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14 March 2022 • Create Your Online Store

Examples of abandoned cart reminder emails: 5 Templates that work well!

Examples of abandoned cart reminder emails: 5 Templates that work well!

Every year, nearly 70% of consumers abandon their shopping cart before finalizing their order. That’s why it's a good idea to use the right tools as soon as possible to revive these undecided customers.

To counter this ecommerce plague, the most effective solution is to create your own abandoned cart campaigns. With your tone, style, and high-quality copy, remind your prospects that their cart is dormant and that it only takes a few clicks to order their items without delay.

When creating your online store, abandoned cart emails represent a very effective lever to improve your conversions: now indispensable for any e-business, emailing will allow you to convince the prospect, provide additional information, but above all, personalize your contact in order to establish a lasting relationship with your customer.

Moreover, emailing is the best way to amplify your database to increase your power and boost your revenue due to great communication with your target audience. Email marketing in ecommerce isn’t just an option: it’s a central marketing pillar!

Succeed with your email reminder with the help of these 5 template examples of emails to send to your customers who abandoned their shopping cart, allowing you to retain them and multiply your sales!

FAQs for cart abandonment reminder emails

What is an abandoned cart reminder email in ecommerce?

A follow-up email for an abandoned cart is an often automatic communication sent to the undecided internet user, who added a product or multiple items to their shopping cart without finalizing their transaction.

The ecommerce email is a very effective technique: according to a SaleCycle study, no less than half of abandoned cart emails are opened by a third of internet users who click on the links in the email to complete their shopping.

This email is a mark left directly in your visitor’s inbox: it’s a considerable conversion stake and an effective way to gradually boost your conversion rate.

Note: in order to send an abandoned cart email, you must first have succeeded in collecting the email address of your potential future customer. Techniques exist to achieve this, including the following: opt-in registration to a newsletter in exchange for a welcome promo or discount code, call-to-action (CTA) during the navigation on your brand's site, follow-up on social networks, former customer who logged in via a login page, etc.

Why do people abandon their online shopping carts?

According to a 2023 study by Baymard, several main reasons stand out for the causes of ecommerce cart abandonment.

For example, at 47%, there’s the fact that the internet user was not informed of additional costs such as product delivery or shipping fees or taxes, which pushes them to abandon their cart.

In second place, we find the obligation to create an account to finalize the order: this process can be long and tedious for customers, which is why it’s best to offer shoppers the option to purchase without registering on your site during the ecommerce checkout process.

Up next, there’s a too-lengthy delivery time, a complex purchasing process, lack of trust in the site, and a poor display of the total amount of the transaction that might repel the prospect who doesn’t finalize their order.

Finally, poor navigation, a vague return policy, a lack of payment solutions, or a refused credit card are other examples of issues that can cause the prospect to cancel their shopping, leading to a loss of sales for the brand.

cart abandonment reasons 2023 baymard

Source: Baymard

What are some solutions to lower cart abandonment rate?

Several great solutions exist to help you to aid in the recovery of a forgotten item in your visitors' carts and reduce your online store’s shopping cart abandonment rate.

First of all, your site should offer shoppers simple and fluid navigation to avoid any friction in the order funnel. For example, quality images, well-detailed product pages, social proof, clear information... There are so many examples of design elements that’ll attract new visitors to your shop and give it the attention that it deserves!

The transparency of your data as well as the information about your products or the final price of your transactions must be rigorous so that the customer doesn’t feel deceived or distrustful of your website or brand.

It’s best to offer people the greatest number of payment solutions possible in order to satisfy all types of customers who visit your ecommerce store and increase the chances of earning sales.

Always be accessible for your customers: display your customer service contact information (your phone number, your email address, or a contact form) in a clear way in the copy on your website so that the internet user can contact you if needed at any moment during the product ordering process.

Don’t forget to display your reassurance elements in order to give confidence to future customers who haven’t yet ordered from your online store and to make them want to come back to purchase your product. A lack of items of this nature on your website is a good way to send shoppers running for the hills in a hurry!

Above all, when faced with shopping cart abandonment, take a step back from the situation: sometimes internet users wish to finalize their order later or simply have problems with their internet connection at that instant...

That’s why a reminder email will always be a good sales-recovery technique following cart abandonment to remind your customer that their transaction isn’t yet complete and that they still have items waiting for them. It’s also a simple way to get in touch with undecided customers by creating personalized offers and encouraging their loyalty to count them soon among your most loyal customers!

How does timing affect how well abandoned cart email reminders work?

An email reminder in case of an abandoned cart is prepared in advance and analyzed according to the statistics that you’ll be able to see after several experiences of this type.

Depending on the automatic solutions chosen, a time period will be configured between the end of the user’s navigation on your website and the moment when the email is sent.

If you send your abandoned cart email too early, the email will have no impact on the future buyer; if you send it too late, your prospect may have already purchased the product but on one of your competitor’s websites... You must therefore know how to play on the sense of urgency that the consumer may feel regarding the goods in their cart that they’re about to abandon.

So, feel free to do A/B tests for several email templates, after 5, 10, 20 minutes of inactivity on your website, or even a few hours after potential customers abandon their carts, for example.

With the Wizishop solution, you’ll see that it’s very easy to set up your abandoned cart email campaign, and everything is included in your ecommerce subscription!

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What do you write in an abandoned cart email?

An abandoned cart email is a crucial tool in ecommerce for re-engaging potential customers who have added items to their cart but left without completing the purchase. Here's what you might include in such an email:

  • Friendly reminder: Begin with a friendly and personalized greeting, addressing the customer by name. Politely remind them that they left an item or items in their cart without making a purchase.
  • Product recap: List the items left in the cart along with images, names, and prices. This helps the customer recall their selections.
  • Incentives: Offer an incentive to encourage them to complete the purchase, such as a limited-time discount, free shipping, or a special promo code. A bit of extra encouragement may be just what they need to return to your store to finish the checkout process!
  • Trust and security: Building trust is essential for ecommerce success, especially if your brand is rather new to the market. Reassure consumers about the security of their personal information and payment details, addressing any concerns they may have.
  • Customer support: Shoppers won't want to spend ages searching for answers to any queries they have concerning an item for sale or your brand's policies. In your template for your abandoned cart email, provide contact information or a link to customer support in case they have questions or need assistance.
  • Call-to-action (CTA): Include a prominent and visually appealing CTA button that leads directly to their cart, making it easy for them to resume the checkout process.
  • Urgency: Create a sense of urgency by mentioning limited stock availability or the expiration of any discounts. This can be done via the abandoned cart email's subject line or copy within the message itself.
  • Testimonials: Consider adding testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers to build trust and confidence in your products. Shoppers will naturally be more apt to buy an item if others have already said great things about it.
  • Additional recommendations: Suggest related or complementary goods to encourage upselling or cross-selling. This can aid in boosting sales when the recipient decides to return to the checkout.
  • Privacy and unsubscribe: With your abandoned cart email templates, just like with any other types of emails you send, such as a confirmation email or a welcome email, you'll want to ensure that you comply with data protection regulations. Include a privacy statement and an option to unsubscribe from future emails in the template's design.
  • Gratitude: Showing consumers your appreciation is always a good action to take... Plus, it's free! Express gratitude for their interest in your offerings and for considering your store.
  • Signature: Sign off with a friendly closing in the template of your abandoned cart email. Don't forget to include your brand's logo and contact details for further reassurance.

An abandoned cart email with a well-crafted design should be concise, visually appealing, and persuasive, aiming to re-engage customers and aid in the recovery of potentially lost sales while providing a great customer experience.

Best practices for sending abandoned cart emails

Add enticing subject lines

Enticing subject lines in abandoned cart emails can significantly increase open rates and engagement. Here are some strategies to craft subject lines that will compel people to click on the email to learn more:

  • Personalization: Include the customer's name for a personalized touch. For example, "Hey [Name], Did You Forget Something?"
  • Urgency: Create a sense of urgency in your subject lines with phrases like "Don't Miss Out," "Last Chance," or "Limited Time Offer."
  • Benefit-oriented: Highlight the value or benefit of completing the purchase, such as "Unlock 20% Savings Today."
  • Curiosity: Pique the recipient's curiosity with subject lines like "A Surprise Awaits in Your Cart" or "Guess What's Waiting for You?"
  • Social proof: Add social proof or reviews to build trust, like "See Why Others Love These Items."
  • Incentives: Mention discounts or freebies, such as "Get 10% Off Your Abandoned Cart."
  • Problem-solving: Address potential concerns or problems the customer may have, like "Need Assistance with Your Cart?"
  • Emojis: Use emojis sparingly in your subject lines to add visual appeal and convey emotion. 
  • Short and sweet: Keep subject lines concise and to the point. Avoid overly long or complicated phrases.
  • A/B testing: Experiment with different subject lines and use A/B testing to determine which ones resonate best with your audience.

Remember to align your subject line with the content of your email templates to maintain relevance and trust. Crafting compelling subject lines is a key element of successful abandoned cart email campaigns.

Craft compelling copy

Writing compelling copy in your abandoned cart emails is essential for motivating customers to return and complete their purchase. 

Start by empathizing with the customer's situation. Acknowledge their abandoned cart and gently remind them of the items they left behind. Use language that conveys understanding, such as "We noticed you left something in your cart," and express genuine concern for their shopping experience.

Encourage action by incorporating urgency in your copy. Highlight limited-time offers, low stock levels, or expiring discounts. Phrases like "Act now" or "Don't miss out" can instill a sense of immediacy, prompting customers to complete their purchase sooner.

Clearly communicate the value of the products they abandoned. Highlight key benefits, unique features, or how the items can solve their problems or meet their needs. Use persuasive language that emphasizes the product's worth.

Mention any incentives or benefits they'll receive upon completing the purchase. This could include discounts, free shipping, hassle-free returns, or exclusive access to certain products or promotions. Make these benefits prominent and appealing.

Build trust through your copy by reassuring customers about security, privacy, and the reliability of your products and services. Mention any guarantees, warranties, or testimonials that showcase the positive experiences of past customers.

Use customer-centric language throughout the email. Focus on how the purchase is going to benefit them, addressing their needs and desires.

Include clear CTAs

Including clear and effective CTA buttons in abandoned cart emails is crucial for motivating recipients to take action and complete their purchases. When customers can easily return to their carts or continue shopping thanks to a clear CTA, it reduces cart abandonment rates. 

Clear CTAs guide recipients on what action to take, increasing the likelihood of conversion and purchase completion. Furthermore, they make it easy for customers to engage with your email and interact with your brand beyond the abandoned cart, such as exploring other products or subscribing to newsletters. enhancing their experience.

Be sure to make the text of any CTA buttons you add straightforward and action-oriented. Use phrases like "Complete Your Purchase," "Shop Now," or "Return to Cart," also confirming that the button is easily visible within the email.

It's a good idea to design the CTA button to stand out visually from the rest of the email. Use a contrasting color that draws attention and makes it clear that it's clickable. You'll also want to pay attention to placement, positioning the CTA prominently within the email, preferably near the top or in a central location. Your recipients shouldn't have to scroll or search for it!

Keep in mind that many shoppers may be viewing your messages from a mobile device. You'll therefore want to ensure that the CTA button is mobile-friendly and easily clickable on smartphones and tablets

Lastly, if you're sending a longer email or a follow-up message, consider using multiple CTAs strategically. For instance, include one at the top and another at the bottom for easy access.

Keep your emails concise

Keeping your abandoned cart emails concise is essential for several reasons.

To start, most online users have short attention spans. A concise email quickly conveys the message before interest wanes. In addition, as mentioned previously, many people check emails on mobile devices where screen space is limited. Concise emails are more mobile-friendly and ensure that the content is easily digestible.

Clear, concise content ensures that the main message—encouraging cart completion—isn't diluted or lost in lengthy paragraphs. An email that gets straight to the point respects the recipient's time and offers a better user experience.

Furthermore, conciseness ensures that recipients engage with the most critical information, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Concise emails quickly remind recipients of their abandoned cart, reducing the chances of them losing interest and leaving the email without taking action.

In summary, concise abandoned cart emails are more effective in capturing and retaining recipients' attention, resulting in improved user experience, engagement, and conversion rates. They communicate the essential message clearly and directly, encouraging customers to return and complete their purchases.

Test and optimize your emails

It's not enough to simply send your abandoned cart emails to shoppers and cross your fingers that they'll work. You'll also need to test and optimize your messages to ensure that you stay competitive with your marketing strategy.

Regular testing allows you to identify elements that work best for your audience, leading to more effective email campaigns. By optimizing subject lines, content, and CTAs, you can improve open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. 

What's more, through A/B testing, you gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. Understanding what resonates with your audience helps you tailor future campaigns for better results. Data from testing informs your decision-making process. It assists you in making informed adjustments rather than relying on guesswork.

In addition, as you've likely come to understand, ecommerce trends and customer behaviors are always evolving. Optimization ensures that your abandoned cart emails remain relevant and align with changing preferences. It also reduces wasted efforts and resources by focusing on strategies that yield the best results, maximizing the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

Finally, optimizing your abandoned cart emails is an ongoing process that promotes continuous improvement. It ensures that your messages remain effective and aligned with your business goals.

What text should you include in cart abandonment emails? 5 great template examples

To inspire your future abandoned cart email campaigns, here are a few examples of messages that are generally quite effective in aiding in the recovery of carts left behind by website visitors. Feel free to use these templates and adjust them accordingly to suit your brand's image and your particular target audience!

“Classic” email to revive an abandoned cart

If you want a very basic email that'll allow you to summarize the items in your future customer’s shopping cart, here’s an email that can be adapted to all types of ecommerce businesses. You can also configure this email by adding an image of the product or products in question to perfect your communication.

SUBJECT - Complete your order!

TEXT - Hello [First name] [Last name],

Your shopping cart has been saved and is waiting for you on the mybrand.com site!

It contains the following products:

  • 1x set of 4 stemmed glasses - $10
  • 2x scented candles - $10
  • 1x set of paper napkins - $5
  • Total: 4 products - $25

It’s not too late to order! Follow this link to finalize your purchase:

CTA - Complete your order

Enjoy shopping at mybrand.com!

classic email

“Urgent” recovery of an abandoned shopping cart

As we’ve seen, abandoned cart emails must play on the urgency to place an order before it’s too late: you focus on the period during which your visitor is interested in placing an order, before your potential buyer turns to your direct competitor or turns away from your brand. This email example below can be expanded with product visuals but also with images you can create to illustrate the urgency of placing an order.

SUBJECT - Last items in stock: finalize your order!

TEXT - Hurry up [First name] [Last name]!

Mybrand.com stocks are low: order now before your favorite products vanish!

To finalize your order, head here: [URL]

CTA - Order now

See you soon on mybrand.com!

urgent email

“Promo” email with a discount code

What better way for consumers to find a bargain than to hunt for one? If your prospect has abandoned their shopping cart, it may be that they’ve thought about the budget they could allocate to their future purchases but their cart total was too high. So, why not offer a small discount code, as demonstrated in the following abandoned cart email example, to encourage them to go for it?

SUBJECT - Don’t go away: 15% off your next order!

TEXT - Dear [First name] [Last name],

Your shopping cart feels abandoned... That’s why we couldn’t see you leave just like that.

We’re giving you 15% off your entire cart with the code HELLO15! Take note, this discount code is only valid for 24 hours!

CTA - Enjoy 15% off

promo email

“Reassuring” email to give the customer confidence

Reassuring your prospect in your abandoned cart emails must be one of your top priorities in order to increase your conversions. Some internet users don’t finalize their purchases because of doubts or friction regarding the security of their navigation and their data. Your email reminder can then be the opportunity to give details regarding all your security actions to convince your people visiting your site to make a purchase.

SUBJECT - Thank you for visiting mybrand.com!

TEXT - Hello [First name] [Last name],

The mybrand.com team is delighted with your visit, and we’re at your disposal to answer all your questions. Feel free to reach out by chat on the site or call us at (123) 456-7890!

CTA - Finalize your order

Enjoy free shipping and returns for 30 days after receipt.

New! You can pay in installments with our partner Alma.

See you soon on mybrand.com

[Links to social networks]


What customers are saying about us: [add the latest customer testimonials]

[add all the reassurance logos at the end of the email]

reassuring email

“Original” email to pique curiosity

Finally, you can play the originality card to stand out from all the other abandoned cart emails in your visitor’s inbox. Let your creativity speak for itself to catch the eye and pique the curiosity of your prospect.

SUBJECT - “If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me”

TEXT - [First name] [Last name], we need to talk!

You can’t just leave us hanging.

By the way, if there’s anything we can do to help you, feel free to chat with us on the site, send us an email, or give us a call on the phone. Here is our contact information: [email / phone]

Want to play a game to try to win a $500 gift card? Before the end of the week, for every order completed on our site, you’ll automatically be registered for our drawing, occurring next Monday.

CTA - Try your luck!

In the meantime, I invite you to follow us on social networks: [social network links]

And don’t forget: your cart is asking for you!

original email

Auto-Mail Booster: Your automatic reminder solution, without HTML coding!

With the WiziShop ecommerce solution, Auto-Mail Booster, our email reminder service, is included in your subscription! Thanks to this marketing tool, you can program and customize all your reminders, including for cart abandonment, to best suit your brand’s marketing needs to help boost sales. 

Sending time, customer segments, specific occasion... Set up your reminder emails to your brand image in order to maximize your chances of conversions. With WiziShop, this service is free with your subscription: test the solution out today with a 7-day free trial!

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