Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that allows you to promote a brand or product in exchange for remuneration.

This marketing method is based on commercial partnerships, through the intermediary of affiliates. Widely used in online marketing, affiliate marketing requires the involvement of two parties: the advertisers, who have the product, and the affiliates, who have the advertising material.

For example, the advertiser (or merchant) calls on a blogger or website publisher (the affiliate), who will promote the merchant's products on their blog in return for payment.

As soon as the blogger brings visitors to the merchant's site (often via a link or banner) and they buy products, the merchant receives a commission on the sale.

In affiliate marketing, both parties must have similar objectives and be in the same business sector for the partnership to be effective.

This marketing approach makes it possible to reach and target a wider customer base. In affiliate marketing, two parties become true advertising partners, with the aim of promoting a product, brand, or service.

This win-win system is based on an exchange between an advertiser wishing to promote their offer and an affiliate with an audience. By giving products the chance to be seen, the affiliate increases their potential leads. In exchange, the affiliate receives remuneration.

Several methods can be used to pay an affiliate:

  • Cost per click allows the seller to pay the affiliate only when users click on the ad.
  • Cost per lead pays the affiliate for each contact gained.
  • Cost per sale pays the affiliate only when the customer buys something after clicking on the ad.

Compensation is an integral part of this system. It's what motivates the affiliate and is an essential element of a successful campaign.

When remuneration is too low, it doesn't attract affiliates. When it's too high, it impacts the campaign's profitability.

The right balance needs to be struck to ensure that both parties benefit.

Of course, as with any marketing campaign, the quality of the affiliate relationship must be verified, particularly in terms of the quality of the leads obtained.

Today, affiliate marketing is a widely used process on the web, particularly in ecommerce for both B2B and B2C companies. For example, one of the world's biggest merchants offers an affiliation system: Amazon.

Our ecommerce platform WiziShop also has its own affiliate program: For each merchant who registers thanks to your recommendation, you receive 30% of their subscription for 1 year.

Affiliate marketing enables sellers to acquire new customers and boost sales at the lowest possible cost and affiliates to earn additional remuneration in exchange for simple advertising space.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular technique on the internet. You'll need to be creative to stand out from the crowd and get as many clicks as possible, namely by sharing high-quality content to attract your target audience, but anyone can use it to generate income!

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