Community management

The definition is simple: community management involves managing and animating a community on the internet, occurring on various online platforms and generally revolving around a company, an association, an organization, a product, or a service.

It's a communication strategy that aims to establish a relationship of trust and closeness with community members, in order to help create bonds and build customer loyalty.

A community manager is the person in charge of implementing this communication strategy, using various tools and communication channels such as social networks, forums, blogs, live chats, etc.

They must listen to the community and respond appropriately, while maintaining a positive corporate image.

Community management is part of an overall marketing, digital marketing, and communications strategy linked to social media marketing, which aims to create added value for community members and develop community involvement.

This can be done through content marketing, public relations, press relations, crisis management, etc.

Focusing on community management in business means ensuring various points for the sustainability of your activity:

  • Enhanced brand image: by communicating transparently and listening to the community, the company can improve its brand image and credibility with its audience.
  • Customer loyalty: by creating links and proposing quality content, the company can build customer loyalty and encourage customers to speak positively about its products or services to their friends and family.
  • Increased traffic and visibility: by publishing quality content on different communication channels, the company can increase its traffic and visibility on the internet.
  • Gathering information and insights: by being in direct contact with its customers, the company can gather valuable information on their needs and expectations, enabling it to improve its products and services.
  • Crisis management: by being present on social networks and communicating transparently, the company can manage crisis situations effectively, answer customers' after-sales questions directly and limit damage to its brand image.

To become a community manager and work for companies to develop their image on social networks, the ideal candidate will need to be armed with a number of key skills and values.

The future professional needs to acquire the necessary knowledge by training or specializing in digital marketing and online communication.

They must also develop interpersonal skills and be at ease with human relations. Building your network by working in a team and quickly integrating into a new environment are central to the job.

To be able to apply to companies, it’s preferable for candidates to put themselves forward by creating a blog or portfolio to showcase their achievements and skills.

Finally, don't forget to be patient and continue to learn and develop to increase your chances of landing a job as a community manager: this profession is competitive and full of promise.

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