Community manager

Community manager is the name given to the person in charge of community management, i.e., the development and management of a brand's image on social networks, as well as all the brand's external digital community channels.

A community manager’s job entails overseeing the company's e-reputation and the engagement of internet users online They’ll also put the content and levers in place that’ll enable the company's social media optimization (SMO) strategy to achieve its objectives.

A community manager may be part of the company or work on a freelance basis with several brands. Depending on the budget allocated to the digital communications strategy and the importance of the brand, particularly in terms of the digital community, the community manager's scope and field of action will vary according to need.

Community managers will also work in collaboration with the marketing and sales teams: their role is to boost a brand's visibility on social media in particular.

They must therefore follow both communication and digital/physical marketing guidelines linked to their company.

In addition to an executive role, a community manager can also be a creative force, translating a company's needs into digital levers.

For example, if a company wishes to promote its offers during Black Friday, the community manager will be able to create an entire strategy for the campaign around this event, including setting up posts on social networks and creating a survey or an exclusive promo code for the brand's subscribers, follow-ups throughout the duration of the event, collaboration with influencers, and so on.

A community manager is someone who can take a 360° view of the various digital levers available to meet a brand’s needs.

What's more, to always create unique and inspiring content, community managers constantly monitor social networks, as well as the competition, on a daily basis.

Every day, the community manager will monitor the brand's reputation by analyzing and responding to feedback from users and customers. A community manager is the link between the public and the company on the digital stage: in addition to a communicative role, their status gives them a place in the customer service department.

Community managers are also important figures in the company, not only for analyzing the situation and brand awareness at any given moment, but also for creating ever more effective communication and digital marketing strategies.

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