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31 January 2022 • Resources

Top 15 essential ecommerce tools to help you sell on the internet in 2024

Top 15 essential ecommerce tools to help you sell on the internet in 2024

Technology has created an ecosystem of tools that facilitate the management of daily life and actions related to ecommerce. Marketing, communication, social media networks, postal services, content creation, email marketing... So many conversion tunnels and sales opportunities for more and more visitors, provided that you’re helped by the right tools!

Software, websites, or adapted applications will allow you to increase your sales and your revenue, while boosting the visibility of your ecommerce business. The functionalities of an ecommerce tool must support a merchant website in order to make it more efficient, effective, and secure.

Ecommerce solutions and platforms allow companies to develop their online business: discover the 15 best online tools to turn your online store into a successful business!

1. The WiziShop ecommerce solution

Presentation of the ecommerce CMS

If you’re considering launching a new online store, you may be asking yourself if you should use an ecommerce platform. To start selling online, you need to rely on a foolproof ecommerce solution that meets all the requirements of your business sector without ever slowing down your actions, either by the complexity of the solution or by its pricing.

The CMS is a tool that allows the creation of an ecommerce website. With more than 400 ecommerce features, unique SEO performance, personalized support, and complete training included, WiziShop is the #1 ecommerce solution on the market!

Web hosting, domain name, updates, and technical maintenance: WiziShop is a SaaS solution that takes care of everything. You don’t need to know how to code to enjoy all the latest features dedicated to your success.

Furthermore, WiziShop boasts a powerful AI feature that will revolutionalize your content-creation strategy. With this tool, you'll be able to generate product descriptions, translations, text rewrites, blog posts, and other text content in a flash!

How does WiziShop work?

The choice of your online store builder is also determined by its price. At WiziShop, our policy is based on the idea of win-win. That’s why we do everything to make ecommerce accessible to everyone. With various pricing plans that start at $40/month (plus a small commission fee that varies according to your chosen plan and begins at 0.75% of your sales), you’ll have access to an optimal online store, with an optimized customer experience, and access to a large number of exceptional services and partners.

To support your ecommerce actions, the WiziShop solution is already highly appreciated by Google: on your end, with our offered training and some great content creation habits, you’ll be able to increase the visibility of your products.

Mobile is at the heart of WiziShop’s ecommerce management definition: the web has changed and now goes through the mobile internet. Your project must be optimized for mobile: with the WiziShop platform, this will be done to offer your customers a seamless use of your ecommerce website.

In addition to the free registration, we offer you a 3-day trial (and your first month for just $1): get started now with the best ecommerce platform!

Try WiziShop free for 3 days


Best payment solutions for ecommerce

To be successful in your ecommerce market, it’s essential to rely on payment services adapted to your internet sales platform. Furthermore, offering several solutions on your online store allows you to considerably reduce shopping cart abandonment: when buying a product, customers want to pay with a tool that they’re used to using.

Presenting several solutions is then a source of reassurance for the customer who will be able to choose their favorite software among your available list. Here are three payment solutions that will help you satisfy all types of customers.

2. Alma, payment in several installments

Alma is a payment solution for payments made in several installments. Usable for European stores, it’s adapted to all shopping carts from €50 and up to €2,000! Security and payment guarantees are ensured by the tool, which allows all e-merchants to be paid the total amount due by the customer.

Alma acts as a relay between your online store and the customer and takes the consumer’s payments. On your end, you’ll find that your product sales will be boosted with an increase of up to +20% in your revenue thanks to this payment model.

Alma is a source of customer conversion for businesses. Simply add it to your payment page when configuring your WiziShop ecommerce website. In just a few easy clicks, take advantage of an internet payment solution that’s highly appreciated by users!

3. Viva Wallet, easy payment around the world

Viva Wallet is an internationally licensed electronic money institution, present in 22 European countries and the United Kingdom and offering its service in 17 languages.

The tool supports all credit cards but also the most popular digital wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Viva Wallet also offers Smart Checkout for its users: the aim of this service is to allow the customer to make a payment in just a few seconds and, for you, to considerably boost your business’s conversion rate. The user experience is then optimal, for a tenfold increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty!

4. PayPal, the international solution

PayPal is the most popular solution in the ecommerce world. Paypal is a digital wallet that allows customers to pay without entering their bank details. Secure and ergonomic, the customer only has to enter their PayPal codes to access the payment page.

The service also offers users the option of making payments in 4 installments without the need for the e-merchant to take any steps. Customers can pay for all purchases, regardless of the order’s pricing.

In addition, PayPal helps you manage your customer data and integrates many accounting partners to simplify your procedures.

5. Amazon Pay, a reliable method

The giant Amazon has succeeded in imposing its online wallet on millions of households. Offering the Amazon service on your ecommerce website is to be able to develop your business thanks to the market leader of web commerce.

Amazon Pay will allow you to support your product sales with its simplified interface: no wonder that thousands of companies use this software to manage their transactions on the internet!

Tools to manage your online store’s marketing

Social media networks, email, SMS, customer reviews... So many marketing levers to manage your online store and improve its visibility. The web is full of products and tools dedicated to the development of your reputation—make good use of them!

6. Agorapulse to plan and track your analytics

Agorapulse is web software specializing in social network management. From the planning of posts to the in-depth analysis of each data through competitive intelligence, you’ll be able to manage everything with this ultra-complete tool. Thanks to Agorapulse, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits of marketing automation for your social networks.

The goal will be for you to have an overall vision of your communication work and your brand image: your e-reputation can be controlled in real time, while always making sure to create engaging content in order to convert your followers into buyers!

7. Trustpilot for your customer reviews

For your brand image and to reassure people visiting your online store, it’s in your best interest to display your ecommerce reviews left by your customers. User-generated content (UGC) is an effective word-of-mouth tool for building customer loyalty.

Trustpilot is the king in this field: from the homepage, you can display the notes and comments left by your customers during their previous transactions. A godsend for your brand image: all the positive comments left by users will allow you to convert more easily, and the less-positive comments will help you improve your ecommerce activity!

8. Mailchimp for your email marketing and landing pages

Email marketing is a very effective communication tool to solicit prospects and build customer loyalty. Marketing automation is an essential practice for companies that want to save time in their daily activities while boosting their performance.

Mailchimp is a powerful tool that offers you the ability to create email marketing campaigns with personalized designs. You can then choose to target these campaigns to specific segments, based on the customer data that you’ve collected.

In addition, Mailchimp makes it possible to create landing pages, fixed pages allowing interested visitors to subscribe to your newsletters, for example, thanks to an opt-in form system. Almost the entire service can be customized to your image—generate more customer data and become a must-have for consumers thanks to optimal email campaigns.

Essential software for ranking your online store

9. Google Shopping to boost your products on sale

In the field of sales channels available for an ecommerce website, Google Shopping is a benchmark. Google Shopping is the Google service that allows products from merchant sites to be highlighted in the “Shopping” part of the search engine but also at the top of SERPs dedicated to keywords related to products present on the service.

This service will help you to reach your commercial objectives via Google’s Shopping tool.

10. Semrush for your SEO strategy

Semrush will help you accelerate your search engine optimization thanks to its advanced SEO and competitive intelligence technology.

Keyword research, performance analysis of other sites, content marketing, link strategy... Semrush offers full-strength features in everything related to helping your site to rank higher, to always stay at the top of the search results.

11. Fiverr to help you in all your steps

To perfect your search engine presence, you’ll need to create editorial content. In addition, to be able to feed all the pages of your merchant site, you’ll need to multiply the written and visual creations, in order to increase your chances of accelerating the traffic to your site.

Fiverr is a directory of talents that will meet your expectations: visual creation, editorial for your SEO, video, logo, etc. In a few clicks and at low prices, find the professional who can help you in your business development.

What free sites and tools are available for your daily ecommerce activities?

12. Canva for graphic creation and customization

Canva is the benchmark for online graphic design. Its free version, very complete, allows users to create visuals thanks to its bank of images and illustrations available but also to its dozens of features. You can import your own content to retouch it or create new montages in the image of your brand.

Video is also available on Canva: for your social media networks, to animate your ecommerce site, you just have to select the format adapted to the chosen channel and let your imagination run free.

Canva is integrated into WiziShop: without leaving your administration area, you can edit your images and publish them directly on your ecommerce site.

canva wizishop

13. Google Trends for your trend monitoring

The use of trends in ecommerce is central to have an accurate analysis of your sector so that your ecommerce website is a source of inspiration and traffic but also to have better management of your brand image.

Thanks to Google Trends, you’ll be able to search for all the keywords related to your business activity to see the evolution of the searches of these terms on Google through time and according to a precise geographical area.

Free of charge, this service will allow you to adapt your products and your communication according to the popularity of the keywords over specific periods. A powerful ally for your products and your brand!

14. Social networks for your communication

Social networks and ecommerce are two worlds that cannot exist without each other: social networks are essential weapons for your business.

True digital windows, being present on these platforms is essential to increase your visibility and to reach your target audience more easily.

Ads are also very beneficial conversion levers on social media networks. By reaching qualified audiences, the return on investment is often very advantageous.

Finally, with social shopping, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest serve as tools that allow you to create optimized catalogs for your products: take advantage of this to multiply the sales channels!

15. YouTube to develop your site and for ecommerce training

YouTube presents limitless resources for finding answers to all your professional questions. From the most basic to the most complex problems for businesses, there will always be a video that will show you how to do something, how to use software, or how to solve your problem by giving you the keys to knowledge in your field. On your mobile device or on your computer, consume videos that can best improve your business. These can be an additional source of inspiration to develop your sales involving web commerce.

By following channels dedicated to your universe, you can learn every day from experts in the ecommerce market, web marketing, communication, or even accounting to develop your business. The more that you’re trained, the more that you’ll be able to perform: by following the WiziShop channel, you’ll have free access to exclusive expert meetings. Masterclasses, webinars, and training videos: WiziShop is there for you on YouTube to support you in your ecommerce business.

And to go even further, your complete ecommerce video training is included in your WiziShop subscription! Test the solution and start your training to start selling quickly.

Try WiziShop free for 3 days


Ecommerce tools are essential to online success: this demanding industry requires e-tailers to be ever more competitive in order to always appeal to their target audiences.

Thanks to this list—not exhaustive—you’ll have the keys to generate traffic and sales and to last over time so that your ecommerce success can evolve with the new demands of an industry in perpetual movement.

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