Word of mouth

Word of mouth is a social phenomenon that involves the transmission of information, opinions, or recommendations from one person to another, often outside any formal channel of communication. Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of advertising.

It’s based on the sharing of experiences and opinions between close friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth can occur in many contexts, including everyday life, family gatherings, friendships, the workplace, social networks, and so on.

It can be considered a form of natural marketing, and it can have a significant impact on consumers' perception of a brand, product, or service, regardless of the company’s business model. This phenomenon can be driven by customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, or a simple informal conversation between friends.

Word of mouth can also spread rapidly online via social networks, further strengthening its power to influence consumer opinions and behavior.

Word of mouth can have a considerable impact on a company's reputation. It's also part of digital marketing strategy. If positive, it can lead to increased brand awareness and popularity, as well as an increase in the number of new customers. However, if it's negative, it can have devastating consequences for a company's reputation, with a negative impact on sales and consumer perception.

It’s therefore important for companies to cultivate a positive experience and have a well-planned cross-channel marketing strategy in place for their customers in order to stimulate positive word of mouth and a good brand image. This can be achieved by offering unique customer service, guaranteeing product quality, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Word of mouth can also be a powerful tool for small businesses looking to make a name for themselves without spending huge sums on advertising. By building customer satisfaction and trust, they can take advantage of positive word of mouth to reach new consumers and grow their business.

Word of mouth can happen anywhere online, thanks to consumer reviews and comments on social networks, forums, ecommerce sites, etc. Consumers can share their experiences with products or services with a large number of people across the web.

Opinions and comments are more important than ever for both B2B and B2C businesses. Consumers place a great deal of trust in recommendations from friends and family, and they’re more inclined to buy a recommended product or service than simply follow a traditional advertisement.

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