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21 March 2023 • Resources

5 Great birthday email examples to send to your customers to retain them

5 Great birthday email examples to send to your customers to retain them

Today, the birthday email in ecommerce is a great way to celebrate the key moments of your customer.

By taking the time to send the people on your subscriber list a fun birthday message, you show each recipient that you appreciate them and encourage them to visit your ecommerce store. Furthermore, adding promotional offers or promo codes to your content to celebrate the event can aid in brightening the recipient's day as well as boosting loyalty to your brand. 

In this article, we’ll go over some good reasons to send birthday messages to your subscribers every year, provide you with a few examples of birthday emails to create, and explain how to craft a winning template for your next birthday email campaign to help boost customer retention!

Why send birthday emails to your subscribers?

Birthday emails provide benefits to not just the shopper but also the business sending them. Before we check out some great examples of birthday emails that’ll delight the recipients, let’s first explore the reasons to send birthday messages to the people on your subscriber list:

  • They help you to stand out from the competition: Not every company sends their subscribers a happy birthday message. By sending your customers an email on their birthday, you’ll differentiate your business from others and ensure that your brand remains at the forefront of the recipient’s mind.
  • They make your customers feel special: Who doesn’t appreciate receiving fun birthday greetings and feeling seen on their special day, be it with a physical card or an email? Show your subscribers you care and make their day by sending a thoughtful, personalized message.
  • They increase brand loyalty: When a shopper receives personalized attention from a business, they’re more likely to want to continue purchasing from them in the future. What’s more, they may very well tell others about their positive experience with the company, helping to attract new buyers.
  • They’re a cost-effective form of marketing: Today, email marketing in ecommerce continues to be one of the best ways for businesses to reach the people in their target audience due to it generally being less expensive than other methods. Sending your subscribers birthday messages via email is a very cost-effective way to connect with them and may even be free, depending on if you’ve invested in paid tools, such as for email marketing campaign automation.

Examples of how to create successful birthday email marketing campaigns

Now that you’re aware of some good reasons to send birthday greetings to your subscribers, the next step is to craft your messages. To help inspire your future marketing campaigns, here are some great examples of how to set up successful birthday emails that every recipient will want to click on and love to read.

What is the best practice for sending an original birthday message by email?

When it comes to any ecommerce email you send, it’s best to aim to be original with the design. This is no less true for your birthday email, but it’s especially important to be original in the message’s subject line .

To stand out from other birthday emails that the recipient is going to receive on their special day that year, don't hesitate to take the time to try to think of a differentiating subject line , in particular by directly entering the amount of your promotion or the gift reserved for customers.

You can send an email in advance, a few weeks before the deadline.

The originality is also going to involve the design of your email: flowers, hearts, a quote about the celebration, an interactive map, texts from songs or poems... It's up to you to celebrate your customers' birthdays in a fun way that’s different from others!

Here’s an example of email text with its subject:

SUBJECT: Pssst… 20% off in this email...

TEXT: Today is your day. So, to make the most of it, here's a 20% off promo code for the entire site: HB20

We of course want to wish you a happy birthday. But we also want to thank you for being a faithful friend, for being part of our family: we share our joy and our gratitude with you!

Happy birthday again!

Lucy from YourBrand.com

Writing a short-but-sweet happy birthday note: how do you set up your email?

You can also consider creating a very succinct email when setting up your campaign for your birthday emails.

If you provide a promotional offer, don't forget to  highlight it with a visible call-to-action button that’ll stand out to the recipient of your message.

Finally, the recipient will be more interested in knowing the content of your offer immediately than reading entire paragraphs about your wishes. Here's an example:

SUBJECT: A wonderful birthday: 20% off the entire site!

TEXT: Happy Birthday! For the occasion, here’s a promo code for 20% off everything on the site: HB20

See you soon,

Lucy from YourBrand.com

What wording should be used to wish a happy birthday by email?

"Happy Birthday," "Birthday Wishes," "Happy B-Day"... What will be your chosen turn of phrase?

Just like with any other messages you send with your email marketing campaigns, like with your welcome email, for example, it all depends on your brand identity. You can write it directly in the subject line of your email as well as reserve it for the content of your email to leave room for a more intriguing subject line that’ll encourage the customer to click on your email more quickly than an email from another sender.

SUBJECT: Happy Birthday to youuuuu!

TEXT: Dear [First Name],

The entire YourBrand team and I wish you a wonderful birthday. All our wishes for health, joy, and happiness!

To enjoy this moment that belongs only to you, we’re offering you a 20% discount on the entire site with the promo code HB20.

Happy Birthday [First name] and see you soon!

Ludovic, CEO of YourBrand.com

The best tone for your birthday email newsletter: formal or informal?

Once again, the use of first name or last name is going to depend on the tone you usually use in your marketing strategy .

There are no precise rules for wishing a happy birthday, except for one tip, which is to respect your editorial charter.

When in doubt, it’s best to use a more formal form of address for this rather generic message, which is likely to be appreciated by the people on your subscriber list anyway.

Being on first-name terms with the customer can sometimes be perceived as too familiar, especially if it doesn’t suit your target audience or if your message is usually aimed at older age groups.

SUBJECT: You won't believe your eyes...

TEXT: For your birthday, we’ve prepared a very special gift for you, just for you: 20% off on the entire site, cumulative with all current promotions!

Don't miss your chance, and enjoy your day!

Warm wishes,

Everybody at YourBrand.com

Is it mandatory to include a promotional offer?

Most stores provide a promotion or discount on birthdays, such as a one-time gift.

It’s best to give a gift to your customer to encourage them to order from your online store. Promo codes, gift, birthday offers several weeks before the date, etc. Choose the most profitable lever for you.

Don't hesitate to perform A/B tests on your birthday emails in order to analyze the results and see which type of gift is the most effective according to your target.

SUBJECT: There’s a gift hidden in this email!

TEXT: Happy Birthday!

To celebrate this special day, we're giving you the bestselling bluetooth headset as a gift with your next order!

To take advantage of it, place an order of at least $20 and sign in to your account. That’s it. Your gift will arrive automatically!

See you soon,

Lucy from YourBrand.com

How to create a winning birthday email template

A "Happy Birthday" email template for should convey warmth, appreciation, and a personalized touch. Here are some tips to help your subscribers feel valued and appreciated on their special day with your birthday email campaigns.

Write a compelling subject line

To craft a compelling subject line for birthday emails, focus on personalization, curiosity, and value. Use their name, evoke emotion, and highlight the exclusive promotion. For example: "Happy Birthday, [Name]! Your Exclusive Gift Awaits Inside" This subject line is personalized, creates excitement, and promises a valuable surprise, encouraging recipients to open the email.

Add a birthday greeting and show gratitude

Begin with a warm greeting like "Happy Birthday, [Customer's Name]!" Then, add a personal touch by mentioning their special day and expressing your appreciation for their loyalty. For instance, "Wishing you a fantastic birthday, [Name]! Your support means the world to us, and we're excited to celebrate with you!" This friendly approach creates a personal connection and sets a positive tone for the email.

Include a special offer 

Incorporate an exclusive birthday promotion to make the email even more appealing. Include a promo code for a birthday discount, free gift, or special perk. For instance, "As a birthday treat, enjoy 20% off your next purchase with code BDAY20. Make your day even brighter with our heartfelt gift to you!" This incentive encourages engagement and boosts the chances of a conversion.

Provide a clear CTA

End the birthday email with a clear call to action (CTA) that guides recipients on how to redeem their discount or present. Use concise language like "Shop Now," "Claim Your Gift," or "Redeem Offer." Place the CTA prominently with contrasting colors to attract attention. Ensure the CTA button is easily clickable, directing recipients to your website or a dedicated landing page to take advantage of the birthday promotion.

Add engaging visuals

Incorporate engaging visuals in birthday emails to capture recipients' attention and create a memorable experience. Include colorful graphics, celebratory images, or even a personalized birthday cake animation. Visuals enhance the email's appeal and convey the festive spirit. They make the email more shareable and encourage recipients to take action, leading to higher click-through rates and engagement.

Use a mobile-friendly design

Utilize a mobile-friendly design for birthday emails to ensure optimal viewing on various devices. With a responsive layout, recipients can easily read and interact with the content on smartphones and tablets. This enhances user experience, increases engagement, and maximizes the chances of customers acting on your birthday offer, ultimately driving conversions and fostering customer loyalty.

Give your sign-off a personal touch

Adding a personal touch to the email sign-off in birthday emails creates a warm and genuine connection with customers. Use their name or a friendly closing phrase to make it feel personalized. This reinforces the sense of celebration and appreciation, making recipients more likely to engage with your offer and leave with a positive impression of your company.

The company birthday email, a digitalized greeting card model to build loyalty

In the past, in traditional commerce, it was a matter of sending personalized birthday cards to the most loyal shoppers. Over the years, this technique has been replaced by an email sent based on the data collected from consumers on the internet. With the WiziShop solution, you can automatically set up your birthday emails directly from your administration area, all integrated with your subscription, a great way to save you lots of time and effort with this aspect of your email marketing.

Try WiziShop free for 3 days


Finally, if your registered customers haven’t filled in their name and date of birth, you can send a newsletter to the relevant customer segment with specific texts to suggest that they fill in this information and explain that they’ll receive a special offer on the day. The idea is to encourage the recipient to complete their form in exchange for a discount or free present, which will in turn allow you to build your subscriber list.

Think of these emails as you would send these messages to your friends or family, with a little promotional offer on top!

To start setting up your birthday emailing ideas, but also your abandoned-cart emails, your follow-up emails to your loyal buyers, and even your messages for specific holidays, like Valentine’s Day emails and Christmas emails, test WiziShop with a 3-day free trial, and start your ecommerce success story today!

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