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WiziShop’s mission is to make ecommerce accessible to everyone, through a powerful all-in-one solution, bringing online success within reach.

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Making SEO-powered ecommerce easier than ever before

There are 5 core values at the heart of WiziShop that guide our product, services, and team.


WiziShop invests in research and development to generate new ideas, offer new services and features, improve existing processes, and renew its solution.


The team clearly explains to the e-merchant the strengths and areas for improvement of their site. Likewise, it provides them with a very precise vision of the next steps in the development of the solution and upcoming features.


In order to help entrepreneurs succeed in online sales, WiziShop is constantly seeking to improve, taking the needs and demands of its clients into account.


The WiziShop solution was created to help e-merchants succeed in online sales. The objective is to help the greatest number of entrepreneurs possible, regardless of their level of knowledge in ecommerce or marketing.


WiziShop has responsibilities towards its e-merchants who entrust them with their online store. Thus, the team does everything possible to build a stable relationship by offering a secure, efficient site and personal data hosted in France and in compliance with the GDPR.

Our story


Gregory Beyrouti and René Cotton wanted to create an all-in-one solution that would offer e-merchants everything they need to succeed.

Initially owners of a web agency specializing in search engine optimization, they were approached by a client who needed to create an online store, but who, at the time, did not have the necessary budget for this project. He suggested that we create an online store for him for free in exchange for a percentage of his sales. A bold suggestion! But it was a suggestion that inspired the creation of WiziShop as it is today, and that makes it unique compared to other ecommerce solutions on the market.

Grégory and René thus embarked on the ecommerce adventure with WiziShop, a solution financially and technically accessible to the greatest number of people. Five years later in 2013, the team raised €300,000 from some of the biggest names in the French technology industry: Xavier Niel (Free) and Jérémie Berrebi from the investment fund Kima Ventures, Marc Simoncini (Meetic) with Jaina Capital, and Jacques-Antoine Granjon (VeePee).

A useful investment

WiziShop has been able to grow and develop the solution to ensure that the platform exceeds the expectations of those entering the ecommerce market. Now a team of over 30 members, based in Nice, France, WiziShop puts its heart and soul into the development of the business and the success of its e-merchants.

Experience in the field

WiziShop’s founders have been creating the most optimized ecommerce platform for SEO for over 10 years. Thanks to innovative and powerful tools, WiziShop enables its entrepreneurs to increase their online visibility, allowing them to take their business to the next level.

WiziShop is more than an ecommerce solution

We accompany our customers in their ecommerce journey, supporting them regularly with free training and our team of Business Coaches. Since 2008, WiziShop has successfully established itself in France and then internationally.


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