflower

If you prefer to produce artwork or designs rather than other types of crafts, Spoonflower could be the right platform for you. As a designer, you can post all of your artwork on Spoonflower at no cost. 

Next, shoppers will be able to browse through all of the designs that you’ve created. They’ll then choose from wallpaper, pillows, fabric, and other products that they want to place their selected designs on.

Designers receive at least a 10% commission on all sales with their designs. Selling more designs over time may qualify you for a higher commission rate. Because of this payment structure, there’s no overhead to begin making money from your designs via Spoonflower.

5. ArtFire

ArtFire has a tremendous following, but it’s significantly smaller than Amazon Marketplace and Etsy. 

Artisans and crafters can open a shop on ArtFire to sell everything from crafting supplies to their own handmade items. Sellers can also list vintage items that they’ve found for sale through their ArtFire account.

Three plan options are available for ArtFire stores. The Basic Shop has a small monthly fee, a small fee per listing, and a commission fee at the time of a sale. 

For people who want access to more features and more listings, upgrading to the Popular Shop or Featured Shop plans could be beneficial. These shops have higher monthly fees as well as a fee reduction or elimination for listings and for commissions.

6. Cratejoy

Cratejoy takes a different approach to connect people selling crafts online with shoppers. This is a subscription box service that makes it easy to establish repeat customers with recurring sales for the length of the subscription period. 

If you have a large inventory of items, you can create boxes that contain a different selection of your products for each monthly delivery. 

Many crafters, however, sell do-it-yourself craft kits with instructions. These boxes may then contain a business card or other marketing materials so that traffic is driven to the artisan’s website.

There’s a modest monthly fee to list items with Cratejoy. Nevertheless, many crafters appreciate the ability to build a dependable stream of income from subscriptions that they can project for the next several months or longer. 

Note that shoppers can find other products besides craft boxes with do-it-yourself supplies and instructions on Cratejoy. The platform also features items in categories including women’s clothing, bridal, board games, music, coffee, skincare, and more. 

If your crafts relate to these or other available categories, you could get creative with your subscription box ideas to connect with potential customers.

7. Zibbet

If you plan to expand your reach with your craft business by building shops on various platforms, beginning with Zibbet could save you time and reduce stress. 

This is because Zibbet enables you to connect with your shop on Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, and several other channels. 

Once your account is established, you only need to list your item for sale once on Zibbet. It will appear on all of your established sales channels.

Zibbet offers both free and paid accounts. A paid account gives you access to greater exposure, and your listings may appear closer to the top of the results. Shops on Zibbet sell everything from crafts supplies to handmade work, photography, vintage items, and more. 

There are no additional fees to list items for sale on Zibbet, and Zibbet doesn’t charge a transaction commission. However, you’ll be responsible for all of the fees charged by other channels, such as all of the Etsy fees for listings and transactions.

8. aftcra

Whether you want to support the U.S. economy or you want to manage shipping costs by only selling to customers based in the US, aftcra is a great platform to check out. 

Through this site, you can sell any crafts that you’ve made by hand inside the US. As a marketplace devoted purely to selling handmade crafts, aftcra doesn’t accept items from resellers or vintage items.

You can list all of your handmade products on aftcra without paying any listing fees. It’s important to note that all items must have a list price of $10 or more, though. When you make a sale, aftcra will take a 7% commission.

9. Bonanza

Bonanza isn’t as well known as Etsy, Amazon Marketplace, or some of the other platforms listed here, but it’s making a solid name for itself. With this site, you can link your Bonanza account to other platforms, such as Etsy and Amazon. 

By listing your craft products on Bonanza, you can take advantage of tremendous exposure to your products via affiliated bloggers, Google Shopping, and more.

Keep in mind that Bonanza isn’t dedicated purely to handmade items. Your crafts will be competing against mass-produced goods. These may even include products from some well-known brand names. 

While this can seem intimidating to home-based artisans and crafters, competing directly with brand name products can give your products added clout and unique appeal.

10. iCraft

Like aftcra, iCraft is exclusively dedicated to items that have been made by hand. This includes everything from jewelry to knitted items, handmade clothes, décor, and more. 

The iCraft platform is smaller, but it’s also well-established. It offers a wide range of support services and benefits that are specifically designed to help artisans be successful.

If you opt to open an account on iCraft, you can choose between three monthly plans. All plans include an unlimited number of interchangeable listings and a free or discounted domain. 

The primary differences between the plans are the commitment timeframes. You can choose a month-by-month plan without a long-term commitment, or you can select a 6-month or 12-month plan at a discounted rate. 

In addition, this platform doesn’t charge a per-listing fee or a commission fee on transactions.

11. Folksy

Folksy touts itself as an online crafts fair that’s based in the UK. Unlike many other platforms, Folksy has both a blog and a forum for its crafters to interact with each other. 

These features combine to create an active online community. You can sell a wide range of handmade crafts as well as arts supplies and other items through Folksy. However, note that you must be based in the UK.

Two plans are available when you opt to sell your products on Folksy. 

The basic plan is ideal for those who want to try the platform without a major commitment. It gives you three free listings, and you’re responsible for a 6% commission on sales and a nominal fee per listing. 

The Plus package gives you unlimited listings for an affordable flat fee per month. It also comes with special features, such as the ability to import listings from Etsy and to set featured items.

Final thoughts

Online selling enables artisans like you to make money doing something that they love. 

You can more easily connect with people who appreciate your talents, and you could even develop a loyal base of customers. Many online sellers also appreciate the ability to work around their schedule and from their homes.

However, there are some challenges that you’ll need to overcome in order to be successful. 

For example, you need to find a profitable crafts niche that is aligned with your skills. You also need to ensure that you can consistently produce high-quality products at a speed that keeps up with orders.

Tapping into the right marketplaces can yield tremendous advantages. Depending on your chosen platform, you could benefit from access to a large customer base, assistance with marketing, educational opportunities, forums, and more. 

Take time to carefully research the fees, benefits, and other features of each platform before you spend time uploading your products and creating your store.

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