Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategy based above all on the creation of relevant, useful and informative texts, used by brands and bloggers alike to develop visibility on the internet.

A central component of cross-channel marketing, content is increasingly used by companies as part of their digital marketing strategy.

The aim of content marketing is to attract as many people as possible to a website and then turn them into customers.

To achieve this, copywriters draw on a genuine editorial strategy that’s linked to the company's brand image (branded content) and communication style.

The idea is to send a targeted message to internet users with the content you create, responding to their expectations while ranking the site for new keywords, which will in turn help to boost your SEO.

In addition, it differs from traditional web advertising in that it sends a more subtle and informative message. It’s therefore considered less intrusive for the consumer.

One of the main advantages of content marketing is that it attracts the attention of a qualified, information-seeking clientele. In this way, the brand makes itself known to a qualitative target audience, the brand’s buyer persona, offering a better conversion rate.

As a reminder, content marketing first appeared in the United States at the end of the 19th century.

Since then, it has become considerably more widespread. What's more, today it's used just as much in B2B as in B2C.

Content marketing allows you to do the following:

  • generate more visits to your website;
  • encourage prospects to become customers, which is very useful in ecommerce;
  • provide relevant and beneficial customer support, positioning your brand as a true expert in its field; and
  • build communication and brand awareness.

Content marketing can also be based on several types of content. It can include

  • product pages and descriptions,
  • video content and advertising materials,
  • social media posts,
  • forums,
  • blog posts,
  • press releases,
  • etc.

Similarly, in this context, some companies choose to carry out their content marketing in-house, while others call on specialized agencies in the sector, known as editorial agencies.

Many freelance professionals are also active in this field. As copywriting specialists, they master the rules of content and can implement an effective content marketing strategy.

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