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04 March 2022 • Resources

YouTube video ideas for 2024: 17 Creative videos to share for more engagement

YouTube video ideas for 2024: 17 Creative videos to share for more engagement

Besides the growing number of online stores popping up around the world, there’s also been an increase in the popularity of video across social media platforms to promote those ecommerce businesses.

Individuals and companies alike have recently started gravitating toward video over photo content when it comes to various social networks. While photos probably won’t become extinct on social media any time soon, now’s the time to seriously think about creating and sharing high-quality videos to market your products if you aren’t already doing so.

Of course, when it comes to video and social media, one of the top platforms that comes to mind is YouTube!

According to YouTube statistics, the network comes in second place, just after Facebook, when it comes to the most popular social media platforms used globally. Furthermore, Statista data shows that YouTube is a pretty good source of traffic too…in 2019, the network generated 37% of mobile traffic worldwide.

In this article, you’ll find 15 great video ideas to help your brand’s channel stand out on YouTube and earn more engagement from your audience. Although all of these ideas may not be applicable to your unique ecommerce business, this list will serve as an excellent starting point to help jumpstart your creativity if you’re feeling a bit lost as to where to begin on YouTube.

Let’s go!

1. Product demonstrations

People learn in all kinds of ways, and you’ll want to ensure that it’s as easy for as many customers as possible to be able to figure out how to use your product. For some, it may be enough to read the instructions that you include with your product when they purchase the item from your online store. However, others may prefer an even more visual how-to experience and want to watch a video.

Sharing a product demonstration or how-to video is a good way to teach subscribers how to use your product and remove any notion of the item being too complicated for the everyday user. This in turn makes it a very popular video option when it comes to determining the best methods for how to sell on YouTube.

Depending on the level of difficulty regarding your product’s use, the videos involving product demonstrations that you share on your YouTube channel may be anywhere from 30 seconds to 15+ minutes in length.

In this YouTube video by pet supply company Sherpa, we see a brief demonstration on how to adjust the straps on their 2-in-1 Pet Backpack + Carrier. Although the video is just over 40 seconds long, it still may be quite helpful for people who have recently purchased the product and are having issues with trying to figure out how to change the straps for how they intend to use the item.

2. Customer testimonials

Reviews from people who’ve already purchased from your online store are crucial for building trust in your brand and attracting new customers. In fact, Statista states that in 2021, approximately 91% of online shoppers surveyed worldwide read at least one review before making a purchase.

No matter how wonderful you say that your product is, words from the business selling the item can usually only go so far. There’s a greater chance that shoppers will believe or have more confidence in the testimonials of people outside of the company.

When potential customers see that other consumers have had success with your product, they’ll be more likely to buy it themselves. Sharing customer testimonials that describe how your product has improved customers’ lives in a YouTube video can be an excellent tactic to increase confidence in your online store, hopefully also leading to a boost in product sales! 

3. FAQs

Just starting out in the world of ecommerce? Launching a new product? Creating a YouTube video answering frequently asked questions about your business or product can help to build brand awareness.

Furthermore, it may also help to prevent you from receiving the same questions all the time in your email or social network DMs. In this kind of video, you might talk about, for example, what’s in your product, how shoppers can choose the best product for them from a collection of items you offer, how to care for a product, etc.

After you post the video on your YouTube channel, consider adding it to your online store’s FAQ page as well. By sharing the video on both the social media platform and your website, you can reduce any confusion visitors may have regarding your business. This in turn may encourage shoppers to go ahead and click “Buy now!” on your site and get you more conversions. 

4. Educational content

This type of YouTube video can work well for nearly any ecommerce business, regardless of the products being sold, as it allows for plenty of flexibility. For instance, similar to content you might include in a video answering FAQs, you can opt to show viewers how your product is made, explain why a certain ingredient is so effective, show how to keep your product in great condition, etc.

However, you’ll probably want to go into a bit more detail with educational content videos than you would with those dealing with FAQs. In addition, try to stick to one topic per video so as to give it the attention it deserves.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to create YouTube videos that directly involve your products to provide your audience with valuable educational content. 

Take this YouTube video by sportswear company Brooks, for instance. Although we see the brand’s logo and products in the background, the main focus in the video is on demonstrating recovery exercises that runners can do to help prevent or minimize injuries.

5. Product close-ups

If your ecommerce website sells more intricate products, such as jewelry, watches, tech items, etc., you may benefit from sharing videos that give shoppers an in-depth look at what you have for sale. 

Online stores offer numerous advantages over their brick-and-mortar counterparts, but one thing that physical stores have going for them is that customers can see and touch products in person. Because this isn’t an option for online shopping, ecommerce entrepreneurs must find a way to highlight and convey their products’ details and benefits that convinces consumers to make a purchase.

Besides adding multiple photos on your store’s product pages, you can take things to the next level by creating product close-up videos on YouTube to further entice potential customers. These videos will provide people with a better idea of what your products are like so that they can feel more confident about buying from you. 

6. Behind the scenes

As we’ve seen with other social networks, such as Facebook post ideas and Instagram post ideas, behind-the-scenes content is very popular with audiences. This is because it can help people feel like they’re part of the brand’s community and view the brand as more than just a business. 

People are generally quite curious by nature, and by posting behind-the-scenes videos, you can offer them a peek into your world and the story behind your brand. For this type of YouTube video, you might introduce yourself or your team, take viewers for a tour around your office or workspace, demonstrate how your products are made, etc. 

Another way to approach behind-the-scenes videos is to build suspense for an upcoming product release with a product teaser. Provide a glimpse of the new design, explain how you came up with the idea for the new item, or tell your audience when they can expect the product to launch.

This should then aid in generating excitement for the upcoming release, hopefully creating a buzz that may spread even beyond the YouTube platform!

7. Stories that evoke emotion

There are so many options available today when it comes to online shopping that many companies find that they need to do more than just create a great product to be successful. Now, more than ever, consumers like to feel an emotional connection to the brands from whom they purchase products.

Consider that a study done by Harvard Business Review found that emotional connection is a driving force behind how valuable customers deem a brand, suggesting that companies must go further than simply striving for customer satisfaction. An excellent way to build a stronger connection with your target market is to share stories that evoke emotion via a YouTube video.

A great example of this kind of content can be found on Leica’s YouTube channel. In this particular video, viewers watch Ray Barbee, an American skateboarder, musician, and photographer, tell his unique story about how his passion for skateboarding led him into the world of photography.

8. Founder messages

Sprinkle some extra personality onto your online store’s YouTube channel by sharing videos in which you’re in the spotlight!

Whether you opt to simply introduce yourself, announce a new product, share updated services or policies, or talk about a change in branding, this kind of video can be helpful for building brand trust

It adds a real human element to your business and can assist in strengthening the relationship you have with your current customers while encouraging potential customers to head to your website and learn more. You can create a video that’s as simple or as extravagant as you want—just be sure to keep your intended audience in mind.

9. Unboxing videos with influencers

It’s no secret that YouTube subscribers love to watch a good unboxing video. As an online shopper yourself, you know that while of course it’d be nice to be the one doing the unboxing, watching somebody else open up a package from your favorite brand is the next best thing!

An excellent method for boosting product hype even further is by working with an influencer who’s already well established in your specific niche. However, don’t be afraid to get in touch with people who don’t have millions of subscribers…despite not having a huge number of followers, they will often have more engagement.

Start by reaching out to popular influencers who best fit your brand image. They should also be people who your subscribers and members of your target market trust. Ask them to film themselves unboxing an order from your online store, sharing their honest first impressions of your products and your business. 

While you will likely need to offer a discount or free goods in exchange for this type of influencer YouTube video, it will be well worth it for the increase in brand awareness that you may soon see coming your way! 

10. Charity collaborations

Spread awareness simultaneously for your ecommerce business and a cause that you’re passionate about by creating a charity collaboration video to post on YouTube. Sharing this type of content shows people that your business cares about other things besides its bottom line and can do wonders for boosting engagement on the social network and beyond. 

If you don’t already have a charity in mind to partner with, think about what causes mean a lot to you and reach out to relevant groups associated with those causes. 

Whether it’s a charity that affects your local community or one that has a wider reach, just be sure to be authentic in your actions related to your video collaboration. Remember that a small heartfelt effort means loads more than a big one that reeks of hypocrisy.

For a well-done example of this kind of content, watch this YouTube video by pet supply company Chewy.

11. Lookbooks

Especially popular with fashion brands, a lookbook serves as a sort of “inspiration board” to help consumers imagine using a company’s products before buying them. Lookbooks are already prevalent in print form, but video versions have started becoming more popular too.

You’ll find that this type of YouTube content can be employed to show viewers how to style, for example, your brand’s clothing line or new items that you’ve just released. 

When you create a lookbook for YouTube, your video should go beyond just selling your products. It needs to accurately portray your brand image and showcase the right aesthetic and messaging that you want to present to your subscribers and target audience. Don’t be shy about letting your ideas and creativity shine! 

12. Controversial topics

It’s understandable that you might feel hesitant about posting YouTube videos on subjects that are controversial. After all, regardless of the stance that you take, you run the risk of offending a portion of your target market. However, remaining silent on hot-button issues can often be worse for brands.

In fact, according to PR Daily, 83% of millennials want the brands from which they shop to share their values. If your ideal customer comes from this generation or later generations, this is therefore something that you’ll want to strongly consider in your marketing strategy. 

Videos involving controversial topics and ideas shouldn’t be taken lightly. This type of content could easily go viral, spreading across YouTube and beyond, and you should be fairly certain that your ideas and your approach on the channel resonate with the majority of your target market. Be sure to do your research beforehand and be genuine in how you convey your message to viewers.

13. Content series

Launching a content series on YouTube is perfect for consistently creating content that’s designed to educate and/or entertain your audience while boosting brand awareness and authority. These kinds of videos might include a mention of your products, but this isn’t a necessity. They just need to provide your target market with valuable information that can help improve their lives in one way or another.

When sharing a video content series on YouTube or other social networks, you’ll pick a specific theme and create videos on a regular basis (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) that touch on that subject.

For instance, in a recent content series created by clothing brand Mango, the company enlisted the help of the UK-based fashion, interior design, and lifestyle vlogger Brittany Bathgate. In this series, titled “The Capsule Wardrobe Lessons,” Bathgate teaches viewers how to create a capsule wardrobe, with each video centering on a specific item, such as jeans in the video below.

14. Parodies

When done well, a parody video can be really good for generating brand interest and boosting engagement from subscribers. Similar to the way that memes work, parodies are popular and resonate with users because they capitalize on shared knowledge or humor.

Note that there are different ways to go about executing this type of YouTube video. You could, for example, take a well-known ad from another brand and customize it to suit your own ecommerce business in the video that you create. Another option would be to incorporate pop culture references, say from a movie, TV show, or music video, into a clip about your products or brand to post on YouTube.

However you choose to approach a parody video, just ensure that you don’t violate any copyright laws in the process. Do some thorough research ahead of time, and don’t hesitate to consult with a lawyer if you’re unsure about any of your local or national regulations.

15. Trending challenges

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of excitement to your YouTube channel and expand your reach, why not jump on a trend involving a popular challenge? This type of content usually doesn’t require an extensive budget and is a great way to connect with your audience and boost brand awareness.

Depending on the challenge, you might also be able to increase awareness for an important cause, as was the case with 2014’s ALS Ice Budget Challenge, which received a significant amount of participation from individuals and businesses alike.

Nevertheless, a challenge doesn’t have to involve a serious topic to be successful. People love to laugh, and creating YouTube videos purely for the sake of entertainment is often very helpful for boosting engagement from subscribers on the platform! 

What’s more, you can also opt to launch your own challenge for YouTube users to participate in themselves. For example, you might challenge your audience to create videos showing how they use your product in their daily lives or share their ideas for what product your online store should offer next.

16. Holidays

When you’re stuck for ideas regarding what to post on your YouTube channel, a great way to start is by taking a look at any upcoming holidays on the calendar and determining if your subscribers resonate with those celebrations. You can then create a video that centers around that holiday and possibly find a way to incorporate your products or brand. 

A good thing about this type of video content is that it generally works well regardless of your industry, as long as you focus on celebrations that make sense for your target market. While you can create a video for well-known holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, you can also choose to acknowledge any of the many national or international celebrations that are pertinent for your customers and occur throughout the year.

For instance, in this video, LEGO celebrates International Women’s Day by interviewing women working as designers for the company.

17. Interactive videos

With video marketing increasingly becoming the favorite strategy for many brands around the world, it’s important that any videos that you share on your YouTube channel help you to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is by offering viewers an interactive experience in your videos. 

This content can be extremely effective for your channel, as it goes beyond having users simply watch your video. You might, for example, create a video offering a 360° tour of your workspace, a video featuring a fun trivia quiz, a video providing customizable content based on the decisions viewers make (i.e., a choose-your-adventure type of game), etc.

One of the best parts about making YouTube part of your social media marketing strategy is that you don’t need a huge budget for your brand to create a great video and be successful on the platform. 

While you’ll want the videos that you share to of course look professional, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. As is the case with any of your content marketing efforts, though, one of our best tips is to take the time to create high-quality content!

Have you tried any of the aforementioned YouTube video ideas for your online store’s channel? Perhaps your brand has found more success with another type of video not mentioned in this article? We’d love to hear about your ideas and experiences, so please feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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