AI at the service of your ecommerce business

Save (a lot of) time thanks to WiziShop's Artificial Intelligence.

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The first Artificial Intelligence for ecommerce!

Use WiziShop's Artificial Intelligence to write your product descriptions, find inspiration for your future articles, easily go international, and generate more traffic to your store!

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    Product description writing

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    Article writing

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    Text rewriting

  • icon BC

    Advertisement creation

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    Text translation

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    SEO meta description creation

WiziShop is the first ecommerce solution in the world to offer, within its administration area, various Artificial Intelligence tools dedicated to your success and your productivity!
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Create your product descriptions 6x faster!

Products are at the center of your online store.
And yet, it’s difficult to find inspiration to write your product descriptions...

Thanks to WiziShop's Artificial Intelligence, you'll never have to worry about writing a product description again.

Enter the title of your product, some information, and characteristics, and discover, in a few seconds, two product descriptions entirely written by our AI.
Select the best one, and you’ll also get five punchy shortened descriptions to choose from to put at the top of your product page to captivate your visitors.

It’s also possible to obtain the ideal title and meta description to optimize your SEO, translate your product description in the language of your choice, or rewrite an existing product description!

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Write quality content in a flash

WiziShop is revolutionizing article writing. You’ll no longer have any excuses to prevent you from nourishing your blog or creating topic clusters for your online store!

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    Find inspiration: enter the keyword for which you’d like to optimize your article. Our AI suggest relevant topics!

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    Article outline: the AI offers you five different summaries. Select the best or enter your own. The AI then writes your article in seconds!

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    Export your article: once the article has been obtained, the AI helps you write your meta description for SEO and offers you images to illustrate it...

We guide you through each step, and you always have the choice between several proposals.
Try it out once. You’ll never be able to do without it again!
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State-of-the-art technology within everyone's reach

WiziShop offers more than 12 tools based on the latest innovations and technologies in artificial intelligence. WiziShop engineers, recognized copywriters, and SEO experts have contributed to enriching this unique AI and making it so efficient.

This advanced technology will save you many hours of work while bringing you real added value.

WiziShop wants to make this innovation accessible to everyone and offers very advantageous prices, starting from just $5 per month!

There's no time like the present! Get started with WiziShop today.

Access, browse and test all of our features with our 15-day trial, no strings attached.

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